Kareena Kapoor Khan flaunts her 8-month baby bump like a boss for a photoshoot!

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Kareena Kapoor Khan is in the final trimester of her pregnancy as she is set to deliver her baby next month. This has not stopped the beautiful actor from working.

We got our hands on a photoshoot of Bebo's for a weekly magazine by a leading newspaper. The actor's cute baby bump and pregnancy glow in these photos are unmissable.

In one of the pictures, Kareena is seen dressed in a black T-shirt and track pants holding her bump so lovingly. In another one, the gorgeous actor is wearing a white maxi dress and looking into the lens intensely with a small smile and flaunting her bump and glow.

Hands down her best shoot ever, isn't it?


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Whats the big deal??? Smita Patil in Kasam Paida Karnewale ki,Hema Maliniin Meri Kahani Suno,Jaya Bacchan in Sholay,Juhi Chawla in Jankar Beats,acted in full fleged movies while they were pregnant. Kareena will do anything for publicity. She is not the first bolywood star to flaunt her pregnancy at all. She is the only one who is using it to stay in the limelight

Ethereal beauty

Glowing and slaying like always!!

Stuns me with her beauty each day

She never hid her serious relationships. As she felt content and commited. She is doing the same thing here. She is content. Why hide it. She isnt exactly "flaunting" her bump all the time.

Haters gonna hate, people are jealous of kareena coz everyone thought she'd leave Bollywood after marriage but she remained top actress and now pregnancy, after 4 months she's shooting veeray di weeding and embracing pregnancy

Most beautiful woman in the world.

Pregnant and still very beautiful.#goals


A special one indeed

Bebo you beauty overload

This makes me so happy to see kareena expecting. God bless our bebo

I love how shez being a trendsetter but dont kill the vibe by flaunting too much!! and

Genelia also had photo's taken like this during pregnancy, but with her hubby.


Kapoor Khan is on his/her way !!

She isn't acting like the first mother. She's simply the first A-list actress to allow her pregnancy itself to be in the spotlight. In that sense she is a trail blazer. In the future you'll see that the PC's, DPads and other younger stars like Alia, Parineeti and basically all young actresses will also celebrate their pregnancies in the media simply because it's already been done by Kareena, moreover its an excellent way of staying in the news and maintaining the longevity of one's career. Credit where it's due, i've never seen a mainstream bollywood star share their pregnancy so openly before, Konkona Sen had a preganncy photo shoot as did Tara SHarma but they weren't mainstream. Aishwarya purposefully hid her condition as did Rani and yesteryear actresses like Karishma, Madhuri and Sri Devi.

She is the queen

i love that she doesnt hide her baby bump but shows it proudly! i dont get why (for example) aish was hiding it all the time. I mean its a beautiful thing and theres nothing to hide

yes- its a girl


A lot of people refuse to flaunt their baby bump or talk about their pregnancy because of an 'evil eye' - Nazar(Their families wouldn't allow it!). I did not post any pictures of myself when I was pregnant on Facebook or my snapchat. It's really private to me, not because I am embarrassed of how I look. Kareena is the first actress to be doing this so she is going to get some flak but I find that this is better than actresses hiding and not talking about their pregnancy at all. She has always been open about her relationships so I am not surprised she is being open about her pregnancy as well.

Anyways, she looks great!

I love these pics , I wish more actresses were like this when they're pregnant . Why hide away, pregnancy is a beautiful natural thing. Why should having kids kill an actresses career . I'm so proud of kareena doing this. Even after marriage when people told her her career would be over she's still remained on top and now having a kid she will still carry on being the queen . She's opening door for actresses right now for the ones that are present and the younger ones to come

OMG this woman is everything

she is glowing.

are they going to live broadcast her delivery too? that is also normal ha ?

Look at the size of those jugs ! Saif is going to have a wonderful time ;)

Obsessed with her

Kreena- pl deliver the baby and be quite. you are carrying the baby and we are having the pain why ? It is women's job to deliver the baby, no big deal here.

She's the first Indian celebrity who is flaunting her baby bump in a photoshoot I'm so proud of her love you bebo

She's acting as if she's the first woman ever to give birth. And PV will not be posting this since they're so biased for her.

She's the first mainstream actress who isn't ashamed of her body during pregnancy and been hiding like others inside the house for almost two years before coming out.

Such a beautitul mother to be! Bless her!

They say when you glow so much it will be a girl... just guessing

Veeray do weeding got delayed coz she wasn't unable to get insurance. She's trendsetter all haters will have bad time coz this superstar is trendsetter

Insurance is just an excuse.. She lied about shooting during pregnancy to be considered better than others.

She is better than cunning and oversmart others.

Those adjectives suit Kareena more.

No "Saifu?"

Okay. Looking at.... It's a boy.

Beautiful. I pray you have a healthy baby without any complications.

The baby is lucky

She's beautiful...

Where are all those people who were saying that she is faking pregnancy. Sick..

Good question

Absolutely stunning

This is the best anyone has looked pregnant

Why is she not shooting for Veere Di Wedding during pregnancy?? Trendsetter huh??

Attention seeker!

I say it's a BOY

she looks amazzzzzzzzzzzingggggggggggg

Queen of Bollywood forever there's some aura of megastar around her. Slaying like boss bebo is unstoppable

beauty personified

Cried looking at this.so beautiful

She is gonna have a damn gorgeous child

I mean how does she look this good at 8 months

Heard of the hair and makeup team? Add to it this is a photoshoot..they can make anybody look pretty!!

She never needed makeup. She makes most of her appearances without makeup (including films) and we can all see that her skin is flawless :)


This is so beautiful

So stunninggg
Such a beautiful pregnancy shoot!

I'm not a mother, but I am fully aware that pregnancy is a normal way of life.. Flaunting is the wrong word to use I must say

I may be crazy but I found her more beautiful than before!

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