Photos: Big B, Jaya, Abhishek, Aishwarya and Aaradhya at their Diwali bash!

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The much talked about Bachchan Diwali bash was celebrated today and the whole of tinsel town marked its attendance at Jalsa. Big B’s annual Diwali bashes have always been the talk of the town, for the A-lister guest list, its unmatched glamour and grandeur. 

Here we have some photos of the Bachchans from the bash. Big B, Jaya Bachchan, Abhishek Bachchan, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan along with Aaradhya are spotted at the venue and can clearly be seen as pumped up for the festivities. 

Aishwarya looked lovely in a white Abu Jani suit, while mother-law-in was beautiful in a red salwar suit.  Big B and Abhishek looked pleasant in their off-white suits. And look at Aaradhaya isn't she just too adorable in pink?!

Stay tuned as we bring more photos from the bash.

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Aradhya's looking cute with the earrings.

why the comments on Jaya. If anything by now we all know she does not have good taste in clothes. That applies to the bachchans when it comes to Ethnic clothes. they always wear hideous outfits by Abu - Sandeep or Manish Malhotra (Mostly Ash).

What's wrong with Jaya Bacchan?

They are all dressed pretty nice. Why shouldn't they wear traditional outfits and colours, why just flaunt designer outfits all the time. I'd say they are looking really good.

What the bleep is Jaya wearning ? Blingy Green , maroon and red ?

Smile Jaya Aunty, it's Diwali!

Aishwarya looks so beautiful here

Lovely family

These outfits can be considered as their best in Diwali

Aradhya does not look like ash at all,but a mini version of abhishek..

Why are Aish and Amitabh mostly pictured together. I rarely see Aish-Abhi pictured together. Why?

it's aish's habit to use people for her advantage and she always get close to sr ab when she needs attention or her movie is releasing

Because they are one family, can't family members pose together?

Did you not understand the question honey?

A close insider reveals Aishwarya's pregnant.

I really hope so

Why don't they ever look happy!?!

why is the kid looking so lost...? on Diwali...? always sulking...

She isn't sulking she looks scared...probably because of all the photographers and crowd around the vehicle. Before you judge please understand this life can sometimes be too much to take for a child...I guess that's why Aishwarya is always very protective of her too

The kid has started wearing Abu Jani as well. No one is spared in the Bachan's



Want to see Jaya's outfit it looks cute on her

Adore them

Abhishek is the best dressed amongst all of them.(never thought I would be saying this)

colour coordinated and all!

They are all looking so beautiful, especially Ash.

its funny to see kids in indian kids sitting in laps,so used to car seats now!

Don't like Jaya's outfit. But no matter what she wears, with that grouchy face she makes most of the stuff look bad.

Oh wow. 'Pa', Abhishek and Aishwarya are both dressed so unlike their usual mitahi dabbas.

Love Bachchans! Such a beautiful family. God Bless them.

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