Aishwarya looks breathtaking in this throwback still with her makeup artist!

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Aishwarya Rai Bachchan is one of the prettiest faces in the world is a known fact. The diva has been slaying the audience with her grace, charm and beauty over two decades and we still can't get enough of her. 

Recently, we came across a stellar still of the actress from the year 2009, where she is posing with her international makeup artist, Eileen Kastner-Delago. Eileen has worked with Aishwarya in Jodha Akbar, in the event Royal Asscot (2009) and for many Longines commercials. 

Dressed in a white saree, with baby pink lips, tousled hair and flawless makeup, Aishwarya looks fresh as a daisy and bwoy, does she ever ages!



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She is nothing in terms of acting and looks infront of deepika

We know u r not a DP fan

she looks sultry but in a very serene sort of way. Pretty.

She looks like Angelina Jolie here

She looks flawless. I think she should try this kind of hair-do more often

#1 Post.

She looks best with minimal make-up and in sarees. Beautiful


Spotted: Hater. 11 O'Clock.

With a face like that you could do no wrong

I'M MORE INTRIGUED by the level of Eileen's beauty. Without the benefit of makeup or sultry clothes or gorgeous light eyes, this woman still looks equally good as Aishwarya.

Both women look pretty! Aishwarya is just a warm soul period.

Beautiful then, Beautiful now.

Ethereal. Timeless Beauty !

She looks very young and pretty in dis pic. !!!!!!!!

She's so stunning!

Such posts would continue making the rounds till the ADHM Release.


She looks ethereal and gorgeous.

All the haters follow two paths to Aish hate 1. Criticizing the angle or saying "well she looks bad when she smiles or plastic" 2. Ageism like "old lady"..she'll be more beautiful !at 80 than you are at 20. Bet you can never look so gorgeous in a picture. And oh yea I bet you're FAT and you have malai neck layers..3. Acting...she's better than half the newer stars out there.

We hear that she is 42 and looks like she is in her 20s. This actually says that it is not good to be in 40s and no acceptance of the age. That is actually displaying ageism.

Breathetaking, aww, awe, admire yeah PV speaks on everyone's behalf to compliment her. This level of campaign for what? If she had to get films, she would have already got. This every day campaign won't help. It hurts because people got bored and tired of seeing her on PV on daily basis.

People also got bored of haters on her posts posting the same thing..Do u stop ever? No? Why to expect from others?

such a lovely picture. im loving her styling but not her makeup

this is aishwarya...sure she spent minutes for her no makeup look before giving this angel face...tons of light foundation,layers of concelaers and hair to decide her beauty we should see her real natural skin and face otherwise in the hands of professionals every woman is angelic and gorgeous

This is every actress..nobody dons a total no make up look.. every actress goes through professional help to get that flawless skin which u think is a no make up look but actually isn't..I m sure make up exaggerates one's beauty but not anyone can become Aishwarya with makeup..There's only one Aishwarya

however it is only aishwarya who pretends fair and lovely natural beauty! that's why she is annoying and sounds fake...for makeup as enhancer yes right but it makes a lot difference when you cover your face with foundation,then undereye concealer then when you thicken your lips and liners so on is not everything but really makes a huge striking difference and hides wrinkles plus digital nothing special with aishwarya yes just like all but she should stop acting pageanty and the only miss world in the world if she is so beautiful then would never have needed hours of makeup and minutes of digital retouch

All actresses have access to concealers, lip liners, digital retouches n blah blah, why single out her? I don't know how anyone acts pageanty , fair and natural beauty? There are hundreds of articles on other actresses' looks, almost 3-4 articles everyday on someone's pouts, despite heavy eye make-up , almost white skin and blushed cheeks, someone is called a natural beauty..How does only she act as pageanty? Again not only she but every actress takes hours to look how they look bt Aishwarya stands out among all..She did go with minimum makeup look in Guru, Raincoat and Ravan and looked great..She was indeed called a special beauty from her modelling days itself , so hatred aside there can be no doubt about her looks..She's definitely not ordinary however makeup does enhance anyone's features

She's pretty but a bad actress.

She's a pretty good actress. HDDCS, Devdas, Jodha Akbar, Guru, Guzaarish, Taal, Choker Bali, Raincoat are some of her critically acclaimed performances.

Ash's skin looks flawless.

she looks different and simple

Eileen looks pretty.

Such a beauty.. angelic face..

Eileen looks beautiful!

are you kidding me? 2009?? its 2016...nine years ago

Are YOU kidding me? how is 2016-2009 = 9 year?

If we can see baby pictures of other actresses, why not pictures from seven years ago???

If we can see baby pictures of other actresses, why not pictures from seven years ago???

from 2009 ? can we move on already?

wow tousled hair eh, I know once her hair stylist wanted to try messy bed hair she refused saying it wouldn't look nice, but this tousled hair is a nice idea, am going to try it.


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