Ex-girlfriend Freida Pinto sends across loving wishes to Dev Patel on his Oscar nomination!

Dev Patel won an Oscar nomination for his movie Lion. Ex-girlfriend Freida Pinto took to Instagram to congratulate him.
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Dev Patel is flying high after he got nominated for the very prestigious Oscar Awards, for the movie Lion. Dev was nominated in the Best Supporting Actor category and the young actor is thrilled about it. 

Dev released a statement saying, "Ok, so I just received a call to say that I've been nominated for an Academy Award. To be totally honest, the news hasn't made it's way into my brain yet, but I'm looking at these beautiful smiling faces around me... Faces of the ones I love. And I feel an overwhelming sense of gratitude. What makes this moment so much more poignant is that I've just wrapped shooting another film in India. This enthralling country holds such a deep place in my heart, and it is where Saroo's journey was born. This film would be nothing without Garth Davis. Without his love, commitment and vision this "Lion" wouldn't have been able to roar. To that extent I want to share this incredible feeling with Luke, Grieg, Jenny Kent, Iain, Angie, Emile, Sunny, Nicole, David, Rooney, Divian, Priyanka, the Brierley family as well as the Weinstein Co team. Lion reaffirms the message that love is not dictated by the color of your skin, not by race, gender, sexuality, social status, or origin. It is a message I am proud to be spreading during these uncertain times. This will forever be one of the most memorable experiences of my life."

Dev's ex-girlfriend Freida took to Instagram to wish Dev on this achievement. She wrote, "So proud of you, Dev! A fine example of what hardwork, focus, humility and crazy amazing talent rewards one with .Long time coming, so well deserved! @lionmov @theacademy #Oscars2017 #OscarNominations2017 #bestactorinasupportingrole."


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Dev Patel has a very bright future. This is just the beginning! He will win many Oscars and make us proud!

His drama teacher Niamh Wright has stated: "Dev was a gifted student who quickly impressed me with his innate ability to communicate a wide variety of characters imaginatively and creatively. He was awarded full marks for his GCSE performance to a live audience and the visiting examiner was moved to tears by his honest portrayal".

He was on Kimmel or some late show promoting Slumdog and he was so funny and charming. Can totally see why Freida felll for him then.

You guys look great together. Aiways be good to each other.

Good Luck ! I hope you win.....will be watching

Congratulations Dev ! .......from a caribbean fan

this guy is so humble and insightful, these BW celebrities should learn a thing or two from him

I taught him well

Congratulations Dev. Hope you win.

SOOOOOO...proud of Dev Patel ! You go bro !!

That was sweet of her. Love them both.

I am doing my happy dance! Yay!! Love Dev Patel, making us proud (us people of Indian decent who belong nowhere according to may here).

they are both such beautiful people..mature, wise, introspective. real role models.

Aww.....Jamal and Latika !
I have always liked Dev. I knew one day that inner beauty would mature and now he's become such an attractive soulful man ! I am so happy he's been nominated.

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