This Pic From Kareena-Karisma's 'Dinner Date' Proves that They are the Coolest Sisters Ever

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If you are a fan of the gorgeous Kareena Kapoor, then we have some awesome news in store for you. The lovely lady was just spotted as she enjoyed a ‘Dinner Date’ with her sister Karisma Kapoor.

Both women looked quite gorgeous and seemed to be enjoying each other’s company to the fullest. Now that’s what we call sibling bonding! Isn’t it just such a wonderful thing ?

Interestingly, Karisma shared a pic from the dinner on the social media and said that she had  really enjoyed the experience a lot.

“Love is...hanging with the sis,” she posted.

As it so happens, this is a rather eventful time for ‘Bebo’. The actress was last seen in Ki and Ka which fared well at the box office. At present, she has Veere Di Shaadi in her kitty. On the personal front,Kareena is all set to become a mother pretty soon. We are indeed extremely happy for her and wish her the very best. 


kareena hasnt put on much weight at all.rujuta must have planned a pregnancy diet for her keeping in mind the health of her baby.kudos to kareena for trying to curb all those crazy pregnancy cravings since she is a big foodie being a kapoor.bebo will bounce back after the delivery in no time and ash will keep wondering itni jaldi kaise kiya.

Is karishma back to her Dubai business?

love her

Good luck to her for pregnancy !! but i am surprised how people say Royality in blood !! No wonder india is hundred times behidn rest of the world !! What is the difference between people"s blood ?? I mean she is royal but how ?? Just because his husband is from nawab family !! right ?? all are equal --- no one is above anyone !! they dont have royaliy in their blood because god doest make royal blood !! or does he ??? PInkvilla plz post my comment !! dont ignore like you always do !

best sisters in bollywood both superstar and won so many awards. both have amazing fashion and hot figure,

love kareena but face is looking slighly larger and boxy since becoming pregs. could be she is having a girl. being pregnant with a girl and saying they steal your beauty is not an old wives tale only.
baby girls require alot more collagen and mother's nutrients to form becaude baby girls are born with fully formed eggs and reproductive systems/milk ducts.
it is much more complex- the female body.
but baby girls are the BEST blessings 100% gift from God. congrats bebo!

Kareena is so lucky to have Karishma as her sister - she is learning everything from karishma, from film career to married life to motherhood.

?? having a dinner date with your sibling makes someone the coolest?that's interesting!!!
zillion people do that!

We see it all the time British pig skin. From granny.

Kareena is looking amazing as days go by

karisma looks more royal than kareena

wow i wanna be pregnant and look like that

She could have signed a movie all this time instead of doing nothing

She is having the best time

Rock on baby

Karisma kapoor is so hot still

And we keep our private life private

Can she ever sit at home and relax? Why flaunt your pregnancy unnecessary..

Love these girls, they are sibling GOALS!

Sisters spending time together or going out for dinner is GOALS? What is so great about it. It would be abnormal if sisters and siblings didn't. I spend a lot of time with my sister and so do many of my friends. Stop this celebrity worship and silly praising of these airheaded kapoor girls

Bebo gonna rock her baby bump real good

Kareena is goals

Bebo looks so yummy

Bebo mein bebo

Royalty is their in blood and it appears on face

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