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Kangana Ranaut: People mistake my genuine dislike for them as arrogance

Kangana Ranaut, in a recent interview, said that she is not afraid of losing out and constantly tries to move on.
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Although Kangana Ranaut’s latest release, Rangoon, may have underperformed at the box office, but unfazed by the failure, the actress strives to move on. Known for her refreshing frankness and over-the-top interviews, recently, in an interview, the actress reinstated the fact that she does not fear failure and is here to do business.  

In an interview to a leading daily, Kangana was quoted as saying, “I don’t fear losing out. I constantly try and move on. If you don’t move on, you lose out. One needs to know the trick to move on to see the constant growth. That is what my endeavour is. I know it is not possible that I will always succeed in whatever I do. But it is all right.”

We all know how the National award-winning actress is, invariably, in news for her in-the-face statements and when asked about it, the actress said, “People mistake my introvert nature or my genuine disliking for them as arrogance. It’s taken for granted that women should be receptive of whatever and whosoever comes to their way. But there is a possibility that she is genuinely disinterested and wants to be in her shell,” adding, “It’s just that I don’t waste time on equations that are not going anywhere or don’t add to my life in any way. It will be a waste of time.”

Although the actress has time and again proved her acting talent, she is always mired in controversies. After her tiff with Shahid Kapoor going public, Kangana was attacked by Shekhar Suman on social media and thereafter, Karan Johar reacted to Kangana’s statement that he is the ‘flag bearer of nepotism’, and said, “She was my guest and I had to hear what she said. She has the right to have an opinion but when she says ‘flag bearer of nepotism’, what I want to say is I don’t think she has understood the entirety of that statement because what is nepotism? Am I working with my son, daughter or nephew? What about those 15 film makers who are not for the film industry?”, adding, “I am done with Kangana playing the woman card and the victim card. You can’t be a victim at every point of time who has a sad story to say as to how you have been terrorized by the bad world of industry.”

But amid all the brouhaha, Kangana, smilingly, finds her way out and surprises us with her blockbuster movies. So, more power to you, Miss Ranaut and on the eve of International Women’s Day, we hope that you continue to enthrall your fans with your acting prowess.  

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I was shocked at how unprofessional she was when she spoke ill of Shahid just before Rangoon was released!!! It is a romantic movie for godssake!! What was she thinking, when she said that kissing Shahid was such a matter how immensely talented you are, you DO NOT do something as unprofessional as that! There is tons of money that producers have riding on that movie, and then the lead actress goes and scorns her hero just before the movie is released...I am speechless...GROW UP Kangana..You are living in the the 21st century even 10 year olds are more mature than that..

I cant help being amused by her statements. She is one of a kind in this industry.

And her blockbster movies are? Queen was hit , Tanu we'd Manu was above average only Tanu wed Manu returns is a blockbuster film! Even Vidya has better record than her!!

There's no deny that she is supremely talented! If the film does not work it's not her fault or problem! She's here to act and I say she does that just fine! Maybe th finest!!

I loved a comment I read here - people don't hate Kangana because she is a woman. They hate her because she is a handful

Sums it up beautifully!

Pretty sure that dislike is mutual.

kangana ranaut is very talented, no doubt. but she is obnoxious and it shows time & again in her actions & speech. whether u like it or not, show business is a place where ppl have to kiss a s s till they work themselves to a point where they no longer have to and even when they get there, it's very important to not sever bonds cos even the top star gets bad mojo sometimes & that's where good graces come in their defense.
karan johar has shown favoritism many times but never nepotism, favoritism is "u got the it-quality, i like u" eg: alia bhatt, nepotism is "i dont care if u're good or not, u're my person & u want the job, u got the job" eg: uday chopra. and the ppl karan promotes always deliver, his money is his and if he chooses to launch stars, give them mass appeal to sell his films & make even more money, that's his choice & a smart one at that.
yes, there is sexism in the world, no, ppl dont hate kangana cos she's a woman, but ppl hate kangana cos she's a handful. what was she thinking talking down on her co-star/love interest in a film shahid, just weeks before the film release? how unprofessional! just grin & bear it, show up on the red carpet and act like you're such good friends whatever will u do without each other & speak your mind after the film has taken off successfully,
talent alone is not enough to make u a star, u need tact, katrina kaif survived this industry with that alone, no talent, can't even speak the language but made the friends that mattered as far as her career is concerned, tried to be a kapoor too, failed but she tried(rk is no prize anyways), saved her friendship with salman for a rainy day, joined social media when her career became shaky to grow her fan base. if kangana had katrina's tact + her own established talent?? she'd be box office queen.
karan said if she doesnt like the way things work in bollywood, she should leave. um? yeah? if u cant take the heat get out of the kitchen. there's no show like show-business, it's a superficial place. you get in & dont wanna conform, fake smiles & friendships, that's very ok, but to complain about not being treated like those who conform is just stupid, BELONG AND BE ONE OF US OR GET OUT is like the motto of showbiz everywhere even in hollywood. a-listers party with fellow a-listers, b-listers party with fellow b-listers, plastic surgery is a leisure activity, earning a million dollars in a year is just unfortunate, there's no such thing as too many divorces, no democracy only aristocracy, this is a very superficial dog-eat-dog place where many ppl cant survive cos it can get really toxic so if u're lucky to get in and dont like it, just leave. kangana, get a better manager or PR to control your image & actually listen to them, stop burning bridges! PINKVILLA, pls post this.

I think she is talking about that insecure and kiddish shahid kapoor

haha.. well said kangana! its absolutely fine to not click with people and be honest about it. in the long run, it wont matter as long as u treat everyone with basic civil courtesy- which i think you do, and find enought people u like to work with - which i guess you do as well.
i dont buy the bullshit that karan, roshans, sumans, pancholis throw at you- i dont give "2 Rs" about any of them! you go, girl!

Quote of the decade man!!! A sixer !

She's a survivor!

Most quarrelsome and negative person i hv ever seen.She is a dark soul. No one her own parents disowned her and not a single guy is interested in her even if she keeps stalking them!

Her arrogance does not match her Stardom. Queen of Disasters and yet behaves as if she is Madhuri Dixit.

U r mistaking her for Deepika.

The truth is that Kangana is one of the few actors who open voices her opinion against the status quo. When a males actor is assertive, people think of this as a star. However, if a female actor is outspoken, she is looked at as a troublemaker. Why does she need to bend over backwards to please people? Why does she need to be diplomatic if that is not her true nature? I might not agree with her on everything but you have to give her credit for being herself. Also, people saying that she plays the victim card should stop whining themselves first. Karan Johar and Hrithik Roshan are some of the whiniest men in the industry. It to one more than 2 weeks to react on something that was said in humour and the other was the one exposing "fake stories" to make Kangana look mentally unstable.

Looks like she is getting no films. That's why talking shit everyday abt others for media attention. After Rangoon Mega debacle, she shud understand that people are not falling for her woman or victim crap.

She is shooting for Simran and Rani Laxmibai. People are supporting her on Twitter and everywhere else.

I am sorry but she is a very contradictory person. If you don't like someone, like Karan for example, why would you go on his show? I hated what Karan did to her on his show when she was in it before but if I dint like someone I avoid them like the plague. I wouldn't go where they invite me, regardless, this way they will understand that I want nothing to do with them. If Kangana hadn't gone on the show this year it would've sent out a strong message that she can't stand Karan and wants nothing to do with him. Instead she chose to go in his show, why pretend to smile and make conversation with him? I would've scoffed at the man. But then she is keeping her doors open in case she needs to work with him. She is playing her cards so that she can turn around and say don't take things seriously on that show, it was all for ratings. I don't like Karan much, I don't wish him ill but he's not someone I would go out of my way to support and I like Kangana as an actress but not all of us fall for these games. The way I see it these two are toying with people. Sorry not buying the BS. It's easy to tell if someone is arrogant or someone just doesn't like you, either they are snooty with everyone or they talk to everyone else but you fine (the first is arrogance and second is dislike). People don't converse and laugh with people they don't like.

Karan extended a olive branch and she accepted it, who would knew he will backstab her again.?

She dislikes those who call a spade a spade and give it back to her. Such a Hypocrite.

Zero Stardom. Only Drama. Which producer will want to work with this Unprofessional woman who dumped her Director on Day 1 itself by blaming him?

If she cant get along with even ONE person on earth,even her own parents, it shows that the problem lies with her. Not others. Period.

And you mistake people's genuine dislike for you as Nepotism or Jealousy.

Hi KJo.

Low kangana

I have a similar attitude and therefore I can understand her. If I know an equation won't work I don't spend time on it. It makes one bitter. There are many people who are not worth the friendship.

Then why did she spend 1 hr on KWK?

When you have a genuine dislike for every one and everything and you talk about it all the time, the problem is you! She needs help just for her own peace of mind.

What a lie. She hasn't moved on from her fantasy with Hrithik in 3 years. Always bringing up his name .

Kangana's PR is down voting all negative comments of her. You will also get down voted soon and me too!!! hahaha.

Love you Kangana.

Hahahaha and THIS is why we love kangana!

You're not here to make friends, Beti. You're here to do work and have friends outside the industry. You deserve privacy. Aunty and your fandom are always there with you like a rock. We loved Julia and look forward to your turn as Gujarati NRI Praful Patel in the delightful comedy, SIMRAN. No one can take away your biggest asset - TALENT!

She's just a bubble of negativity masquerading her outspokenness as feminism. It is nnot, its always been about her own agenda. What has she actually ever done for others? Its always crying victim

The lady doth protest too much! Why didn't she protest when married men like Aditya, Ajay & Hrithik were after her. I'll tell you why. Because it suited her interests. But when the tables are turned, and she doesn't get what she wants, she uses ''nepotism'' or ''women'' card. She is not any ''self made'' woman. She used people to get where she is today. Her career took off with the help of some men, but her attitude got worse. Which is why she is in this situation today. PV better post my comment.

If she isn't self made, nobody else in Bollywood right now is.!

If she isn't self made, nobody else in Bollywood right is.!

Her own mails proved beyond doubt that he was NEVER interested in her. It was she who kept on hounding him while he didnot respond even once. Her taunts at him are nothing but frustration of a Jilted and Exposed Stalker. So, keep HR out of this.

Great PR Kangana. Just know that we the public don't care about you being a woman who is constantly playing the woman card. You are not the only woman with struggles which I don't really believe in. If someone does not want to cast you, how does it make you a victim? If a Government officer recruits his own son for a government job, that is nepotism. A CEO of public company recruiting his own child is nepotism. But a private company or an individual like Karan who puts his own money into a movie has all the right to cast or launch whoever he wants. Its his money, not the public's or government's!!!!! Learn what is nepotism first!!!! Secondly, you don't waste time on Great PR Kangana. Just know that we the public don't care about you being a woman who is constantly playing the woman card. You are not the only woman with struggles which I don't really believe in. If someone does not want to cast you, how does it make you a victim? If a Government officer recruits his own son for a Government job, that is nepotism. A CEO of public company recruiting his own child is nepotism. But a private company or an individual like Karan who puts his own money into a movie has all the right to cast or launch whoever he wants. It's his money, not the public or government's!!!!! Learn what is nepotism first!!!! Secondly, you don't waste time on people who don't add to your life. Why on earth were you sending desperate emails to Roshan begging for his attention when he clearly was not interested? Hypocrisy right?

Like her thought process!!!

Hahaha what a tight skap 4 Kjo aunty. Quote of the year !

I respect her for who she is , brave , bold and beautiful. I m appalled at the way Karan Johar went after her , a flop director of late , a miserable sad whining person , losing his edge over everything in life. The way he attacked Kajol in his book shows his respect in general for women. He has had a tiff with Shahrukh also but why has nt he attacked him in his book ? he is intimated by women who can speak their mind and are not impressed by his fakeness.

What she said makes sense. Bollywood is too accustomed to pretentiousness so they find her, Kangana to be rebellious and almost threatening to their self-pleasing cliques. Times are changing, like it or not. She is right, let go of the facade.

she is the only actress who shows her vulnerable side.

Kangana's PR out in full force after Karan's interview. Girl your time in bollywood is over. You crossed the wrong man in industry. You have to pack your bags and go back to the mountains or go the PC way.

Dream on, KJo.

She talks in circles, there's no clarity there at all

Her talks are actually straight forward and well thought. PV please post

cant stand u woman

I am not at all a fan of kangana. In fact during recent time her wtf statements have made me to her .Among all actress I like Katrina the most.
But the way kangana is bashed by people have left me shocked. People are celebrating her failure. I am so annoyed over Karan's statement that he asked kangana to leave film Industry just because she said his reality which we all know already.
All these men bashing kangana during her bad phase has left me wondered that Is she getting all this because Is she a woman and that too a brave woman.
Ranbir and many other male actors too gave Flops in row but do not get bashed after failure.

Even though it is a general comment, mark my words that some one from the industry will get offended. Even though it is not pointed at anyone in particular and is a fair point.

Again the "woman" card. Nothing was asked for what she had to answer "women are expected to be receptive blah blah blah..." but of course she had to add it to make it favorable!

But it's TRUE, is there anyone else that has stood up for the fact that outsiders in this industry are treated like crap from people like Karan Johar? No one is saying that EVERYONE treats outsiders like crap but Karan Johar is a very influential person who has the who's who of popular cinema in his social circle and on his show. Those people themselves point to Karan as being the insider with all the knowledge. He accepts that! So she is just calling him out on the fact that he is like a Movie Mafia kind of guy and that he wasn't nice to her in the past and she thinks that he is nepotistic which again many people can see and he himself has admitted to in the past! The only argument people use to bring Kangana down is her past relationships with married men, which let me remind you everyone from Sridevi to Shilpa Shetty have had affairs with married men, Kangana has never ever tried to hide the fact that she had these relationships and owns it and Aditya is the one that left his wife and actually moved out of the house so he was separated at the time that he was dating Kangana. Also Anurag Basu discovered her in a coffee shop in Mumbai, it had nothing to do with Aditya! Aditya can barely even get his son famous how the heck can you say he's the credit behind Kangana's success or rise to fame? Also - you guys say that not even Karan Johar can buy the audience's love for people like Alia yet at the same time you want to say Kangana is only successful because she was with Aditya Pancholi. It makes NO SENSE! Also it doesn't take away from the fact that she is RIGHT in this situation.

AMEN sister!

That's true. She doesn't fear losing.

And she mistakes everyone's genuine dislike of her as "I am a woman, that's why".

Completely! Couldn't have said it any better!!!

Not just because she is a woman, but because she is a talented woman.

Lol , so true!!

LOL then in Bollywood everyone makes mistakes and everything plays in the card of the victim of the male from Karan and ending with Hrithik

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