Pout n’ click: Deepika gets goofy as she gets clicked with Ruby Rose at London premiere of xXx!

Deepika turned up in a gorgeous red gown for the premiere of xXx: Return of Xander Cage. And while she was a pure delight to the shutterbugs, this pic of the lovely actress with co-star Ruby Rose is a gem.
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While we have seen for ourselves that Deepika and Vin Diesel share a great bond, it looks like the beautiful actress is also close to another co-star from her xXx squad.

A pic of the 31-year-old actress and Ruby Rose from xXx’s London premiere has recently surfaced on the Internet and it certainly talks volume about the beautiful relationship they share.

The click shows Ruby striking a perfect pose for the shutterbugs. On the other hand, Deepika can be seen pouting and getting goofy.

The third franchise of the action drama is helmed by D.J. Caruso and is slated for a January 14 release.

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wow ,the comments against Deepika on this site! im not a Deepika fan myself, find her a bit irritating,but you gotta give it to her: she is beautiful, she has a gorgeous face and cheekbones. People in the West love these exotic women, just read the comments section on the Daily Mail about this event, people go gaga over Deepika and how beautiful she is. PV post this

why lie? she didn't even get top billing. "Vin Diesel makes an explosive arrival to the xXx: Return of Xander Cage London premiere in a helicopter as glamorous leading ladies Ruby Rose and Nina Dobrev storm the red carpet"

nina got a separate post as well.

no that's deepika fans spamming. she's cute and girl next door pretty but not exceptionally beautiful

I like her, but DP is trying to hard.

Ruby Rose does not look impressed.

Our girls are way more prettier than Hollywood girls but we will not accept as for us anything western is like "god"

There is absolutely zero international coverage of all her recent appearances - Mexico, Golden Globes or London. Barring her 2 second appearance on EMVA where she was labelled Bollywood Blunder, all this styling and pics are only on her Instagram and Indian media...Is she pitching herself too hard to be taken as a Hollywood Diva?


And failing badly at it too. While Priyanka is hobnobbing with the A-list of Hollywood, Deepika is trying real hard to impress the Z-listers like Ruby Rose (who i haven't even heard of) and Nina (who was popular for 5 sec while she was on VD).

C-O-P-Y-C-A-T .... dP hire new PR.... they r just copying PC's work.... we just saw ditto pic of PC at golden globe !!!!

Deepika looks like a typical Bollywood girl with her bling bling earrings, while the other girl looks like true rock diva.

Ruby's face is like, get away from me

Ruby is like "get away"

Why is she always trying so hard? I liked her so much before she turned into this attention seeker.

Why can't she be normal like Ruby Rose?

Deepika is trying too hard.

I liked her earlier, now she off putting.

Goofy indeed...no cute

What our Indians are doing? Americans don't like to be touched and indulge into coochie coo acting. They keep distance!

lol. Ruby is not American..she's an Aussie.

She's breathtakingly beautiful... Love her loads

She is trying way too hard.. and is it me, or is she trying to copy Priyanka? :\ Just be yourself..

Gosh these girls are lovely!

Love DP but this makeup isnt doing her beauty any justice

Deepika's eyes

Ruby looks better

Hahah ruby looks like she'd rather be anywhere else

How imaginative

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