Akshay-Esha-Ileana Make A Terrific Trio as they Promote Rustom

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If you are a fan of the much-loved Akshay Kumar then we have some terrific news in store for you. The much-loved superstar was spotted earlier today as he promoted his upcoming film Rustom. Sporting a semi-formal look, the actor looked quite dashing and seemed to be in a pretty good mood. Moreover, he also posed for a few pics and flaunted his style statement to the fullest.

As expected, he was joined by his leading ladies Ileana and Esha Gupta. The terrific trio posed for some pics and upped the curiosity surrounding their onscreen chemistry. Furthermore, Ileana and Esha looked a million bucks. Now that’s how you make an impact.

On a related note, Rustom is touted to be a romantic thriller. Directed Tinu Suresh Desai, it features Akshay in the role of a Naval officer. If all goes as planned, the film will hit screens this week. It will be released alongside Mohenjo Daro.

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These girls are so tall!!!

beautifully styled by ameira punvani

oh my eyes. all the gorgeous peeps in one picture is too much to handle!!

they all look good individually but i really feel akshay needs to stop acting with 20-somethings. he really does look his age even after movie and makeup magic its disconcerting especially when the age difference is never addressed.

one big "dislike" on your comment

yes he does look pretty old

I don't have a problem with age difference as long as the actors look good with each other. Btw, Esha isn't 20-something, she will be 31 this year.

Esha will be 31 and Akshay 49 this year, 18 years is not small difference, secondly Akshay's pair in the movie with 28 year old Ileana not Esha. Esha plays negative role and I think there is no romantic story between her and Akshay. I love Akshay, he is very handsome and hot man and he looks the best among all 40+ and 50 years old actors, I also love his positive attitude, he is friendly with everyone but I agree with @starlight. No matter how good he looks, he is 48 years old man and his age difference with very young and fresh actresses is very visible, same goes to 4 Khans, Ajay devgan and Hritik, it's time for them to accept their age and work with more mature actresses. I think Aamir Khan started doing it, I hope other actors will follow him

This is a joke? Aamir works exclusively with young actresses, while Akshay worked with Nimrat which 34. Akshay looks very young, especially in comparison with Khan. Akshay high, so age is not so noticeable on his face

Aamir Khan is playing a father of 3 adult daughters that was I meen saying that he is started to take his age seriously. Akshay Kumar worked with Nimrat 34, Aamir worked with Rani 38 ( 35 that time) and Kareena 35 ( 32 when the movie released) so what? yes Akshay looks the best among Khans and I already wrote about it but he is still not getting younger and it's time for all of them to work with mature actresses and not left them jobless choosing young ones.

too much of good looks in one frame

Ak n Isha do movie together

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Pinkvilla has updated its Privacy and Cookie policy. We use cookies to improve your experience on our site and show you Personalized advertisement