Priyanka Chopra hangs out with The Rock and daughter Simone, Tom Hanks and Jennifer Lopez in this epic picture!

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Priyanka Chopra surely had the time of her life when she was at the People's Choice Awards last night. Not only did she bring her A-game to the red carpet in her Sally LaPointe attire but she also won her second PCA for the Favourite Dramatic actress for Quantico. 
Priyanka's Baywatch co-star Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson was also present at the Award show with his daughter Simone. He met up with PeeCee and they were joined by Oscar winner Tom Hanks and Jennifer Lopez. 

The five posed for an epic picture which was shared by Priyanka.

Her caption reads, "Beautiful evening with beautiful people! Congrats @therock @jlo @tomhanks on your amazing wins! Awesome to meet you @simonegjohnson you looked lovely! Thx for the tip #PCAs".
Squad goals, indeed! 


Priyanka is gorgeous! Congrats Winners

Oh Lord !!!! That belly

She's the only one looking at this camera like a certain someone.

PC is so pretty

Priyanka looks so cute! I love that peach colour on her!

So much of talent and beauty in just one pic..Congrats to the winners.

priyanka looks super doper cute

why does she always pose like that? is that her best side?

she only has a couple more years then she'll marry and have babies....she is starting to look aged

And what is wrong in that? That's nature right?

Wise decision by Dwaynes wife to send the daughter with him. Near Priyanka no married is safe. Seems meanwhile the Hollywood wives already know this also.

So this was the pic Jennifer cropped miss fatness Urbashi...I mean PC out from? lolololol

Jlo Posted Different photo she not cropped pc and simon soooo relax people

Congrats winners!!!

Pc and simon looks lovely ❤️

priyanka looks so cute

Priyanka looking da best...

awww that's sweet! ❤ so glad Priyanka won her second PCA yesterday! So proud!

Hats off to the Rock for taking his daughter. She seems like a lovely person, like her Dad. Happy to feel the good vibes.

Priyanka looks younger than The Rock's 15 year old daughter lol

Give me your address. Then I'll send you a pair of glasses.

Awww all the winners back stage

Epic pic

Simone dressed up as Alex Parrish this year for Halloween! So glad Priyanka and her finally met! She's a big fan of PC and Quantico!

Check out PC's tummy. Time to hit the gym miss burgers

JLo cropped PC out when she posted this photo HAHAHAHAH

Tom Hanks is cut out from the People's Choice Instagram story version of this pic. There was so many cameras on them that no one really got a good pic

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