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Shahid Kapoor & Kangana Ranaut continue Rangoon promotions in New Delhi

Shahid Kapoor and Kangana Ranaut promoted their movie Rangoon in the capital city today.
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I don’t know about you but we are sure grabbing for our blankets to keep us warm in what has been a sudden cold blast of icy weather in New Delhi today! The rumoured cold war between Shahid and Kangana has been felt more and more as they have continued to promote the film together. Despite this, they both made a stylish appearance today in New Delhi with Shahid sporting a casual yet trendy look and Kangana looking as high fashion as ever in a pinstriped three piece suit consisting of a jacket, pants and a sultry matching bustier. She finished off the look with a striking red lip and totally nailed the sexy yet sophisticated look. They both seemed to be in a serious mood (I wonder why?!) with neither raising a smile for the cameras!

With Rangoon due to release at the end of the week, the lead stars have been trying to do their bit by putting their grievances aside in an effort to increase interest in the film which also stars Saif Ali Khan. Whilst Saif has been his diplomatic self through out interactions steering clear of controversies, both Shahid and Kangana haven’t been shy about voicing their feelings towards each other. They have been taking constant pot shots at one another with Kangana going so far as to say sharing a cottage with Shahid during the shoot of the film was a nightmare. She also stated that Shahid had told her that his runny nose would help keep his moustache set. Shahid responded to such claims by saying that Kangana had a vivid imagination and made things up in her head! 

Rangoon is a period film set during World War II and is being directed by Vishal Bhardwaj. Here’s hoping the film shares a warmer rapport with the audience than the two lead stars share with one another!

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bebo protect saifu...kangy can move to the attack ...kidding!

I think in a strange way they love to get on each other's nerves. But they are not throwing attitude and still kudos to them.

lol poor they - they must be tierd

Almost at the end of this shahid. Hold on a bit longer.

I wonder if Mira got upset when Kangana held onto Shahid leg for support during the excessive she seriously cried out laughing

Shahid... you'll have a great time with Deepika. She will shower you with all the attention and hugs during promotion. Only 2 more days!!

yeah she will also say that they would have beautiful kids.

Boring Shahid....

Shahid needs to grow up..

Kangana makes Shahid look and sound like a wannabe. Hard to believe she's 6 years younger.

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