From Anil-Sonam to Srivedi-Boney, Kapoor family present in full force for Harsh-Saiyami's Mirzya's music launch!

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The much-awaited musical saga by Rakeysh Om Prakash Mehra, Mirzya's music launch took place amid much fanfare. To support the young lad, Harshvardhan, the entire Kapoor khandaan was present in full force at the event. 

From the eldest member to the youngest, each one was at the do, rooting for Harsh, who will be marking his debut alongside Saiyami Kher in the musical-romantic film. Grandmother Nirmal Kapoor was seen posing with her sons, Anil Kapoor, Harsh's father and Sanjay Kapoor with his son, Jahaan Kapoor.  Also seen were, Sanjay's wife Maheep with daughter Shanaya and cousin Mohit Marwah. 

What made the heads turn was, Harsh gorgeous sisters, Sonam & Rhea, who did a contrast day and night combo on the red carpet. While Sonam opted for a breezy halter maxi, Rhea rocked the black overcoat with black denim and stilettos look. Their mother, Sunita Kapoor, looked gorgeous in a white Anarkali. Harsh's aunt, Reena Kapoor also marked her presence. 

But, it was Sridevi who made a rare appearance with hubby Boney Kapoor by her side, looking drop-dead diva-like in a white floor length suit with black dupatta, pinned hair, and golden accessories. Interestingly, the entire Kapoor clan nailed the black 'n' white theme with much aplomb. 

A rare family picture-perfect moment, indeed. 

We missed Arjun, Jhanvi & Khushi in the frame, though!

The lead pair, Harsh-Saiyami looked jubilant with the actor supporting a classy indo-western combo of blue suit paired with white kurta, sneakers and side parted hair. Saiyami looked beautiful in orange colour separates and unruly curls. 

The event captured another candid shot with two renowned lyricists of Bollywood, Gulzar sahab with Javed Akhtar. Even Shabana Azmi was present at the music launch along with music composers Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy and singers Daler Mehndi and Siddharth Mahadevan. The other cast members of Mirzya posed for the shutterbugs with much gusto!

Mirzya is slated for an October 7, 2016 release.

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no chemistry between lead pair..saiyami looks harsh's elder sister

The three Kapoor siblings are looking awful, a huge disaster. At least make an effort to dress up nicely

Harsh is looking very desi/typical/freshi in the pics. Come on dude appoint a designer and a hair stylist for yourself (watch the footballers and see which hair styles are trending e.g. Ozil, Ronaldo, Messi etc etc). So far I don't see any x-factor in you, work on yourself and make your look more attractive! Siyami on the other hand was looking stunningly beautiful.

Omg this is unbelievable! Everyone trying to make this guy happen. He has no charisma, no personality, no looks, no projection in his voice. I mean, maybe he's a natural born actor, so I won't write him off just yet. But c'mon Sonam is still trying to happen after about a decade in the industry! Will we ever get break from this nepotism, and will they ever give chance to the real acting talent out there? Honestly, this is infuriating!

Sridevi stole the show

sridevi stole all the attention...

Harsh has the "family nose". Sonam managed to get her mom's genes.

Sunjay kapoors daughter has grown up.
Wearing reveling clothes like her cousins.

Sometimes i really wonder.. How many more star sons and daughters will indians keep giving chances to? Why are we so obsessed with kids whether it be politics or bollywood.. I cannot imagine what will i do if my kids tomorrow decide to become actors.. Bcz kitna bhi talent ho they cannot stand upto the strong star kid guild.. Unfortunately its here to stay

Sridevi looks very pretty.. her style reminds me of ASH during her Sarabjit premiere in golden Sabyasachi dress with bright pink dupatta.. her hair & dress looks very similar to ASH..

Sridevi looks prettier and younger than Sonam overall . Sonam must have dressed him as well, so bad at fashion.

Sridevi looks prettier and younger than Sonam overall


Yet another day yet another pair of filmy kids. Girl looks stronger than Harsh.

Here's hoping Harsh can act... because he certainly doesn't look like a conventional Bollywood hero..!!

The Kapoors look great in their black and white ensemble!! I too feel Harshvardhan lacks poise and looks awkward in his ill fitting suit.. Face wise he is exactly like Sonam if she grew a beard! Sis should prep him for red carpet!!

Sreedevi looks beautiful.

His posture and built, not impressive.

Where is Jhanvi? Feels empty without her

Pretty sure Arjun would have skipped this even if he was in India because of Sridevi.

Sonam's Brother's body language is not at all impressive. The first glimpse of the trailer was good but now after viewing his off screen personal, not impressed.

This whole charade screams nepotism.

Poor Arjun didn't get support like this from his family when he debuted, especially when he needed it because his mother sadly passed away. Shows how little Boney Kapoor cares for his son. Then again, maybe Arjun is grateful for not having his family around to take away his thunder...

Completely disagree with you and here's why - every single film that Arjun has done is the courtesy of his father Boney Kapoor. They are probably not on good terms and that's why we don't see them together celebrating this and that. But, behind the scenes, Boney is working so hard, that his son gets not the just good movies, but the best too, and with the top stars and directors. PV post this.

Arjun is more his mother's son than part of this nautanki and he's better for it. He's a good human being and a good brother to his sister. Boney and Sri are there to turn Harsh into a bankable star and make their investment, if these people knew the value of relationships Arjun and Anshula would not be strangers to this lot.

For his sake I wish they'd at least tried to hide the nepotism somewhat. Also there was never this kind of support for Arjun when he was launched lol.

IDK if he's slouching over or wearing an ill-fitting jacket, but Harsh's frame looks really puny here. Not getting the warrior vibe at all. I can't imagine a regular looking guy like Harsh getting a break w/o dad connections. He better blow our pants off with his acting.

Looks like Arjun and his skipped this.

Probably anil is trying not to repeat the history with what happened to sonam's career. He has realized the importance of nepotism, and this show of force demonstrates that he damn well is going to make sure his son goes on to become the next superstar.

How old is Harsh? He is like a fragile boy. Even all that facial hair couldn't help add age/depth that this character needed. Mirzya required age that reflects the 'life' Mirzya lived. Harsh is all innocence.

It is like you whole khaandan and neighbourhood accompanies you on your first day at work/office!! WTF!!

Sridevi looking beautiful.

It screams nepotism. You know when all filmy khandam comes together to support their little boy. I remember something like this when Raj kapoor's grandson was making his debut in a forgettable Imtiaz Ali movie. All kapoors came together but couldn't help their boy. Any way Harsh looks better on screen, off screen he looks dull and what is he wearing? Saiyami Kher looks gorgeous even with simple make up. Sridevi's outfit is lovely but she should stop whatever she is doing with her face. I know all actresses do that but she is visiting her doctor too often. And yeah Mirziya has great album, I love all the songs from the movie.

" I know all actresses do that but" .... Sridevi looks much better than your idol!

I haven't idols dear Jhanvi or khushi, I have fav actors and actresses.

Jhanvi and Khushi probably create more news and are more famous than your flop idol...oops I mean fav actress!

Heroine is gorgeous. Cannot look at Gulzar the same way again .

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