EXCLUSIVE! Varun-Parineeti's Liplock in The 'Jaaneman' Number Is So Romantic!

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Here is a new still from Sajid Nadiadwala's Dishoom featuring Varun Dhawan and Parineeti Chopra in a passionate lip-lock. The duo will be seen together for the very first time on celluloid with a new song Jaaneman Aah from Dishoom

The item number will release tomorrow, much to the excitement of the fans. Jaaneman Aah will showcase some sizzling chemistry between Varun and Parineeti amidst a lavish backdrop. It is said to be an out and out dance number. 

Produced by Sajid Nadiadwala under the banner of Nadiadwala Grandson Entertainment, Dishoom is directed by Rohit Dhawan and brings to celluloid the fresh pairing of John Abraham, Varun Dhawan and Jacqueline Fernandez.

It is all set to hit the silver screen on 29th July.

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They look great as a pair but the song is ugly. Who is the music director?

Can't even complete the whole video song. Its unbearable.

lol what else do you expect from the director of the "masterpiece" desi boyz? the way he spoke at the trailer launch, it seems he thinks he is some raju hirani or slb. but in reality he is no better than rohit shetty or sajid khan!

Pari has no future in Bollywood... Lost cause and now trying to get attention by doing anything... Probably she thought this will bring limelight and Varun somehow seems desperate to make his brother's film a hit... Kisses don't sell unless they make sense ... But sometimes Bollywood think that people today are horny dumbos who will buy such things ... Varun you can do better than this , don't spoil your career by being cheap attention seeker... Happy he has signed badrinath ki dulhaniya otherwise after dil wale he had dishoom n judwaa and I was disappointed

Why hasn't pinkvilla posted the actual full song? It came out 7-8 hours ago on Youtube. By the way, the lyrics are kind of tacky. Hindi is not my mother tongue but I was able to make out that some of the lyrics are controversial and sort of lewd. I was actually surprised cuz the way the teaser was cut and edited it made it look like a good song. Disappointed.

I would kiss him too.he looks so hot.

The song is pathetic !

she is looking so that bad and such a boring song

They look like Brother sister lol

They dance really well together but not a fan of the actual song

if she has no role in the movie n jus this item number then this kiss makes no sense! desperation from pari

then what does Pinkvilla ki favourite do? Bebo mein Bebo ya Mera Naam Mary

It's not desperation it's called choreographers and directors call!

Pari..this is a low point.item numbers with lip locks and pari to start the trend?? She emotes so well ,talented but u need to be beautiful,hot,sizzling to survive in the industry. She is none of those things..it's getting to her .sighgh

Why does a kiss need to updated?

Ohhhh this poor girl is a desperate atention seeker. So sad

This "poor girl" wasn't kissing herself...why no mention of Varun? Sexist much? It's always the girl that is defamed for everything.


When all else fails ...KISS! #blameyashraj


I thought it was Befikre oops haha

4 Befikre posters with random kissing: Everyone loves it. Kiss in a seductive item song: Everyone goes crazy.

Who is "everyone"? Is it a person?

ha ha by this time everyone expects a kissing poster from Befikre as it was played all along.. And Befikre story might be about those young intimate lovers.. but here Pari is in for just item song n from trailer we can get that movie is also not abt love n actual heroine is different.. thatsy ppl r crazy :)

Why is a kiss required in this song makes no sense

Why is a kiss required in this song makes no sense

What is the point of the lip lock? Seems like its just put there for no reason......

Will they ever do a movie together? Waiting since 2013, KJo will only cast Alia opposite Varun. :(

As a Varun fan I'm a little disappointed they're highlighting this for publicity

As a Varun fan you should be disappointed with the trailer, this movie will only harm his career and many people have started hating him post the trailer.

I was already disappointed with the trailer, and now this making it worse :(

What is "romantic" about it?

Karan replace Alia with Pari and Arjun with Akshay Khanna or Diljeet in Shiddhat. Varun and Pari together will be the USP of the movie and hopefully they will get to do a critical as well as commercially appealing movie.

Varun Parineeti both are looking irresistibly hot.

picture is not flattering, the look good in the video (teaser)

would love to see varun and pari in a film!

would love to see varun and pari in a film!

This is hot on so many levels!!

He looks younger than her

Ew ew

This video seems hot have to watch it

This video seems hot have to watch it

flop song

they are making it trashy. lip lock is not even necessary, it was already hot

the song just keeps getting sexual

omg lol, what did they not do in this song

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Pinkvilla has updated its Privacy and Cookie policy. We use cookies to improve your experience on our site and show you Personalized advertisement