Shahid holds little Misha close as he jets through the airport with wifey Mira!

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Spotted at the airport today were the young parents Shahid Kapoor and Mira along with little one Misha and look how adorable the trio look together.

Donning a jacket and denims, Shahid looked dapper. Sporting a man’s bun and sunnies, the Udta Punjab star appeared to be in his mettle.

Holding baby Misha close, doting father Shahid appeared to be the coolest dad ever.

Mira, on the other hand, was in blue attire and had her kala chasma swag as she sashayed through.

Endearing right?

On the work front, Shahid will next be seen in Rangoon opposite Kangana Ranaut and Saif Ali Khan. Helmed by Vishal Bhardwaj, the movie will hit the cinemas on February 24. 

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The only thing that is freely available in India ...... ADVICE!!! ( Whether u ask or not)

Feel sorry for this girl. Domesticated way too early. Indias version if teen moms

I feel sorry for the baby - can she even breath underneath all this protection?!?!?!?
I get that they wanna protect her from the media, but this is way too much. Poor Little baby......

Lovely! Mira looks healthy and pretty. Shahid is really the doting dad. Good for them!

He is holding misha very well,he is her dad and would deffo know well .
Few babies don't like carriers and few get sore bum. since they are walking he may be carrying her once sitted they prob will put her in baby nest. Rest assured carrying babies with hands dont suffocate them , Indian have been doing that since ages .

I think Mira looks great with her fuller figure, I don't get the obsession with slim and skinny figures.

Thankyou! You spoke my mind. I love seeing woman full figured than stink thin... I see my friends going to gym while I try to add a little meat on the bones.. I'll pass.

Such a sweet family picture! And I think it is just perfect that shahid is carrying baby misha!

did she gain more weight?

She was so slim and petite... She's started to look older than Shahid. Pregnancy can drastically change ones appearance, I know. No more baby Mira now.

what a truly vain comment, I bet you live your life trying to please others or to just judge others. Glad that not everyone thinks like you do

well said

Gosh! How are they traveling with such a little baby!! Babies don't do well with traveling; but if they can handle it, more power to them!

They are mishas parents they know what they are doing.. you'll don't have to advice them what to do with THEIR kid..


she looks aged and dull post-pregnancy.

I think they are trying to protect the face from shutterbugs.

Just get a baby sling or a carrier for the baby's sake !!!! It will keep your hands free and the baby will be so comfortable and snuggled up.

Oh, now everyone is going to start giving tips and behaving like Shahid is suffocating his child. He knows what he's doing, shut up.

How she is gonna breath.Her face is covered so badly

Can the baby even breathe?

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