This is how SRK and Gauri's Munchkins - Aryan, Suhana and AbRam - paint their home red!

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Shah Rukh Khan and Gauri's kids Aryan, Suhana and AbRam are the most loved and adored star kids ever. Little AbRam is in fact almost as popular as his superstar dad and accompanies SRK to his shoots and outdoor projects. He is seen here, engrossed in some coloring activity, along with big bro Aryan and sis Suhana. 

Now, isn't that the most adorable pic ever? The kids seem to be lost in their colors, during a family vacation in LA. The Khans were in the news earlier when SRK got detained at the Los Angeles international airport (LAX) yesterday. The superstar had tweeted about it saying that he was pulled for extra screening by US immigration and customs officials. However, all is well now and the Khans, as can be seen, are making the most of their vacation.

Proud mom Gauri shared the pic on her social networking handle saying, "a clear and effective picture....fine arts collectively. @iamsrk"



Little one Abram is cookie. So cute.

Just saw pics of SRK shopping alone and taking pics with fans! He looks GORGEOUS and extremely fit!! Already having a stubble!

Most precious gems of SRK

The youngest is the only one wearing full clothes lol

Abram is so cute and tiny! Adorbs.

So they all are in California? I thought SRK was going to Europe for Imtiaz's next.

Maybe he's headed there after. But of course he's gonna drop his first born to college.

Yup, He has been spotted all over LA with fans. Gauri's mum is there as well. Nice to see them all together there to drop Aryan off to college. Sweet. :D

Abram resembles PC so much...he is SRK & Priyanka's child!

I wish there was a line where reckless statements about young children could be taboo on this site. Bash adults but can we leave the little ones alone, please?

Srk's kids are not good looking except AbRam . I first thought a beggar is sitting drawing painting , later i realized he is Aryan

honey where did you find a beggar with abs?



God Bless them!

It is hard to know what goes on in a marriage.I find it unfair to blame one person without good evidence.The fact that they are still want to be together after 25yrs in an industry where divorce is becoming the norm shows respect, friendship and selflessness in both of them.I love the lil boy wish she had shown his face

This post made me feel sorry for Gauri...:(

Wonder if SRK replied to that

I spotted a six pack... !! Both SRK's kids Suhana and Aryan are hawt.

What's with the Abs on Aryan? So unlikely for a kid his age.


Is he even drawing? Look at the lid of the marker..LOL

She has him in her palm. Shes his heart.

why is aryan not wearing a shirt? its gross.

Hope gauri find ways to her man's heart beside his kids. I'm seeing serious distance.

It is so obvious how the wife trying her best to keep SRK closer to her with kids & even tag him in every pic of them with hearts next to his name while SRK just ignoring her completely and not even once did the same. Sad but one can't deny the cold shoulder SRK is giving to her for ages now. If not for kids I don't think he would have continue to be around. Wonder if his affair with PC is over or not!

Aww...abram's hair is getting darker!

For sure not a candid pic. Look at Aryan didn't even open the pen!

Lol look at the picture he is colouring,reminds me of Aryan himself.

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