#Throwback: Can you spot Deepika Padukone in her class picture from Sophia High School?

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Deepika Padukone has been ruling hearts of million of fans across the globe. The actress did her schooling from Sophia’s High School, Bangalore. And today, we got our hands on a throwback picture of the actress from her school days, where she is seen posing for a class photograph.

Can you spot the Piku actress in the group picture?

Hint: She looked as lovely as she is now!

Let us know in the comments below...

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i study in that school

Tall and beautiful even then !

Can anyone tell me the exact location of this Hindi medium school ? i heard this is near village side

You are the little old white lady living in India aren't you ?

In my colony there is a Hindi medium school of girls and they look much better than super model Deepika

Girls school? No wonder she has only male friends and not boy friends.

Doctors have helped her transformed so much

I'm convinced only average looking girls gas up deepika because they get intimidated by real beauties. It's Jen aniston/Taylor swift syndrome

So many pretty girls in that class...3rd girl in front row, very beautiful.

First line from bottom
7th person... that's Deepika

and she's not changed that much

She has a very mature look about her. .

Deepika looks like a maid

Hey can we see a photo of your fave from her high school days ? Oh ! I forgot she did not go to high school as she was busy working the night shift !

BTW this is a picture of the school band.

My school!
She was four years my junior!
Very cute, focussed, and serious even as a kid.

Yes I can she so beautiful and i can catch her in this pic in left side last girl

Deepika is standing in the leftmost position in the third row from front.

DP is standing in 4th Row from Top ..very 1st girl on left

If she is pretty then so are the rest of them

Yes. That's also because Sophia's is known to be one of the best schools with the prettiest girls. In school fests they had the hottest girls. It helps that it is a school filled with rich girls I suppose.

Could spot her from a mile away! Queen of hearts is 1st row and 1st from the right! post plz!

3rd row first on left side from bottom

she looks very beautiful.. i can see those super model looks.. what a looker she was and is!

she really doesnt stand out, she looks just like the rest of them

She is just a kid here, ye know?

she is still the same..so pretty..love her

just show katz childhood pics. she is the most beautiful ever.

3rd row first on the left-hand side

1st row- 2nd from left

First third row but the girl in first front left looks like her sister

she'll go down in the history as the most average girl with minimal talent to become a top heroine in bollywood.

Dunno about talent, but she is effin gorgeous!

She and the girl behind her look the oldest of all of them! Others look like tiny tots.

she went to school ?



The first girl in 3rd row


Look at the 7th girl in 3rd row,.. Untied hair.. Even she looks like deepika

She looks the same! Did she ever go thru an awkward stage?

For those who always say she bleaches her skin, you can see she is not as dark as people presume! Especially in school days we tend to be darker.

As if being dark is a crime. Statements like this make me cringe.

You miss the point. He/she only criticized those who say 'she bleaches her skin', which you have to admit, we are hearing a lot nowadays. There were no signs of any darkness-bias from the writer. But again, the vast majority who triumphantly want to establish that she bleaches her skin are in fact guilty of exactly that. Why not go after them instead of trying hard to find crime elsewhere?

Thank you that was exactly my point. That was against the haters of DP. I am not against any skin color.

She is as pretty as she is today.standing first from left second row,not only her school,we are also familiar with her house at malleshwaram our old locality where she was living.

3rd row. First left

Third row,first girl from the left

She was nd is very cute.

third row from the front on the left.. . .wow she hasn't changed

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