The stunning Deepika Padukone can't stop smiling as she receives an award by Giants International!

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Deepika stunned the audience and the industry with her debut performance in Om Shanti Om and the pretty lady has never looked back since then.

Giving hits one after the other, Deepika is one of the most successful actresses in Bollywood. With her career soaring high, it comes naturally that the Bajirao Mastani star is worth all the accolades she is garnering.

Deepika today received an award by Giants International in the film category and all we can say is that the actress absolutely deserved it.

Donning a pretty Sabyasachi outfit, Deepika looked lovely as she received the award by Union Minister Prakash Javadekar.

The list of awardees also included Rishi Kapoor (Film), Raj Nayak (Entertainment) and Deepak Chaurasia (Electronic Media) among others.

On the professional front, Deepika will soon start the shoot of Padmavati. Helmed by Sanjay Leela Bhansali, the period drama also stars Ranveer Singh and Shahid Kapoor in the lead roles. 

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That outfit is so animal like just like a halloween costume and that makeup makes her look like a vampire. Yikes :(

whats with your eyebrows :)

Dreadful outfit .Like a vulture or something.

This is one of Deepika's worst look ever. Not only that outfit is too heavy and out of place for the event but her make up is so loud and so 90s that she ends up looking scary. I know this outfit was chosen by her stylist and make up done by her make up artist but she has a voice and could say no to this look, whoever did that make up for her pls don't repeat it again. Deepika has big eyes , there is no need to paint them like a stolen car and if you did such a heavy eye make up at least choose lighter lip colour

Terrible outfit. Too much makeup.

what is she wearing

omg she looks so white. tone down the make up honey...not your shade

That outfit is a disaster, as is her hair and make up.

Beautiful and fashion forward. Just wrong for the event.

the only actress who managed to make sabyasahi's beautiful outfits look bad

A beautiful woman who has put way too much effort to look ugly *facepalm*


tacky and ugly. clothes, makeup and deepika.

Yikes haha

Now shes an actress who is worthy of awards... cough cough

Wow so Halloween is in Sept in India?

LOL best comment yet!

I think that mood enhancers blind was about DP. No way she chose to wear this clown ensemble with a sound and clear mind. Get well soon

i really loved her till piku after that n nw she looks tired old n scary thses pics r not good at wonder even at top no1 is working with her intiaz,karan,aditya,soojit,no dharma director no yash raj diector,homi,srk,salma,aamir,sid,varun......only slb n ranveer

epic fail lol

Lovely Deepika what's with the feather choker? ?? Hideous please look at yourself before stepping out and don't trust designers blindly! !!!

The outfit/make up is ghastly! Please Deepika,do not,repeat,ever step out looking like this

No actress hit 30 as bad as Dp! I think she was hot in her 20's even till 29 but now idk she just fell off the wagon. She just LOST her spark and don't think it's ever coming back.

Stunning outfit. But standing next to regular people dressed so casually, it looks a bit costumey.

It looks like she tore off the feathers from a vulture and made a dress out of them

Everything is too much. Too much make up, fabric, outfit, hair, and of course the award- that's too much!
She needs to simmer down, chill and connect within herself again- she is losing touch with herself and consequently with her audience too.

Thank you for the laugh.

fact: she can't pull of anything like her fans claim.

That neck piece is surely making her feel hot and sweaty.

Her PR and Publicity team are working overtime to get her as much attention as they can so XXX does good business in India.

Congratulations Deepika! You deserve every bit of it. Waiting for you to win your third Filmfare Award for Padmavati.


flop AF

The biggest mistake of her life - She signed this Hollywood movie , she ruined her face after that . I remember she used to be cute earlier . She doesn't tell anyone but i am getting a feeling there is a bit surgery on her face which went very wrong like Koena Mitra

credibility is lost of these days, only deepika and katrina are getting recognized and receiving awards for films.

her fans are always complaining of sonars make up, i wonder if u can see the obvious here

super beauty

Why she is wearing so much of makeup on her face ? Still not looking beautiful

She could have just done something simpler for the event, she is looking so out of place!

She stands out like a sore thumb! Something simple and elegant like a saree would have sufficed!

Totally wrong outfit for the occasion!

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Pinkvilla has updated its Privacy and Cookie policy. We use cookies to improve your experience on our site and show you Personalized advertisement