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Hrithik-Sussanne walk out hand-in-hand, BFF Preity joins them on a dinner outing!

Hrithik Roshan and his ex-wife Sussanne Khan were last night spotted at a dinner eatery. Together they made an exit, walking out hand-in-hand. The two were joined by Sussanne's BFF Preity Zinta as well.
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Love never fades away...And so is the case with Hrithik Roshan and his ex-wife Sussanne Khan. The childhood sweethearts, who got married in 2001, separated in 2014. The couple remained good friends post their amicable divorce and were often spotted holidaying with their kids together. 

Interestingly, in the last couple of months, both Hrithik-Sussanne have been spending a lot of quality time together. Since the promotions of HR's latest release Kaabil kickstarted, Sussanne has been by Hrithik's side, supporting his film in every which way. While gossipmongers reduced this camaraderie to a promotional stint, the duo proved it otherwise and how! 

Though their apparent and recent closeness did ignite the rumours of them getting back together, Hrithik refuted any such reports and stated clearly that reconciliation or remarriage is not on cards and he and Sussanne will always be the bestest of friends.  

Last night, the good-looking duo was spotted outside a suburban eatery in the city where they stunned the onlookers when the ex-couple made an exit together, hand-in-hand! The two were not alone and were joined by other friends, especially Sussanne's BFF Preity Zinta. Though, it was Hrithik-Sussanne who hogged all the limelight. 

Post partying hard, Sussanne made her exit with director Abhishek Kapoor and wife Pragya in their car, and not HR's...!

They say, a picture is worth a thousand words...

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Beautiful couple! :)

Negative comments in this article are by those who are after HR or are jealous of them both. Ignore them.

I dont blame her. I would NEVER let go of Hrithik if i was in her position.

Sussane is high on stuff

I hope Preity stays away from Suzanne. I know Suzanne has a massive substance abuse issue and Preity joined them also in the past. Bad group to hang out with.

they're doing it

I've never seen a divorced couple be this friendly with each other. Something is definitely up!

She looks heavily drunk in these pictures.

Why give importance to this cheater? Be strong suzzane

Poor Kangana.

Whatever, they are grown ups, if they wanna go the same route again then so be it.

They can't move on if they keep spending everyday with each other.

This has nothing to do with co-parenting, as they always say. Their children aren't even there. And they look awfully close to be 'just friends' too.

Gauri darling...watch and learn...

Hand-n-Hand tho?

i am confused, what about the shweta angle? are they no more together?

He never dated shweta. It was a lie spread by jealous kangana to defame him. I request you to respect a married woman. Shame on you.

Shweta has been separated from her husband for years its a known fact. Who are you her godmother?

When hv we seen HR with Shweta anywhere anytime? She is a Married woman with kids. Show some respect to women if not for the guy. And Sussanne is a close friend of her and posted pics of her and Shweta together.

It does look like he's not interested n Suzanne's hammered as usual.

Suzanne looks very inibniated.Have some class. It is sad how she is so drunk that she can hardly stand and needs to hold on to people. The last in the white shirt is holding her up as well.

Watever helps you get thru the day.

do dil mil rahe hai...magar..chupke chupke!! kangana koooo ho rahi hai...khabar..chupke chupke!!

It is only for PR? then Suzanne should not play along.. if it's for real then it's another thing....

Love them...They look so great togther...better than any star couple..

God bless them. Happy for their kids :)

she is the one forcing herself to him.

Yes kangana is forcing herself on hrithik when he is not interested. He loves suzzane.

No friend everything is happening after hrithik consent. You cant force anyone. Learn to be happy for otger happiness and success.

Do dil mil rahe hai...

Love them both! Jealous Haters can go to Hell.

Every other couple would make such a reuniting silent without any attention especially after making so many bad waves in media but these both make sure everyone recognize it so one can see it´s only PR for his movie.

Dear hater or kangana his film is out 20 days ago and its a hit. He is being praised by everyone for it. He i snot a user or money minded like you. He love suzzane and not that ow to use her for promotions. He is a superstar who gets attention in whatever he does. For that he doesnt need to bash and abuse some other. Got it . post it

Which couple reunite silently? even RK KAT reunite making a noise. He doesn't need to do anything for attention. He is a superstar and gets love and attention by all without doing anything. He didn't make any bad waves in media but some haters did,. His film come becomes a hot and he get praised. Stop being jelaous of superstar. you cant reach his position neither earn what he earns in this lifetime. post it please.

Ever heard of Paparazzi?

How embarrasing. I´m sure as long as he tries to make his cr... movie a hit as long will this f...reunion going.

so hrithik was lying when he said they are just friends, what a liar he is, anyway i like them together thought

Lie? didnt suzzane lie and said the same? He has a right to protect his life . Every star lie abot their private life.


that is not really hand in hand. more like hand in arm

Kuch tho chal raha hai Inn dono k beech me. Both look very happy in each others company.

Anil Kapoor once said that he still feels both will be back together. How right he was! Soul mates they are for sure.

Anil Kapoor once said that he still feels both will be back together. How right he was! Soul mates they are for sure.

She has been trying to get back to him way back in Oct last year. Not just now. She posted a couple pic of hers to wish Gauri Khan on her Bday

Speculations are rife bcoz unlike other divorced couples, both are still single n not ready to mingle.Even after 3 yrs.They r still standing by n committed to each other.

i love them . i bet they are giving another chance to each other. This is call true love.

The perfect couple !!


someones drunk

someones jealous ^

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