It all started with you, Bub! - Hugh Jackman gives an amazing parting gift to the X-Men director Bryan Singer

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The handsome hunk Hugh Jackman created an identity around the character Wolverine from the X-Men series. Starting from the first X-Men film released in the year 2000 till now X-Men: Apocalypse which was released this year, the Australian actor played Wolverine setting up a record of starring in seven films as the adamantium-clawed mutant.

The actor will be seen in the final film set to be released in the year 2017. This will be the last film Hugh don the role of Wolverine. As a parting gift, the director of the X-Men series, Bryan Singer received a special gift from the Pan actor. He gifted an amazing artwork made by X-Men comic book artist Joe Quesada. In the picture, Jackman in the character of Wolverine with his famous adamantium claw behind Singer who is pictured as Professional Xavier. 

Bryan captioned the picture saying, "Thank you so much @thehughjackman for commissioning the brilliant comic artist #joequesada to make these fantastic and very personal covers for me. I will cherish them and our long friendship and collaboration always! #xmen #wolverine #professorx #comics"

Jackman autographed the piece with a message to Bryan that read, "Dear Bryan, It all started with you, Bub! 1999-2016! From the bottom of my heart, thank you."

That's so sweet!


Aww..thats so sweet of fav actor n character!!!

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