Clicked: Deepika breaks down at an event as she spreads awareness about her NGO!

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Deepika Padukone made a bold move when she stepped out in open and accepted that she suffered from depression in the past. She battled with the ailment and now has kickstarted an NGO to help others who are suffering from depression and spread awareness about the same. 

The gorgeous diva was today spotted in New Delhi at an event where she broke down while speaking her own experience. She credited her mother for standing by her side during the toughest phase. The Piku actress also launched a social campaign #DOBARAPOOCHO through her Live Love Laugh foundation.

Dressed in a grey sheath dress, DP opted for a fuss-free look, styled her hair in trademark manner and accessorized the look with minimal jewellery. Looking radiant, the actress also had another reason to rejoice as National Award winning director, Sanjay Leela Bhansali officially announced DP as the main lead for his next historical drama, Padmavati. She will essay the titular role alongside Ranveer Singh and Shahid Kapoor

Also spotted at the event was lyricist Prasoon Joshi. 


Credits: viral bhayaniAPH Images

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How much more drama she will do? She has fully encashed her breakup with Ranbir!

Like salmans being human, this love life laugh is her PR stunt to look like some humanitarian, do-gooder. This campaign is noting but a means to push expensive treatment and meds down to people with a bit of sadness. Real depression is debilitating. She's championing the wrong issue. Post it Pv! You never post the truth.

Deepika next time you think on making some vehement comments on others perhaps think that they also share the same feelings and sensitivity as you. In the past you've said some bitter and mean things. If you can suffer from depression so can others. Don't contradict yourself by opening a charity and then passing comments which are hurtful and can push someone else over the edge. In no way am i siding with Katrina but when katrinas bikini pics came out deepika was the first one to give a mean remark at a time which was probably quite low for Katrina with so many against her. I don't care whether it was Katrina or anyone else. In a normal world if that happens between two girls it can push the other over the edge. If you are preaching about sensitivity and emotions then have empathy for others too and follow your words. Your fans take your actions and enact them so teach them something worth following rather than standing on a platform and just talking applaud worthy words. Pv post please if you will.

I have no qualms in her opening a charity and helping people through it. But why must she explore her own story at every opportunity and cry. Go to the streets you will find ten people right outside your doorstep who were and are currently suffering. Put them on a stage and ask them their story. That will be more relatable than a millionaire standing in a 1000 pound wardrobe talking about depression she had several years ago!

First rule of breaking up with someone who cheated on you is to cut that person out completely from your life and move on. She hasnt done that and doesn't plan to. Hanging on to RK, messing up his relationship etc wont help you dp.

Drama queen har waqt roti rahti hai uggghhh

She should be nominated for best actress this year even though she has no release..

Lol the lady behind someone give her an award!

Ranveer has cried while accepting awards and dp cries over RK all the time,these two cry babies should get married and have more cry babies together. They are perfect for each other

She is doing all this naatak to get audience sympathy because she knows nobody is interested in her film Padmavati anymore!!

Padmavati promotions have begun!!!

It's too much.. We all know that you are an actress, you don't have to prove it on stage.

shame u guys, u don't know about reason of her depression , drag RK all the time into her life... she left RK so many years ago bcs he fell in love with another girl..she took let him go for live his love life.... he had live in relationship , then broken up... all are his decision why u drag RK everywhere... and the main reason behind rkkat break is kat inscurity... rk behaved same during BV promotion with anushka. even the were more friend then RK deepi... but everyone has prblm with dp.. bcs she had past with him

Omg....drama drama

Nawww!! *Heart melts*

Everyone goes through tough phase especially more than a girl who got cheated by an year old boyfrnd, still she acts as if she has the most tragic life and wants nations attention.why can't be she happy with what she achieved. Plus her mother just did what any mother would do . shame on her

The beautiful charming wonderful Ms Padukone amazing as ever! Eagerly awaiting your next movie. All the best with your foundation.

She saw Befikre trailer before anyone else that's why she is crying

I was abt to type the same thing


So proud of you Deepika for not just coming out and discussing your battle to which there is always stigma attached but turning that into something actionable. The TLLLF foundation is doing some great ground work with schools, offices, IMA and IPS. Let people scream publicity stunt, because people who actually care to read will find out what this fuondation does is extremely important for society.

trying to save on tax thru various charities&ngo's .

I agree with her message. Exactly why she should stop pulling people down through her agents or by her shady comments. To just think people suffering from depression should be handled sensitively is wrong. Everyone has feelings and that should be respected. Since she's come out about it people will be wary of commenting on her, but what about the actors she brings down who maybe quietly suffering too.


Guys I'm not a dp fan. I won't be surprised if this is to get her public mileage. But kindly dont demean the issue. Whether it's genuine or rehearsed the cause is good. So please let it be.

No I will resent it. Giving false impression of a fully active, aggressive self-promoting diva yet suffering from what is in reality a debilitating, limiting condition. I will resent it. Don't tell me to accept a phony.

Excellent response.

ada fight dp or kat k fans k beech hoti h or hmesha rk ko dono taraf se target kiya jata h... Jisse koi sense nhi nikega..

i feel like Deepika's really stressed lately because her career is going down

She us doing great work! Mental health is serious issue and affects so many people.

All she does is just talking about it,why does not she go and help people instead of holding events and click pictures as if she is the first victim of depression.I dont think she meant what she said.

Wow good job well rehearsed but i don't see watery eyes! She just used her hand to wipe what??

That is all scripted. I do not believe anything she says or does. I know people who suffer, and I see through her. Sorry, do not buy it.

Deepika i really feel bad when u cry, your heart is so clean

Pathetic kat fans really trying hard to bring her down and making fun of Deepika assuming things on their own. kuch to shram karo. Kat is way too selfish and cold to help human beings . She always known to be a TAKER N USER. Post this comment pv why arent u?paid? u arent posting dp fans comment. of course kat paying you

Kat and her fans are jealous bcoz she is a taker and never help other. She always seek others help in her bad times but never ever help others. She even misguided her costar about the diet. POST THIS PINKVILLA U ARENT

Too. Much drama

Bohat badi wali nautanki hai ye

What rk and kat has to do with this? She didnt broke them (plus there is no breakup)but kat you been even slightly sensitive ranbir and DP would have been together as she broke them(rk admit it ) All the actresses hate her bcoz she is on top and more popular than them. They were alright with her till she wasnt on top. But yes if kat would have been honest and dont use people for her own sake , All the actresses wouldnt hate her so much and neither she got hated by people. so calm down dont boost hate for katrina. POST THIS REPLY PV U ARENT ONLY POSTING NASTY COMMENTS BY KAT FANS PROVING WHOSE PR ARE YOU

Her state is like Salman Khan from 'Tere Naam' always crying and singing - Kyun kisi ko wafa ke badle wafa nahi milti .

This songs suit your idol more than DP as she is dumped by her BFS and trying for younger guys. PV post it dont be biased

Her place is not in Bollywood but in Aashram like Salman went in Tere Naam movie . She needs peace of mind and it will be possible only if she leaves everything and start taking names of God , she is a big depression since 5-6 years


Bebo said Rk visit pv . All the comments saying She is not over RK and depressed due to him are form RK himself for sure.

Don't get fooled by her innocent face , she is a clever woman and knows where to hit and how to get sympathy from Indians . She knows very well we are emotional and always ready to give hands to such people and she do this every second month . She is misusing the rights and powers given to girls .

Hello katrina !!

Many celebrities work with campaigns that they resonate with and are close to their hearts, but never have they exploited it by doing such dramatic acts. It's always about 'my struggle' 'my tough phase' ME ME ME. Why can't she talk about actual changes they can do or about the disorder in general?She just wants it to be about herself.

Leave her alone guys! If she wants to cry over depression. Cry over ranbir. Cry over ranveer. Cry over ranbir and Katrina. It's her choice! Gosh when will people learn to leave others alone when they are trying to maximise the sympathy card! Her choice not yours!!!

No, people, do not leave her alone. She is publicizing her NGO. If it turns out to help people fine. If it turns out to be something she set up as a tax haven with little to no effect on real people who suffer then not so fine. Eyes open.

I have that exact dress from Zara!

It's actually from H&M :)

Beautiful inside and out. Love you darling Deepika. Stay strong, happy and blessed

There are far more grave issues that people face and deal with, just stop using your break-up

Did you even LISTEN to anything she said?

Best card to play with Indian public is sumpathy and wronged woman card. Will. Always. Work.

Yes kangana you are adept in it. We are seeing it

even not compare Kangana with Deepika, do not insult Kangana this comparison. The victim card is Deepika only Deepika and nothing else Deepika. Kangana fighter who knows how to fight for their rights, and do not cry over depression, Kangana has brains. great sense of humor and can laugh at themselves. Deepika can only cry and talk about love for Ranbir. the true woman victim card!

Who knows this more than you katrina.

Even her dress is depressing

Stop raising awareness behind a banner and go out there and do real charitable work. Go visit those who are facing real struggles in life and help them and not just India, around the world.

people are so jealous of a rich , successful and happy woman and trying hard to bring her down.

I have no sympathy for her. At first I did. But it's very ironic how these 'events' and these 'bouts' of tears and depression suddenly occur when rk makes wth statements about his relationship! She is fine as bone china whilst shooting a film with him or while he is playing tamasha promotions with her. Yet she resorts back to this the moment he says something to upset her. Too ironic and too coincidental. Please give us a break deepika.

People who feel deeply cry easily. Deepika is like that.

I think she is being extremely unfair when she does this. Because she has made reference to ranbir in the beginning with the whole depression episode and basically credited the whole illness to him.yes she has suffered depression. But today she is not. But the fact that she does this directly puts ranbir in the firing line. Even if he has sorted his differences out with her. And I think that is not fair on ranbir. it's been seven years. And if her attitude with him is going to be fine elsewhere and whilst promoting her film she shouldn't do this to indirectly point fingers and start a hate brigade against him at other times. I think it's very lowly and a sad way to publicise and use your depression.

Haters can say what they want but deepika is all heart.

Omg. I swear to god yesterday in the post with ranbir picking Katrina over deepika I made a comment saying ' here comes another depression post' and wallaaaaaaa!! I canNOT believe how predictive she is. If all else fails she will always play the victim sympathy card. Pv pleasee post.

So this is now something we have to deal with every once in 6 months....she gets great mileage out of this even if she don't have a movie release....plz deepika stop crying over RK....this is a little too much obsessed can you be for the kapoor surname....if you really loved him you would let him go...not sabotage his current love life like how you did during are so successful in life...pv plz post

Did anyone see Deepika in Coca Cola ad with Renuka Shahane ? She acted so badly in that on the other hand i was amazed to see Alia and Ranveer in mobile ad , they acted so well

She looks gorgeous! Plum peach cutie!

She looks stunning but she's SOOOO Fake I just can't appreciate her beauty when she's constantly doing drama and attention seeking

Must be talking about katrina who does a drama and attention seeking.

Sooooooooooooo phony

Please someone give him Ranbir , her depression stories and crying in events will end that time only

Elegance and classy at its best. She truly is an inspiration to young and old. Love her grace and selflessness.

Again indirectly targeting Ranbir by telling her depression stories

The lady besides her makes me laugh. Good acting by her too !!

Sure Deepu. Become little more sensitive. Had you been even slightly sensitive ranbir and Kat would have been together. All the actresses in the industry wouldnt hate you so much. You'd have more friends here. All if you were a leeeeetille more sensitive

What rk and kat has to do with this? She didnt broke them (plus there is no breakup)but kat you been even slightly sensitive ranbir and DP would have been together as she broke them(rk admit it ) All the actresses hate her bcoz she is on top and more popular than them. They were alright with her till she wasnt on top. But yes if kat would have been honest and dont use people for her own sake , All the actresses wouldnt hate her so much and neither she got hated by people. so calm down dont boost hate for katrina. POST THIS REPLY PV U ARENT ONLY POSTING NASTY COMMENTS BY KAT FANS PROVING WHOSE PR ARE YOU

What rk and kat has to do with this? She didnt broke them (plus there is no breakup)but kat you been even slightly sensitive ranbir and DP would have been together as she broke them(rk admit it ) All the actresses hate her bcoz she is on top and more popular than them. They were alright with her till she wasnt on top. But yes if kat would have been honest and dont use people for her own sake , All the actresses wouldnt hate her so much and neither she got hated by people. so calm down dont boost hate for katrina. POST THIS REPLY PV U ARENT ONLY POSTING NASTY COMMENTS BY KAT FANS PROVING WHOSE PR ARE YOU

Also can we talk about how DAMN stunning she looks here

Not really

Love you Dippy! Haters will make even this beautiful cause you are supporting sound ugly, but let them. Keep smiling and keep being true to yourself, no matter what that means to you!

Arreyy..there she goes again..why always fake things.!!

How do u know she is faking it? she not like your fake idol.

Hahahaha..Just in time for movie promotions

She is crying because Ranbir chose Katrina over her again in his last interview :p

Lol in your dreams katrina. BTW show still ahs to go on air and yur source will be proved wrong like rishi papa or rk visit to your house. POST IT PLEASE

ok whatever make you happy hahaha...

Lol stop crying all the time Deepika. Its the same thing all over again: thanks to my sister, mother, father and repeat. I went through a tough phase and repeat. JUST STOP

deepika why u cry always.. u were depressed an year back.. we understand ... but u are crying everywhere these days.. smile baby .. u got the best smile ever.spread happiness .. u have shared this already that u were depressed.. no spread happiness

People who have battled with depression will also tell you that it can creep up back on you anytime. Depression is not a ONE time thing which is how Deepika has kind of portrayed it. It's a big deal she acknowledged it publicly but she also needs to raise awareness that it is a long healing process. The way she has made it seem, it's not as easy..even with's long healing process.

She's crying because PC earns more than her

Again acting on stage!
This is what happens when you dont have any movies!

drama queen!

Yeah kat is a drama queen.

I love this girl.

Arey ye fir shuru ho gayi :/

Oh god this woman needs to stop

So elegantly dressed and so beautiful ! She does look sad though. :(

she is a role model for youngsters. She is doing a remarkable job for the people who made her a star by helping them. She is selfless and nice human being to help others and not only a taker but also a giver unlike many other celebs. Respect

How beautiful she looks.

don't ever cry my love!Your smiling face makes me happy!!

is this real ranbir????

Deepika's best performance so far is faking her relationship with Ranveer & pretending that she got over Ranbir!

Which toughest phase Deepika ? Again targeting Ranbir that he left her and she was in Depression , i have not seen such a Drama queen like her before

She looks Beautiful!

Sorry but when is she not breaking down?

drama queen

its not about katrina. Wrong post

True it is really not about katrina here; DP - the drama queen.

Cough cough cough cough cough

acting off screen better than on screen

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