After Ringing in Her 33rd Birthday in Style, Katrina Heads For London!

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Katrina Kaif recently rang in her 33rd birthday in style. The actress celebrated her big day with close buddies like Kabir Khan, Mini Mathur, Karan Johar, Sidharth Malhotra, Alia Bhatt, and Aditya Roy Kapur among others. On her big day, Katrina also debuted on social media, sharing a lovely video of her home. 

Well, it is now for some quiet family time for Katrina. That's right, she is clicked here at the airport all set to catch that flight to London. After her short vacation, Katrina will get busy with her concert Dream Tour that kicks off in the US soon. 

The actress, who will next be seen in Jagga Jasoos opposite Ranbir Kapoor, has been busy dubbing for her Sidharth Malhotra movie Baar Baar Dekho.

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She's MUCH older than 33!! Why won't people expose her? How can someone so untalented receive film roles??

what does it matter in a world of lies ?

It's funny how 2 pictures with Katrina walking in the airport where you can't even see her face get 65 comments. Anyway, I surely wouldn't want to be a celebrity, even with all the money they are getting. You can't sneeze or scratch your nose without people taking pictures and commenting.

Dp is natural lol so makeup and whitening injections are natural kat and priyanka is plastic so what dp is also not natural so stop saying her natural..the only natural beauty was manisha and divya are all products of makeup and surgeries

Who called DP natural? nobody is natrual here in film industry. DP didnt take any whitening injections and her pics are the prove its all foundation. stop calling kat natural thats the point actually.

Her face I saw ,,without make up , all swallow especially around mouth ,,,and she has dark rounds around eyes and her eyes are very narrow and small and her nose without cosmetic correction is long,,,, only her body is fine but again she is not so feminine ,,,, only she tall that is all ,,

Kat always looks good in long shots. That way we dont get to see her inflated botox face!

Bye-bye Kat. Have a safe journey and please stay there.

Bon voyage !


Please be a one way ticket

U racist person - make sure your DP also stays in India (with her flat-chested-kaali looks and behneji accent) and never steps foot in Hollywood

plz one way ticket isnt a racists comment but your comment kaali bhenjo flat chest is a racists comment. ofcourse kat is also racists like you. plz ask your kat (with her falt chest, botox face and dirty pr with auntyji accent) so stay there where her home is. no need to return. pv post

She has such a easy breezy style. Nice and comfy and yet stylish. Unlike a certain behenji who wears tons and tons of makeup, leather pants and knee high boots in this killing heat!

your obsession is insane. Lot of makeup is better than lot of botox and plastic. Everyone can wear what they want to who are you to say what to wear not to wear. Aunty ji lat trying hard to look young.

wow you must have an IQ of 40 as you can only come up with one insult "behenji". Don't get upset and bring your personal struggles to pv

Is she the new DIVYANKA of PV now?.

Stay in London. No need to come back to India.

Kabir were are you talking her?

The posts on her are actually getting annoying now

Ya I mean I m also confused where is her mom and her sisters they were here in party and she is leaving alone for London?I think they will join her later

Ya I mean I m also confused where is her mom and her sisters they were here in party and she is leaving alone for London?I think they will join her later

Her nose is so long...

Thats coz she lies a lot...LOL!

Her nose is so long...

But her Family is here in India so with whom she left? rk or any other?

Can we pls end this fan war now???Pls like dp vs Kat I'm a Kat fan I request it...They both are doing good and both are happy in their lives let's not degrade saying mean things to dp and pls dp fans let's stop this fan war ..

Those who says her style statement is good or etc , plz every celebs in Hw or Bw have the same airport style jeans, top and a jacket nothing unusual. Even common people in west dress up the same. Moreover they are always styled by their stylist. Kat too said i always ask tanaya what to wear if i am going out for a dinner or causally.

kat start dressing up good. I remember few just 3 years ago she was the worst dressed and her style statement sucks. its good she learn how to dress up and stylish. Seen her pics in when she was with sallu she doenst have a dressing sense. nice change

Kat is getting really annoyed these days.

Pr kat at work again. She cant live without being in news. #Attention seeker

She herself invited the paps to get her clicked then act rude as always.

Copying Anushka. She wore the same jacket recently

Why is there so much emphasis on '33' in all her birthday related posts?????

She is trying really hard to convince everyone that she is that age and not older ;)

Yes anonymous just like cuddling with homi gives deepika the movies

DP never get movies due to homi. she is talented and act unlike kat who get movies by sleeping with star bfs. see after them she is jobless. PLz pv post

Lol Katrina pr stop writing that you want her to do a movie with Salman, lol how many time you think your going to use him? He is not animal, he learn of his mistakes lol
Pinkvilla please post

She looks old, feel sorry for her

She has long nose ,,,only nose is seen in far distance

Wow she has big fots

I try best to copy her style n looks, well hers n my Bebo's ;-)

I gotta admit she looks AMAZING here.

Yes she got movie from KJO by hanging around him just like dp get movies by homi by cuddling around

Well true face of kat fans are shown again. Topic katrina but Kat fans drag Dp when she has nothing to do with it instead of posting good about kat, you people are posting bad about DP. All witness how superactive kat fans on Topic Deepika , always ready to start a fanwar. Nobody was talking till kat fans drag and balme DP without thinking salman and rk fans too hate kat. Blaming others and then acting like saint is kat fans habit and then saint. Its old now. i always too see how kat fans dislikes good comments on DP or others post and many post bad comments about others by pretending to be a Dp fan. if anything bad about DP comes oh she is like that but if anything bad about kat comes oh its Dp pr. Its kat fans who always start fight and even wish for DP and her parents death. Love to add that its from both the sides not one so stop blaming one as kat fans are the same. Dont mislead people. Why kat best friend call kat fans worse? They were abusing salman, sajid, kabir and DP.
post itpv plz

Cant you stop bringing DP here? it about katrina. Why starting a fan war? I m a katrina fan and i request not to boost hate for katrina.

Happy happy birthday Katrina

Anonymous I really wish if she had gone with RK for a trip but sadly they aren't together anymore and he had football match today hope u guys move on just the way RanKat have moved on

I want her to do a movie with salman.

Katrina pls join Twitter soon pls

Enjoy your time at London with family Katrina and Lolzz some haters can't digest the fact that she has moved on from RK and is very happy

KAT PR trying too hard to prove RANKAT have broken up!..Just waiting for the drama to unfold!

Really thats why living in his house? Truth is she is still with rk (no prb with it) but lied and play dirty with her fans.

Happy holidays Kat enjoy and do lots of shopping

I really like Katrina's airport style it's simple yet classy

Wow is she starting opposite fawad???Wowwww finally I always wanted them to do a movie together

She is in the best shape of her life, the break up did her good .

HANGING with kjo finally gave her a movie with fawad...

Wishing you and RK a very enjoyable trip!

wishing you'd stop living in lala land where he's still your bf

Sorry I don't to left overs..Ran &KAT suit each other very well!

nice try kitty kat..but then again who wants to live in reality when it sucks so bad

Poor Kat fans who believe her break up story!..RANKAT did not break up .They want to milk in on their single status and gain their fans back.They know their relationship brought them hatred and hence this scripted drama of GQ INTERVIEW/Moving out of their love nest/media friendly all of a sudden/reaching out to fan via public platform..None of them officially confirmed their break up till now.ADHM/BBB are being released before JJ,this is all a strategic move played very well by RANKAT!..I pity those actresses who are being blamed by the blind fans of kAT for the break up..Salman is aware of this drama and keeping his space,and no wonder KJO is sucking up to her.Once RK and KAT regain their fandom and their movies start ringing at the BO,they will come up with make up drama..Just be tuned,the plot thickens henceforth!,..RANKAT indeed playing their RAJNEETI with poor fans!

Love her airport style it's always casual and fun

Thank u PV for posting good pics of Katrina finaly

Just read she is doing a movie with fawad for dharma production wow such an amazing good looking couple they would make

Finally she is on fb and I can't believe

I'm so happy she is soon going to join Twitter and then insta

Her style statement has evolved

She conducted live chat session yesterday and she was in such a fun mood wow...Kat pls join Twitter soon

Happy belated birthday girl u slay

Katrina looks good

She looks really stylish and wow her airport style is so perfect

Enjoy Katrina

Love u sweets... Loved your lost message on fb #fan

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