Shahid-Mira attend Rangoon's screening with dad Pankaj, Saif-Kangana conspicuous by their absence!

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Rangoon, helmed by Vishal Bhardwaj, is based on the era of the 40s, with the predominant angle of love and war. The film stars Shahid Kapoor, Kangana Ranaut and Saif Ali Khan in the lead roles.

Ahead of its release, a private screening was held by the makers of the film, to gauge the reactions. Spotted at the same were, Shahid accompanied by wife Mira Rajput and father Pankaj Kapoor. Vishal was seen with wife Rekha Bhardwaj and producer Sajid Nadiadwala with his wife Wardha.

However, Rangoon's other two lead actors Saif and Kangana were missing from the screening. 

Shahid arrived with Mira and dad Pankaj in the same car and addressed the pappz together. 

Rangoon is slated for a February 24, 2017 release. 

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Kangana is in the US filming and Saif was probably at home with his wife and new baby as he is also flying out soon. No big drama here.

Is that Ayesha Jhulka in black

Well it was always going to be awkward with Saif & Shahid. Sharing screen space must have been more than enough. Not really surprised he didn't show up with Kareena in tow.

There is something really bad about Shahid's personality that almost all his co-actors avoid him. It is Kangana's movie and then Shahid and Saif but both Kangana and Saif were absent on all events about this movie but Shahid's irrelevent wife has been in all those events. It is really strange.

perfectly echoed my sentiments. he seems to have problems with all his co actors/directors/producers and so on. he dropped out of shudh desi romance. he even has had problems with vishal bhardawaj. and kangana is actually the lead role but it is being hijacked by shahid and his 'i-live-for-attention' wife.

he is a very insecure guy

Poor Mira

Saif is too modern to watch hindi films. He appears in them to earn a living though.

Hahhaahahaha wait hold up. Shahid took his dad n his new wife to rangoon screening in which there is scene of him and kangana making out topless on a beach! Why would he do that? Either you bring more ppl with u or just w your housewife.. not her n her sasurji to make both feel awkward lmfao. This is the time when a classmate of mine went to see borat with his mom and was embarassed n awkward during the whole movie ^.^

bahan/bhai they r all actors(except his wife) and understand that its part of job. Chill

Um, what? He's an actor

Beti already saw the film awhile ago. Did people already forget the article about Vishal could be Guru Dutt compliment?? She's looking forward to the release. Vishal is only showing it to his near and dear ones. Don't expect typical promotions from him. They're a waste of money, if everything is dependent on WOM. Hope they release the film at film festivals first.

Why i love VB.

screening one month before release??

im sure Shahid made sure that Kangana and Saif are not invited. Deep in his heart he s a jealous guy. No wonder Bebo left him.

Now if saif and kangana are missing how is this shahid fault? This infact shows shahid is secure and have no problem. The one who are absent go inquire with them.

They can go to parties but not a make or bewk film for saif.

Saif and Kangana were missing from the first group picture too..

Kangy be like I'm so done with this character and Rangoon..

Good for them :)

Rangoon's promotions r going really weird. Idk what to think

Because you got conditioned by old ways.

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