SRK is greeted by Salman at his house as they hug it out!

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It was a starry affair as Salman hosted a party at his residence, Galaxy Apartments. 

The most awaited guest had to be Shah Rukh Khan. The actor was seen inside his car before being greeted by Sallu outside the house. The two shared a candid conversation and were see hugging too. 

Amongst the others who attended were family members Sohail Khan, Alvira Agnihotri with husband Atul Agnihotri. Friends Suniel Shetty, Sajid Nadiadwala, Sooraj Pancholi and Niketan Madhok graced their presence too. 
Now, that is a bromance we can totally get behind!


SRK eat something and look healthy please..

This is nice. Being friends is better than being enemies.

Does SRK ever have a bad hair day!! Just perfect all the time!! XO

SRK looks like he is working/playing too hard....

SRK has such a rocking life!!!

SRK and Salman...such sweet friendship. Aamir see good hearted people.

Why bring Aamir into this? Aamir is his own man, has his own friends and family for support, does not need these two Khans to survive.

SRK lives as a single father nowadays. Just travel with his kids or to see them and other time he is just seeing alone in stuff and all. Guess affairs news with other women are true after all.

Wishing srk and his film all the very best.

we dont care about those oldy , when they fight india care about that like the world will end and we should do the same when they patch up , it's over and they should retire we want rabnir and ranveer

it's over in your head, the rest of the world spend 640 crores gross on Sultan and Dear Zindigi is marching towards 200 crores gross. This is entertainment business and not an office job where you have an option of retiring cuz someone else has been trained to take your seat. Who is going to earn that many crores and pay studio bills and salaries of millions associated with Bollywood around the world? Ranbir and Ranveer have to knock them out of stardom in order to take their spots but they have failed miserably. It's been 11 years and both are still in the category of " future superstars" meaning they ain't got it !! Check out the career graph of SRK. Within 3 years of his debut he went to number 1 spot and has held his position for 20 effing years. He is still number 1 in overseas box office.

If you don't care then why are you here?

He/she/it is here to vent out the frustration.hehehhehe

Both SRK and Gauri need to cut down on their work and try to have some private life. Working too much does not make some one great,of course when they to charity work then it is good, other wise they should now balance work and living life together. They have both achieved alot in their respective field, SRK is a super star and Gauri brought up two lovely teenagers and has her design work, now they should enjoy Abram.
Any one who over does something has consequences, so SRK should really slow down, he looks like a overworked construction worker.

Gauri doesn't work. She just buy stuff with the husband's name and money. Check your facts right.

SRK needs to stop racing with time.., where as time is following salman.

How does SRK operate, does he even have a sense of day and night?
He was in LA then New York yesterday and then at Salman's party at night he needs to slow down a bit.

SRK is in India already!! I thought he is still in US!! Damn he flys from country to another all the time!

When will we get over their friendship? If they fight at this age, I swear I will punch them both lol

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