Oh la la! Sonam Kapoor looks ethereal in this photoshoot!

Sonam Kapoor looks lovely during a photo-shoot for a magazine.
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Sonam Kapoor is one of the most fashionable stars in Bollywood and she surely knows how to make heads turn. 

After basking in the glory of Neerja’s success, Sonam Kapoor is busy with her endorsement and promotional activities. She is clicked here during the cover shoot for one of the leading magazines and like always, the actress is looking her fashionable best. Turning up the heat, the actress is seen in an all-new glamorous avatar and we cannot stop but drool at these pictures.

Sonam’s photo shoot truly justifies the famous adage - "A picture is worth a thousand words". Truly so, Sonam looks a million bucks and we simply can’t get enough of the pictures. Looking exceptionally stylish, Sonam Kapoor is seen wearing a regal Indian attire and takes the oomph factor to an altogether different level. 

Sonam recently won the ‘Best Actress Award’ for Neerja, a movie which is close to Sonam’s heart. Neerja is directed by Ram Madhvani and the movie traces the journey of purser Neerja Bhanot, who saved 360 lives on board ahijacked Pan Am flight before laying down her. 

Recently, Sonam has been frequently traveling abroad and know why? We hear that the actress is gearing up to make her Hollywood debut as Sonam herself admitted to working out something in Hollywood, on the TV show Koffee With Karan

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I get it. She's very ordinary to begin with. Nothing wrong with that. But all this excessive make up makes her look worse.

Sonam has better photoshoots, here she seems uninterested plus bad make up which makes her look tired.

#Talentless #Nepotism #Brattish # SelfEntitled

She looks so tired, like she's hasn't slept properly in weeks. Must be bad makeup.

Sonam has a great career at being a walking clothes hanger.. other than that, she has great features but they don't DO anything for anyone if you know what I mean. You look at her and feel nothing, so you're like hm yea pretty girl but that's it. You don't fall in love with her or even think she's hot. You have to be one of the two as an actress.. either you should be the kind of girl everyone falls in love with or you have to be so sexy that people just want to be with you.

Speak for yourself. Plenty of us feel lots when looking at her. In fact, she's the most beautiful in the current lot and has a fantastic screen presence. That is why she made it so far despite her flops (no, it has nothing to do with her being a star kid. Star kids only get their first 2-3 chances, after that nobody will bet any money on them. That is why the likes of Esha Deol, Shamita Shetty, Tanisha Mukherjee, Uday Chopra, Zayed Khan, Fardeen Khan, etc. have all faded into oblivion).

You agree with me and you don't even realize it. You said you feel lots but then the only thing you could think of to say was that she's beautiful. That's my point people think she's pretty but you don't FEEL anything. You just casually observe that she's pretty.

Don't forget to add so is Abhishek....no one wants to see him on screen, has 0 screen presence...Sonam on the other hand not too bad....people will still watch her cause of her looks....she yet to be become the actress, but I am sure she will get there....don't know why she doesn't take really good acting classes....she can get there...and look wise, I do agree with you, I think she is the MOST beautiful in the current lot..I would put her and Deepika in the same box, some days I see Deepika being the prettiest, some days I find Sonam the prettiest, but honestly she has got THE MOST BEAUTIFUL smile where Deepika has got the most beautiful eyes....I think she will last, she won't go anywhere anytime soon...she is better than Abhishek and definitely not bad when compared to so many other star kids...and her attitude definitely has soften up...I always liked her.

She is pretty, and yes she has a beautiful smile.. but her sucky personality overshadows her looks, when she smiles you're just like oh god what annoying laugh and words are going to come out of your mouth.

Well its better than pretend to be who you are not. I now see why a lot of the bollywood girls dont like Deepika, she is very manipulative.

She looks incredible. She is the prettiest

She looks so tired all the time, I think it's her under eye circles. They have to really lighten her face to make her look like wide awake.


The prettiest

She is beautiful with good fashion sense. I like her films too. I hope that she wil be in industry for a long time.

She's as fake as her accent

Post Aish she is the only beauty

Don't know about ethereal but what's up with her hair?

Her beauty is so underrated.. undoubtedly one of the few most beautiful actresses in bollywood


Not even a fan of her, but she is the most beautiful of the actresses


Designer clothes doesnt make somebody beautiful.sonam has neither looks or class to boast about except a loud mouth.leave alone being called ethereal. Wht a joke .hahaha

I don't see 'ethereal'. I see 'boring'.

whom r u kidding.so vain she is

Sonam and her brother Harsh look so disinterested in their films and photoshoots. Their face looks so boring like someone forced them to do it. They better find alternative careers if they don't like what they do. They cannot express and always have some weird expressions which we cannot make out. In seducing and romantic poses also they look clueless and here too Sonam's face is emotionless.

HEART EYES. the true princess


She's soooo beautiful. Most beautiful of the actresses currently

Sometimes she is super white, sometimes super brown...will the real Sonam Kapoor please stand up...please stand up.

Ethereal?? No..no..Is-that-for-real???

She must stop acting and start POSING only. She is not fit to model also. She is only tall but expressionless face and broad shoulders !! She could start a new profession called POSING !! Hahahahahahhaa isko actor kaun banaya !!

Thats all she knows ! dress up, click pictures !! she could have become a model instead of an actress. Acting is not her cup of tea. She should change her profession! She is tall and slim and has a body of a model. but then she doesnt have an attitude of a model. she comes across as someone who is soo immature !!

Toatally 100% agree

stunning sonam

She is good.. but hair is bad

So beautiful! The only one I think is an absolute beauty from the current actresses

God NO!!

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Pinkvilla has updated its Privacy and Cookie policy. We use cookies to improve your experience on our site and show you Personalized advertisement