Deepika Padukone and Vin Diesel receive grand welcome at the Mumbai airport!

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Deepika Padukone is finally back to the bay after attending the grand premiere of her big Hollywood debut xXx: Return of Xander Cage in Mexico City and London. And guess who's accompanied her here? It's none other than her hot co-star Vin Diesel. 

Vin has come to the country for the film's premiere in the city. Deepika, yesterday posted pictures on her Instagram indicating she will be reaching Mumbai anytime soon. And now the amazing duo has reached here finally. 

We got our hands on some pictures where Vin received a grand and warm welcome at the Mumbai airport. He looked handsome as ever in grey T-shirt with white pants. Whereas DP sported an uber cool look wearing a black ganji with leather jacket teamed up with jeggings and pointed heels. She finished her amazing look with a pair of round sunglasses. 

Both Vin and Deepika were seen walking hand in hand when they received a huge welcome. They were all smiles for the shutterbugs. 

xXx : Return of Xander Cage is slated to release in India this week on January 14, 2017 a week before its US release.

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Another example of her over-enthu PR going over the top

Strange that they do all this drama but fail to put red dot on director's forehead and did it just on deepika's and vin's! Welcome everyone!!!

They put the red dot on Deepika and Vin's forehead but miss to welcome the director!! Strange!!! That ain't good welcome, all this drama and miss such things!!

This all tamasha is paid Deepika's chamchas.

Hi,from Siri Lanka,might watch it but more interested to see her next movie with slb

She's behaving like Queen of England has arrived!

omg another hollywood celeb coming to India for freebies. In addition watch how everyone treats him like king! Yet when a Big B or any actor from India goes to Hollywood, No one gives any attention! When will these people learn? Ok lets give him some snake charmers, elephant rides and magic carpets that he must have dreamt about india too! Next!

How come she is fairer than him now...? Or is it me?


too many pa keys here just to bash ind ya waale, get a life you lot

be nicing is good.. and good hospitality is also great.. But this is from an Non indian - why do you indians treat others (especially) white people like superior to you guys..!!! treat your own ( the poor people especially) badly!!!

Looks like tamasha...seriously

I actually liked it a lot !! Although yes I wish that more deserving people get welcomed this way but I'm sure that not everyone has the money for it..

Haha! XXX mania !!!

How nice. Indian hospitality at its best.

Deepika was having her normal skin tone abroad.. when its India, she is dipped in white paint.. she looks fairer than vin diesel!

If only we welcomed our olympics winners like this... it's people like deepika padukone who when in a position to make a difference do ridiculous things like this. She has fallen many times. My choice video, stupid wtf statements and now this. Have some class deepika your actions always have contradicted with your words!!

But they did welcome Olympic winners like this or better. I dont care about XXX or Deepika.. but just wanted to point out.

bleach bleach bleach

Ladies on bike looked super cool!!

HAHA, good effort by the team!

Deepika's team arranged for that grand welcome

At least they could have done something better about the security! this s warm and crazy welcome for Vin! i can not imagine what he will be going through with the journalists


Exactly my thought!

Deepika, you are overdoing it........Geeezzzzz, this is embarrassing, paying all those people to welcome him as if he is some national guest....

I noticed that PC paid PR repeats same comments on all DP least be innovative if you want to sound real!

If that incident with the Brazilian interviewer had not happened I might actually say, oh, look, Vin Diesel in India. Now I'm like pass the seltzer.

This is so funny

He is not a "national" guest.. He came to promote his movie, as the producers' guest.. Obviously these people were hired by the producers..

He is not a "national" guest.. He came to promote his movie, as the producers' guest.. Obviously these people were hired by the producers..

It was not needed

Hopefully this is just a beginning and there are better things in store for Indian movie business....we should all be happy to for any revenue that is being generated!

Only Indians will do a puja of a gora man coming to India to sell his movie to them. Ugh.

Deepika is more prominent in hollywood movie promotion than priyanka. she is doing just like an actress, but priyanka is flying like a bee with no purpose.

Movie dates. Baywatch is in May. This movie is practically now. Comparisons in promotional activities are irrelevant.

dont worry man .your mata ji dp cannot meet with pc.i love priyanka after watching her interviews and success through out the world.i love kat also

It's just Vin Diesel. lol rexlax

yes but someone has to be first na...dont worry the Rocks and precious hollywood "diamonds" will follow :)

Sort of like a warm-up act before the Real Deal comes on stage and the crowd goes wild. May, dude. Waiting for May.

Lol so dumb

This is so weird

Please learn to be happy for others, sometimes it does not kill

You said it, I do not understand this hate for Deepika on Pinkvilla.. It is really sad how people are full of hate and negativity, why you can not be happy for everyone, all of them work hard for their films, if the story, direction is good, it will work.. just be happy for them..

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