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This pic of a struggler Deepika at Anupam Kher’s acting school will inspire you!

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We do know that Deepika Padukone made her big B-town debut with the blockbuster film Om Shanti Om in 2007 but here is a little trivia about her struggling days that not many are aware of.

The Bajirao Mastani star was a student at Anupam Kher’s acting academy ‘Anupam Kher’s actor prepares’ for four months before she signed her first hit opposite Shah Rukh.

A collage of pics from her acting school days have recently appeared on the Internet and has the beautiful actress getting clicked with her bunch of buds and teachers.

From her step in Bollywood to now her Hollywood venture, Deepika has definitely come a long way.


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She shud do nagini 3

She looked totally different then. But she looked happy with Nihar

Why she looks like snake ?

These people complaining about her skin color, where were you when she returned tanned and dark after her Maldives vacation last year? You were making fun of her tanned skin then and she was not afraid of showing off her dark skin!
Her skin color is medium brown and with make up it looks fair and medium tone depending on the light. Why don't you try on some make up and look at the pictures yourself if you haven't already! Why so much hate on her when Sonam is the one who is white painting herself all the time? Find some other reason to hate her

I like Deepika, Kangana and Sonam!! Spread positivity guys, not hate! All 3 are QUEENS.

This picture colors are turned into orangish hue meaning either one or few people have very dark skin.

I love PC because she is not ashamed of her dusky color , she proudly present as she is beautiful and confident . Deepika is a jealous human being she always follow others , yes she is still dusky but puts a lot of makeup to look fair in award functions . Its okay if anyone wants to be fair because celebs endorse beauty products, but what message she is giving to her fans ?

DP fans are insecure and jealous of other successful actresses as they never take names of PC , Kareena who won more awards than Deepika and are much popular in their long careers after Madhuri , Sridevi & Kajol but they are always keen to take name of Aishwarya because she is not in race now and her career is very average , most importantly not a threat to Deepika . She is very overrated and i am not joking but i find Sonam Kapoor more talented than Deepika , give her more projects like Neerja and see .

Siddharth Mallya and Deepika were almost engaged . I saw their pictures too in a temple together with Mr Vijay . I am not sure about Yuvraj he came before or after ?Uff , i am so confused among these 7 people

her skin was waaaay more darker, and why is she suddenly so white? i mean what is wrong with having a dark skin?

She feels jealous watching white actresses may be and she is still dark , she uses makeup and her photo shoots are edited. There is no problem in having dusky skin but there are some people who wants to look fair

DP fans are taking Lux soap advertisements and awards too seriously , calling her iconic and comparing her with Madhuri & Sridevi because they all were there with Deepika . Okay she is good , but only after Sonam who is underrated

How to be successful career in Bollywood pls learn from Deepika she uses her affairs boyfriends to be in a news.

If she got her first movie in 4 months, I'd hardly call that struggling.

lollll genuinely wish i could see what her fans see. she literally looks like a gremlin

She is still a struggling actress if you take her out from SLB movies . DP is not getting any movies outside and even if she gets , it collects hardly 30-35 crores with small actors

there is a television actress too I think. Currently she is in CID, looks quite similar. standing next to Deepika in the 1st pic.

she looked better before her nose job when she was a struggling actress.

She is still a struggling actress , her movies never works most of the time outside SLB camp

Sleeping your way to the top since day 1 :)

Lol she was 17 years old and had a boyfriend then. Idiots on here think that you can only ever have one BF and love him for the rest of your life. People grow up and move on that is the reality. Life is not a Bollywood movie where you can only love once. Such immature people. If it was the way around that Nihir was more successful than DP he would have left her too.

Actually DP gets trolled because she once said "I don't date, its against Indian culture". Nobody is slut-shaming her, we're just calling her out on her lies.

She so stood out even then... future winners have a certain trend

From Nihar Pandaya to Ranveer Singh , there are 7 ladders and now she is successful

How is Nihar Pandya (who isn't a successful or famous celebrity himself) a ladder to anyone's success?! And Ranveer Singh's first movie with Deepika was in 2013 (at a point where Deepika was already a much bigger star than him).

In what way are these people linked to her success..She is no certain plastic actress who banks heavily and is nothing without her star BF's.Think sensibly before you post your nonsensical comment

Deepika is such an iconic actress after Sridevi, Madhuri, Kajol & Aish. She and Nihar Pandya look so cute :*

women say men can't handle a successful woman. but can a successful woman accept a less successful man?? Deepika: Hell to the NOOOOOOOO!!!!

dem eyebrows

She was only 17 at this time. Who thought that this girl will rule bollywood and one of the most popular actresses in Asia!! So proud.

The girl standing second from left in the first pic is Anaitha Nair of Chak De India fame

Awww she is now Queen for Bollywood. Suck it, haters!

The girl leaning on Deepika's back is so pretty.

wow she looks sooooo beautiful.....fake lenses every1 did during dat time

Is that her boyfriend Nihar something in that bottom picture with her?!

Lol the tacky fake contacts. So her nose changed, her skin color changed,

Fetus deepu was the cutest

Is that Nihar Pandey with her? ;)

none of those people are strugglers. they're all rich kids in uncle Anupam's school.

Deepika's hands around boyfriend Nihar Pandya

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