Caught n Clicked! Jhanvi Kapoor in a Lip-Lock With Boyfriend Shikhar Pahariya

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We know that Sridevi's daughter Jhanvi Kapoor is quite popular on social media. It is therefore not surprising that a pic of Jhanvi kissing her boyfriend Shikhar Pahariya is raising eyebrows and getting a second look. 

Yes, here they are, the love birds partying with some friends. Shikhar Pahariya is the brother of Veer Pahariya - Sara Ali Khan's boyfriend. It seems that Sridevi's daughter and Saif Ali Khan's daughter are dating brothers. Now, isn't that right out of a script of a Bollywood movie?

Well, while both the pretty, young girls Jhanvi and Sara are vying for a Bollywood career, it seems that their personal life is full of love, already. Keep rocking girls!


In any culture , western or Indian, parents protect their kids , especially their daughters. Being 19 is certainly not an age where having fun and smooching around is considered acceptable . Fathers should take the boys to task and Mothers should make sure the daughters have come to no harm. Even western culture doesnot view this favorably. I hope this is a wake up call for the Kapoors , its pretty shameful and by no standards something to brag about.

Sri almost broke Mithun's home, but broke Mona's, practice made her perfect. Boney looks disgusting! Inside out and they are partners in crime.

Vivah k poorva stree ka Chumban Lena Ghor Paap Aghori Baba!!

You guys don't judge somebody else's kid. Though they should refrain from kissing for social media like this

Jhanvi is soooo pretty...She has classic indian features...I want to see her in a period film...Bhansali should have launched her in Padmavati just like he launched Sonam in Saawariya!! Jhanvi is far more pretty than Deepika..and she will look great with Ranveer!!

Haan Hann...Jahnvi is Sushil Sanskari Sati Savitri , Tyaag ki Devi!! Happy now???


See the decent way Mona Kapoor brought up her daughter and the desperate and cheap way Sridevi brought up her two daughters. Sridevi is so selfish, every time she tries to show off her daughters and husband as a happy family, she does not care or give a thought to the other two children whom she rendered fatherless and now they don't even have a mother. Hope God is watching.

Sridevi will now make them break up. Home wrecker.


she is very NAKLI (ARTIFICIAL)

Ya just like her mother!!

Such a show off.But i hope she does not end in breaking others relationship/marriage.She and kushi sound spoilt brat to me.

Different age-groups, different mistakes, different life-styles, different choices, none of us are perfect, to judge a 19 year old who probably is not even aware of her private pictures in this public forum.

You seem to be a nice person an naive too. She knows everything. She herself circulates these details online using her PR

Honestly,why so much publicty of her personal life? She's not even a star.We don't care who is she dating.Surely she will follow her mom footsteps.

It is bad to kiss before marriage.

Not surprising looking at sridevis history this whole family is intomplastic surgery and and stupid things. Sridevi herself got pregnant before marriage

Sreedevi and Bonny Kapoor spend a lot of money on PR to get them featured in media. This time they seems to have got it free.

Oh gosh what an opportunist he's some rich kid with Hollywood links, she's going to dump him the minute she strikes something better. He's so much shorter too.

is this Shikhar Pahariya some rich kid? he hangs out with a kadharshian lol. but looks average Indian.

Never expected this from sridevi

Too much attention on this girl.... why? Just cause she is Sri's suputri?

Aunty I really admire your style of writing!! :) You give solid punches without even being mean!!

Thank you beta! Keep following, your love makes me contribute on PV! Be blessed.


So? What's wrong with kissing now? And it's her boyfriend, not a random dude!

who cares?

#1 Post

She is 19 and this just looks OK to me. Let them enjoy their lives. Who are we to judge?

good to see kids living freely. I have a feeling both of these kids are going to regret putting it on social media. Haven't we all regretted doing stupid things when we were young? #cringe

i'm not biased in her favor or anything, but please, all you people judging her for kissing in a picture need to realize that your favorite stars themselves do much more than this at film parties.

Can't help think he caught her unaware; it's his pushing forward and her going away stance. Her body language is also more tense than in other pictures. If this is so, then not cool at all!

So! let her live. She's still young, she can do whatever she deem fits just as much as she takes care. Gonorrhea and HIV is rampant. Just saying.


why is this news? shes not a celebrity..not in bollywood..not on tv..hasnt done anything worth mentioning..why should we care who shes kissing?

oh come on now, you clicked didnt you ? her whole family is linked to bollywood so yeah she is in bollywood.

Big deal. She's a teenager with hormones. Let her be.

Nothing to see here really. Just ordinary teen behavior. She's not in the movies yet the PR has been on full drive. What's next a sex tape?

who are these people?

They have boyfriends even before their graduation degree and her mom was pregnant before marriage... It's the same tree from which apple fell

who cares. Why is she even here anyways? shes not part of btown. to me shes still a nobody honestly

She is a teen. I have a 18 years old daughter. This is just a phase. Don't judge her.

No harm in kissing her boyfriend, but having said that she is annoying and her PR is going crazy

She is not a celebrity ..her personal pics. are no ones business

Absolutely normal...people judging should go back to their village pls...this is what a teenage normal life looks like...stop making a big deal out of a peck..

they r teenagers...gone r the days where u marry the guy u have met once...spare them.

jhanvi that group is not really your true friends. he caught her off guard. she was going to give a peck on his cheeks but he moved his face towards her. its obvious if u observe. no harm in kissing however. hope she makes better decisions in future for her own sake!

This is normal phase in life. She is a teen enjoying her life.

Ok before people judge her, she's over 18 now, she's an adult and most middle class Indian families think their daughters are old enough to get married/start finding suitors at that age. So if she's kissing her boyfriend, its not a big deal. But this is literally the most awkward kiss I have seen hahaha

Jeez ! Whats the big deal here n Plz stop posting such lame pics

Sridevi's daughter is not as classy n pretty as Saif's daughter. Sara is much cuter n has class. Like mothers like daughters. Sridwvi once said, i cover my daughters eyes when kissing comes on a movie...bahahaha

Like mom like daughter.

Kylie Jenner of bollywood

Such hurry to grow up

So much hurry to grow up

WTF? bhi koi dikhane ki chiz hai...

OH GOSH! rip bollywood.

It is not 'cought n clicked', its clear that she is actually pretending to be unaware of the fact that she is being clicked

Normal phase in life. All kids should be allowed to enjoy all phases.

its okayyy...she's just a teenager trying to have some fun.

racing Hormone.

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