Asha Parekh's autobiography titled The Hit Girl's cover speaks of her charm

The life of an enigmatic star, Asha Parekh, will be out soon through her autobiography, The Hit Girl.
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It seems like that there is a windfall of celebrity memoirs around us. From Karan Johar's The Unsuitable Boy to Rekha's Rekha: The Untold Story, we have been getting to know some hidden facts about them and they have penned down their thoughts in the form of a book. 
Now, we'll get to read about the life of an enigmatic star, Asha Parekh through her autobiography The Hit Girl which she has written with Khalid Mohamed. We have finally got to see the cover of the book and we must say that her charm is just timeless. In an earlier interview, Mohamed said, Asha Parekh was the trade's delight. She gave a round of hits all through the 60s and early 70s. She was a great actor, and an excellent dancer, both western and India. Then, this JB Petit girl went on to head many film bodies, including the Censor Board."
He also added, "We became close, and she even became friends with my grandmum. The two ladies would go shopping together and share secrets." 
Asha Parekh was the prototype of the Hindi heroine in the 60s and it'll interesting to see her spill beans about her life. Asha has given us several hits like Kati Patang, Pyar Ka Mausam, Teesri Manzil, Ziddi, Mere Sanam and much more. You never know that she might also tell us her reasons for not working with Dilip Kumar.
Are you also wanting to get the copy of the book just like us? Let us know in the comments below!


My all time favourite superstar.
I have seen all her movies. There is no alternative of Asha ji in Bollywood so far.
Where do I get the copy of this book?

I've seen her in person almost 20 years and she looked really old and wrinkled up then. Good for her that she also joined the band wagon and got some work done on her face! Now it is Tanuja's turn.

Ahh she looks sooo beautiful!

Wow, I am loving Asha Parekh's make over for the cover of the book. I think of all, only Karan Johar has been quite open about his life. All the rest of the biographies are watered down versions. Who is going to reveal their most private lives and thought for public scrutiny especially when they know it will affect their family and the friends and foes at large?? I doubt that very much. Rekha and Rishi had very colorful ( for want of better word!!) lives which were not reflected even remotely in their books!

I too am waiting for a copy.......where do I get one

One of my favorites... I loved her in Caravan!

It's nice she didn't use an old pic for the cover...and accepted her age...

She was such a big superstar back then. Pretty lady.

What a cover ...looks unrecognizable here!

Why does she look like madhuri here?

I could not recognise her,She look so beautiful..

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