Photos: Karan Johar enters home carrying baby Roohi in his arms

Today, Karan Johar's babies, Roohi and Yash got discharged from the hospital and the pictures are going viral.
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Karan Johar stunned everyone when he announced that he has finally become a father to twins Roohi and Yash. Today, the 44-year-old filmmaker's babies got discharged from the hospital and the pictures are going viral. Now, we got the pictures of Karan holding baby Roohi in his arms and is seen entering his home. 
Roohi and Yash were born two months premature and they were in NICU. In a moving post, Karan opened up on the premature birth of his babies. He said, "I have previously shared the wonderfully exciting news of the birth of my children, Roohi and Yash. None of the many overwhelming emotions that I am currently feeling as I take my baby steps into parenthood would have been possible without the marvels of medicine and the progress it has made today."
"Even the most anticipated events can sometimes leave us shaken, confused. And events that occur without any warning can turn our worlds on their very heads. My children were born two months premature and worryingly underweight. Like any person in this situation and on the brink of fatherhood, my heart sank," added Karan. 
He continued saying, "If your baby is born premature, don't lose faith, don't lose heart. I can only share my own experience and hope someone takes heart from it. I feel blessed to have had the care my children received while at the NICU and for all the prayers and support I had - but I urge anyone in the same situation to remember that your baby has the best chance of a long, happy life, too. Don't lose hope."
Check out the pictures and tell us about it in the comments below!
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his kids are going to be best-friends with Kareena and Saif's son Taimur.

Congratulations... Karan. What are these medical marvels you speak of exactly? Please share and spread the word so others get inspired too. May you have a beautiful and wonderful road ahead of parenthood to Yash and Roohi. They are lucky to have a creative, expressive, intelligent, sensitive, and confidant dad.

So heart warming! Very very happy for Karan, wishing the whole family good health and happiness always.

He needs to lose weight. And fast. Taking care ignore two babies is no mean task and he needs to be fit for it.

So cute. Don't be secretive like Rani ,KJo, pics soon! He's also apparently had some baby weight gain, :)

Why do celebs carry there babies like that? Don't they have baby carry cot seat? For safety whilst driving around in a busy like city like Mumbai is a MUST!

Car seats for newborns is a rule in the USA. It may not be so in India.

I see tons of mothers around the world doing the same thing..I don't have children but if 90% of people do it, there must be a reason. Now we do'nt know what is in the car actually.....

Aww the babies are so tiny! God bless!

I think Yash is still in the hospital. Females turn out to be stronger in these situations.

How does the reporter know that's Roohi in his arms. Kjo's PR wants to publicise this too.

The baby in his arms has a pink blanket..duh? The baby in the arms of the female accompanying him is in a blue blanket..

He simply guessed i think as the clothe on her is pink and the other baby wears blue.

Happy for Karan, god bless them all, hopefully kids are doing great.. Love to all..

good luck karan with the babies !!

really happy for Karan. hope these twins bring out the best in him and keep him busy apart from gossiping.

All the best Kjo and "uncle "Manish, god bless this family !!!

Really happy for Karan..God Bless!!

Queen_ Rani is not feeling well today. LOL

Cant believe that you commented something nice rather than Rani mukheerjee or hatred comments!

She has been saying nice things about Karan since Karan said negative things about Kajol

Question. Do you think Queen_Rani gets paid or does she just have a few nails unhinged on the 20th floor?

So happy for him. I hope he will share their pics one day x

All the best Karan for you and your lovely babies :-)

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