Shah Rukh and wifey Gauri bond with the Bachchans' as they celebrate Diwali at Jalsa!

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With the most respected clans like the Bachchans, Kapoors and Khans among others hosting extravagant Diwali parties, it comes as no surprise that party-hopping is the only plausible way the celebs can catch up with most of their friends and bashes. 

Having given you a glimpse of the fun and cards session Shah Rukh and wifey Gauri had at Aamir’s Diwali party, here is what the Khans were up to at the Bachchans’ bash. The pic that has recently surfaced on the Internet shows Gauri chilling with Aishwarya, Manish Malhotra and a pal.

Another pic posted by Dabboo Ratnani has a handsome SRK having a blast at Jalsa. Seems like it was all about bonding this festive season! 

Sweet, right?!

Notably, the Khans first attended the revelries at Aamir’s house and then party hopped to Jalsa. The duo is believed to have stayed up till late and seemingly had a gala time with the Bachchan family. 

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Are people who are calling Aishwarya a stunning goddess on drugs? Her face has no glow and her features are flat. She looks like a dark rat with lots of makeup and white foundation. That wig she's wearing is hideous.

Beautiful pics! Love all of them!

Hi gouri SRK met priyanka in a European city before returning to India to celebrate Diwali with you.

that photographer's wife looks old..very old.

SRKASH!! xox

Gauri always wears gold sarees with spaghetti strap blouses, it doesn't even suit her anymore.

the wife has a name, Its Gauri, the term wifey is so deregatory

love srk ♡

Tahir and Saba should have a pic together!! :D

SRK and Aish should do more films together.

SRK & Aish!

Honestly wish Srk gets true happiness he has been through so much.If that is with Gauri or someone else he should not only live his life only for other people.I remember Jaya Bachchan saying she always wanted to mother Srk during the KKKG.I always want to hug his pain away.Just love the guy I guess

So sad about SRK's sister must be so hard for him.She is the only surviving relative he has.My heart breaks for Shah Rukh he took up responsibilities at a very young age.I wish he can have peace and some happiness after working so hard over the years.

Aish and SRK are my favorite!!! Love them. Wish they do more films together

Want a pic of SRK with Aish please!!! They looked stunning in ADHM as Tahir and Saba! xox

They do. I wish they had more scenes together. so wanted to know their whole story!

Me too!! Want to know how they got married and why they got divorced!!!

It`s so easy to annoy the fans of this old guy who suffers badly on his midlife crisis. Love it,

Aish!!!!!! *_____* And SRK!!! *_____* Love them.


SRK's wife is losing it with SRK's affairs news with other women!! She is ruining her face! This is not the answer!

Aish and SRK should have been married in real life. They look perfect together. Just saw ADHM.

Too much money couldn't help the wife to look good rather bad. sadly. Aish looks like a queen. What a face.

Gauri's face is getting scary tbh. Someone honest close to her should tell her to stop!

Hey all you PC fans. Go and defend your idol in her topic. She urgently need it. Hehe!


who cares about PC here! Just because someone does not like Gauri doesn't mean they like PC! Duh!!

Aish is goddess!!

Aish is breathtaking.

Where they are TOGETHER smiling and chatting or posing like all those couples!! Oh wait!!! You have no such pics. Zzzz...

Aish is getting leaner and sexier. Very beautiful woman.

The Priyanka fans disapprove Gauris face? LOOOOL what an irony. Priyanka has more plastic in her face than Gauri in her entire body :p

So! She looks terrible. Both of them actually.

You cannot say Priyanka looks terrible. Simply absurd. Priyanka is the most beautiful woman in the world. I don't mock others. I just say Priyanka is beautiful and I love her. So do millions. xxxoo

So you think this woman look even remotely good!! LOL. Ok. Now sleep well.

I guess it rattles you less to lump people scorning Gauri's look as PC fans, making this an us vs. them contest. It is not nice to scorn Gauri. but at the same time do not put this scorn on the back of PC. She does not care about them so chill.


Wish Gauri and SRK a wonderful time on his birthday celebration alone abroad. Love you both. Blessed family.

yep! Just like her BD in spain and all those lame fake reports about a big bash!! * rolling my eyes*

you wish!! lol! Why!! Have no life yourself that you live on these people's lives and want them to do this and that! Gosh! I feel sorry for you.

hahahaha....this from an obsessed SRK fan who stalks him 24/7, what a joke :p

Aish!!! Such a real beauty. Wish she was married to SRK.

Gauri's face = jack nicholson in the joker without the white powder. Literally.

Someone should tell gauri please not to have this look at my jaw pose in pics. That's piggy nose and face just can't handle it.

SRK came with his sister. I saw her. She looked quite sick.

It was their dad's BD a couple of days ago. SRK mentioned many times how she used to be so close to him and never recovered from his loss.

Yes, I saw her. She always being in depression because of her parents death. SRK is a darling. xox

SRK is amazing! :*)

Yeah. May she finds peace and over come this depression. I salute SRK for having her in his homes and giving her the best professional treatments from docs and comfort. I read SRK has arranged a floor just for herself.

Yes, he does. She needs a special treatment. SRK is a true man and supportive.

Gauri is the only one who cares about his sister.

No wonder. SRK doesn`t care about her. Must hurt her to hear all the stories about he slept around with several girls in Europe.

She was with him there. She suffer from server mental and emotional sickness since her parents died. Get some help yourself than writing such rubbish on her name and her brother caring for her. pv please post this.

Aish is just beyond gorgeous. Gauri looks like her mother's age! Her upper body and face! omg!

When Aish in the pic everyone else look as ugly AF!

oh oh, now jealous housewives and Gauri hater cry me a river....LOOOOOL, btw button abuser have fun to put this comment down, doesn`t cares me :p :p :p

hahaha!! WTH!!

Beside SRK she NOTHING to be envied about. No looks, style or personality. If she wasn't married to SRK you yourself won't even comment about her. Now peace out. Zzz.

I'm 21 year old student. If you think people are jealous of this wife or her looks then you must be living in LALA Land. You aunty need eyes.

This may shock you, but everyone grows older. Time is the greatest leveler. Gauri was 21 years old as well, and SRK clearly thought she was attractive enough to woo her and pursue her for years. The delight people take in pulling down someone who is not even an actor or in showbiz is downright absurd.

You say Gauri not in showbiz. Tell that to Gauri when she prances around town with motorcycle jackets, rock and roll era hairdos, stiletto heels and torn pants. She makes herself vulnerable to ridicule. You dance to the music you hear.

After Anushka Gauri has the worst injections.

SRK bond with others while the wife is always alone with others. Meh. P.S she is getting bigger!!

This neglacted wife has her own PR. I swear! lol.

Aish look AMAZING

What the heck his wife did to her face!!! O_o

Aish looks STUNNING. On the other hand Gauri looks scary.

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