This throwback picture of Mira Rajput will give you immense fitness goals!

4 years ago  |  16.8M
Shahid Kapoor's wife Mira Rajput Kapoor recently gave birth to a baby girl - Misha Kapoor. Recent pictures of hers showcase how she is already in the process of losing weight and going back to be fit. 
We came across a throwback picture of Mira where she is seen performing aerial yoga, looking slim and fit. She is seen in a black tank top and cargo leggings. 
Getting inspiration from hubby dearest, Shahid maybe!?
Doesn't she look perfect? Major fitness goals, indeed!

Anonymous : She is getting this much attention because Shahid wants her to get this attention. There is no other reason are pictures are being posted here.
REPLY 10 4 years ago
Anonymous : Lol...height of vehlapanti. Todays youth are so out of good things to do that they start fabclubs of anyone.
REPLY 8 4 years ago
Anonymous : Aerial yoga is not a true yoga form, rather a gymnastic work.
REPLY 9 4 years ago
Anonymous : why is this news though?
REPLY 12 4 years ago
Anonymous : Okay need to chill. I get that she's a wife of an actor but why is she getting so much fame and attention? Other spouses of actresses and actors don't get this much attention - and even getting on Koffee with Karan??? Really now?
REPLY 30 4 years ago
Anonymous : mira kapoor fanclub? seriously?
REPLY 28 4 years ago
Anonymous : Mira Kapoor/Rajput will never be Priyanka/Kareena , paid fan club can happen, real popularity will never come as Mira has no talent.
REPLY 23 4 years ago
Anonymous : This is an old pic right!!
REPLY 11 4 years ago
Anonymous : Mira Kapoor fanclub?!?!?!?!?! What even...
REPLY 46 4 years ago
Anonymous : We get it, she used to be slim. Don't worry she'll back in no time. We all know you're overseeing the weightloss Shahid.
REPLY 54 4 years ago
Anonymous : Calm down. He's into fitness, but that doesn't mean he's starving his wife (who he speaks highly of).
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REPLY 33 4 years ago
Anonymous : Wow!it must be tough to do that! She looks fit
REPLY 17 4 years ago
Anonymous : Yoga language it's called rope yoga. Very auspicious yog.
REPLY 25 4 years ago
Anonymous : which yoga is this?
REPLY 23 4 years ago
Anonymous : Its called aerial yoga...she seems quite impressive!
REPLY 36 4 years ago
REPLY 29 4 years ago
Anonymous : this seems to be at anushka yoga mumbai.
REPLY 8 4 years ago
Anonymous : Wow! She looks fab. Go girl!
REPLY 38 4 years ago