Pic Alert! Sussanne hugs ex-hubby Hrithik, goes gaga over his performance in Kaabil

In SRK's Raees vs Hrithik Roshan's Kaabil's clash, the latter actor's ex-wife Sussanne Khan is supporting HR. The two are often seen together, fuelling the rumours of their reconciliation post-divorce.
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Ex-couple Hrithik Roshan and Sussanne Khan's closeness can't be missed these days. Amidst the promotions of HR's recently released film - Kaabil, the two are often spotted together at various places. Be it the film's screening or private parties, HR-Sussanne are neither shying away from the pappz nor are hesitant to pose together. 

In the SRK's Raees vs HR's Kaabil clash, ex-wife Sussanne is standing with Hrithik. Every now and then, she is posting several pictures and posting positive feedback for her ex- hubby's film. 

Today, Sussanne Instagrammed a throwback picture where she can be seen hugging Hrithik. Also seen in the pic are Kaabil's director Sanjay Gupta and action director Shyam Kaushal. 

In the caption, she wrote,"One more behind the scenes hero of #kaabil the action scenes are poetry in motionShamji u are amazing Sham Kaushal #actionmaverick"

Sweet, indeed. 

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More promotion for Kaabil.

Hope they get back together

they are so together! body language evidence..

looks like they are getting together.

Nice being civil to each other for the sake of children but this is far beyond that.. Mind boggling..

Their relationship is weeeird. I know there's n textbook code for how exs should behave, but this is bizzaro. Their kids must be so confused.

Exactly, I think for both of them, their respective relationships outside of their marriage didn't work out.

Unlike Media speculation abt her and Rampal, they never had any relation outside marriage. Which is why they are able to be so close with no bitterness. Both are single n hv not started dating. I think she divorced in haste n ego.

what is going on?

are they hinting to something happier? if that happens, I will be very happy. God bless them. It's PR or not doesn't matter. I want them to be together.

She is lucky for him.. definitely!

Either it's for publicity or they're back together but whatever they are they are definitely NOT just friends, unless things have reallllyy moved beyond the point where they are more like family than ex lovers and spouses.

So cute...I recommend gauri to do the same formula...maybe srk will miss her and everything will be ok...

Something is off (or maybe on) about these recent pics. Whatever works for them :)

Seems to be for movie publicity. And if that is indeed the case- then these people are weird!

They look best together.

ex's who remain good friends dont pose like that.in every other picture unless there are sparks...shes practically latched onto him in most of the pics..there is def something brewing..susanne dsnt even seem the kinds to be interestd in watchig hindi bollywood films..it seems this is all for publicity &to garner his attention.

They r so together

this sudden closeness and publicly appearing everywhere just before the release of Kaabil looks like a pr move
anything to promote a movie

Well the entire world and critics are going gaga over hrithik performance. Calling his career best.

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Pinkvilla has updated its Privacy and Cookie policy. We use cookies to improve your experience on our site and show you Personalized advertisement