Kareena Kapoor Khan looks cute as a button as she shows off her baby bump!

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Kareena Kapoor Khan is glowing these days, as she is in the best phase of her life currently. The actress is expecting her first baby with husband Saif Ali Khan.

The mommy-to-be was spotted at an event earlier in the day and looked absolutely adorable as she posed for the paparazzi, while proudly showing off her baby bump.
Bebo was dressed in a light blue off-shoulder dress along with silver heels and open hair, that undoubtedly made her look gorgeous. The glow on her face is something you just cannot miss.
On the work front, Kareena Kapoor Khan is gearing up for Veere Di Wedding that goes on-floors soon!

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She looks stunning ! SLAYY QUEEN , I miss her on the big screen even though she's had two releases this year both HIT. Well done bebo ur career is going great Insha Allah it stays that way

She looks stunning

If someone still doesnt see the baby bump, they need glasses.

How will she film if she's showing?

No 1 post


She's really looking so sweet and beautiful! I'm so happy that Saif has changed her as a person. She's much more calm, she has better dressing sense, and she's so much more mature. Love it!

Very happy for Kareena and Saif. I think she will make a wonderful mother. Saif has been a good influence on her as a person. She looks confident and radiant. Hope all goes well for her during her delivery.

Lovely look :)

So radiant and happy!

with all the money bollyyeood stars have - why can't they whiten their teeth???? its so gross when your teeth are that yellow

She looks better with minimal or no make up. Nevertheless she's gorgeous here.

Her teeth are yellow!

bebo u r pregnant.but u cant skip heels



in the close ups shes not looking good at all!

Is it just me or anybody else start liking Kareena looking at the way she embrace her pregnancy! God bless her! Rani, Aishwarya made it like they were the only ones who ever given birth

she is looking cute

SHE'S BEYOND beautiful, stunning, gorgeous, she's just heavenly, angelic. She's carrying beautifully all in her stomach and she looks so darn healthy and glowing and shiny. Eating and exercising right all these years really pays off when you need it. Love her maternity style, she's brought back elegance to maternity wear. I see all these pregnant women on the streets, in the west, in their body hugging clothes that shows all their cracks and crevices that look tacky. I prefer sweet and elegant. Bebo is living some of our dreams.....good karma.

Thank you Kareena PR

she definitely has become preg after shamira's preg. looks like end of 1st trimester. Please post.

Hi Mrs. xXx.

Pregnancy does not work like that. Kareena/Saif and Shahid/Mira are not high schoolers involved in drama. They are adults who have moved on in life and are content. Kareena and Shahid dated, yes. They must've had a wonderful relationship as they always speak highly of one another. Unfortunately for some reason or another, it did not work out and they parted ways (a very normal thing to do). Now they are both happily married and are expecting their first borns with their respective spouses. When even they've let bygones be bygones, how come you don't? Not everyone is like you and RK to carry forward a tamasha a decade after a brief fling just to achieve some easy, cheap publicity.

Have a nice day. :)

FYI Mira is of college going girls age. However kareena, saif, shahid are matured adults and I agree with u that pregnancy does not work like that. But what amazes me is your obsession with xXx LOL!

OMG she looks stunning . Masha Allah , pregnancy GLOW! Slay queen

She is only pregnant.
Why is there so much news?

Why do I feel that Aishwarya actually ate healthy food for her pregnancy. but kareena hasn't put on weight because she is worried about her looks...plz post.

As much as I dislike Kareena, I don't think she cares about her weight so much..She's not the skinniest actress TBH..No matter how much one watches their diet, they will gain at least 25 lbs for sure and actresses are no different.


Whats with her teeth? :( plz post.

Glow baby glow!

Kareena always looks beautiful

That is my regular stomach. What can I say!

well I think you must be equally gorgeous :)

That's bad. You need to exercise, my dear!

Wow she looks great, I hope she has a girl .

she is so cuute!

Gosh, she is not showing off her baby bump, she is just posing at the event. So everytime a pregnant woman steps out of her house or allows anyone to take her pic then she is showing off her baby bump? BTW kareena looks lovely!

Bebo looks fabulous! She's glowing. She's gonna be a fantastic mom.

You mean her glow will make her a fantastic mom?

Kareena kapoor is defining maternity fashion in a new way...

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