Photos: Aishwarya, Abhishek and Aaradhya attend Krishnaraj Rai's 13th day ritual

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan alongwith husband Abhishek and daughter Aaradhya attend Aishwarya's father Krishnaraj Rai's 13th day ritual (Tervi).
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Aishwarya Rai Bachchan's father Krishnaraj Rai passed away on March 18 at a suburban hospital. He was hospitalised a few week ago and was reportedly fighting cancer. The funeral took place at Vile Parle Seva Sansthan Shamshan Bhoomi. From Shah Rukh Khan to Sanjay Leela Bhansali, many B-Town celebs marked their presence at the funeral of Aishwarya's father. 
Today, Aishwarya and Abhishek along with their daughter Aaradhya were at Krishnaraj Rai's 13th day ritual (tervi). The picture of Aaradhya paying respects to her nanu will melt your heart. Aishwarya and Aaradhya are seen walking hand-in-hand. Aishwarya's mother and brother, Vrinda and Aditya Rai, were also seen at the prayer meet. 
Aishwarya's father-in-law Amitabh Bachchan and mother-in-law Jaya Bachchan also marked presence at the prayer meet. 
Big B also posted a long message on his official blog. He wrote, “That call you wait anxiously knowing that it will come, and come it does to end all other calls .. glimpses of reactions in the mind, of the lost one, of those that shall reflect on the lost one .. and suddenly then in the midst of sorrow and grief among the grieved and grieving ..”
“That walk to the ultimate destination and the reality… Embracing the tragedy, the discussions on its transport, its rituals, its formalities… The custom, the tradition, the visitors with the sadness and the embrace of consolation, the last rites, the carriage, the placement, the cremation… What to say what to put out where to put to… All laden with grief and departure,” he added.
Check out the pictures:
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shweta is having issues with her husband so she could not make it

Kareena didn't even contribute to her grandmothers funeral...for,some,reason they kept,is,hushed and always hid her! Ash is the,queen to practising her religious traditions love her,

Ash is very traditional..but no need to bring kareena here

South Indian Hindu customs and North Indian Hindu customs are totally different. For example in South (and also in Assam etc) the onset of puberty and menstruation in girls is celebrated. In the North it is a thing to be spoken in hushed up tones.

It's sad so many are ignorant of customs in more than half of their own country, and are judgmental to boot. They really need to take the blinkers off.

Please don't generalize everyone because of one hater

The simpler her dressing the prettier she looks

Boyy, she is my inspiration.

She's holding up better than I expected. God rest her father's soul in peace.

aishwarya rais ARMS look SOOOOO TONED. I know I know totally OFF TOPIC.. but her ARMS DO LOOK GREAT!!!!!

Now "Arms" after blouse, makeup, saree, gajra and eyeliner didn't work....Take care of your "HEART" first

Love to see the Bachchans respect Bunt Rai family traditions

They are giving thanks for KR's blessed life on earth

By the 13th his soul is at peace and with the almighty

Aishwarya looks simple, elegant and traditional. Quite sure, she is missing her father too much.

Ash's nephew is so adorable. He and Aradhya must be missing their grandfather.

The colour of the saree suits Ash, nice to see her come out of the sadness of losing a parent.

It's like a feast to commemorate the dead person's memories, kind of a happy occasion. The Rai family is very traditional.

Ok people.Those who are not from Tulu Bunt community have no right whatsoever to tell us what is right and what is not .

1)Just because you are brahmin doesn't mean you own all Hindus so stop your crap
2)Not all Hindus wear white for mourning
3)We Bunts celebrate 13th day with a function in honor of the departed,people come dressed up to this occasion.Not wedding level dressed up ,but dressed up.
4)Women men kids can wear any color they want.We don't have any color restrictions for any ceremony
5)If you think wearing sleeveless blouse is disrespectful then you need to either broaden your mind,or understand that those wearing sleeves blouses are more broad minded than you.
6)During the event some ladies even distribute gajras to those who are not wearing any.Even little girls wear Gajra
7)If you are a person who thinks all Hindus should practice customs in same way then you truly don't know what Hinduism is about
8)If you refuse to appreciate other cultures in your own country,you don't know what India is about

Bluehenna here...
This is a great comment in more ways then one. I really want to believe that more people in India, live by these thoughts nowadays than not!

Loved your comment and I am a bunt too.

Thank you for setting the record straight. I didn't have the energy to type out all of this. Mokleg et pandundala gottaapuji.

Btw, was this cermeony held in Mangalore or Bombay ? I see a board in Kannada too on that building.

So happy to see that so many sensible people here are speaking up for South Indian people and traditions, and against those here spreading hatred.

abhi and his pink obsession continues lol

Aishwarya has her family,her brother has his family,real loss is Aishwarya Rai's mother. She is now alone.

Aradhya looks so pretty.

I am bunt like Aishwarya. I understand their tradition. On 13 th day we offer good food with sweets.

Foundation, Dark Lipstick, Eye Shadow, Mascara,Kajal, Rouse and Golden Saari..., Gajra & so much jewellery..for such an occasion...god knows what type of woman is she!!

So finally you logged in after spewing so much venom down below

Golden saree and so much jewelry? Get new glasses and also get a life.

But we all know what type you are, hateful and heartless!

Get a life.Queen_Rani

So much jewelry?? Where?? I can only see her mangalsutra and one bangle. Lies exposed.

Why were u posting comments anonymously for so long? Don't be so coward.-__-

Rani has always been kind towards Aishwarya!

After Rani met Ash, Queen_Rani changed the tune.

You are a bloody hypocrite. What has Rani got to do here? You were always posting negative things about Ash but after the silly Exclusive that mentioned that Rani went to visit Ash in her house, you're attempting to be nice? Nonsense! Ash fans are not deceived!!!

there was no need to wear a banarasi saree and full packed makeup, she should have dressed up like her mother in law

It's tradition , you don't understand different cultures. This is not a funeral, it is a pooja .

Who are you to tell her what she needs to do??? Effing NOBODY.

Even I wore a banarasi saree on the 13th day ritual after my grandmother passed. So what's wrong in that?

.u mean wear glares?? Then too u would have problem with her.-__-

Don't dictate what others should do or not during such occasion. Live and let live.

Couldnt Agree more!!

It's disheartening to see Ash's mother in such condition. It is hard to deal with the loss of a life partner.

I am glad there are many people here who understand the occasion here and are giving back to this one person spreading hatred.

South Indians also dont have the tradition of wearing white at funeral, even dupatta to cover head during pooja or funeral is not.

I don't know if its in south india alone, people dance during the funeral in some communities. One cannot talk for another person's appearance or conduct. They sure know what they are doing..atleast at their beloved father's 13th.
Somebody said her SIL is dressed appropriately..where did you see it?

Threavin is by no means a celebration...its a solemn occasion.

I seriously don't understand what the problem is here with her "dressing style". She took good care of her father when he was alive and I am sure he was proud of her and he couldn't care less about how she dresses to the 13th day function. I don't think it would make him feel any better from up above seeing her dressed in all gray or white and mourning still.. no parent would want to see their kids sad .. Taking care of them when they r alive is all that matters. Commenting on her blouse's sleeve length? Some people seriously have no life or anything good going on in theirs ! Find something useful to do people !

Dressing stye is always a problem, if Shilpa or Kareena or any other wear like this Ash PR will be here on this page trolling.them, double starndards by Ash PR and fans

Aish is looking so beautiful. She is in saree after a long time.

With all due respect, this may be a tradition in some south Indian communities to dress up etc.. however, my only concern is it seems like she's dressed up for an award show or some festivity (esp her daughter in bright red attire!). I would have thought she would have mourned or at least looked a little sad on her father passing away.. (considering she's always saying how close she is to her parents etc) something doesn't seem right to me, before you attack me, it's my personal opinion..

Always these guys need to show off.

Always these guys need to show off.

Always these person need to get attention by spreading hatred on such occasion.

Aishwarya is looking very beautiful. Seems like she is recovering. Good to see her happy after a while

why is she taking the kid out of the car and not AB Jr? Aish is wearing sari and i m sure its easier for AB to move in his attire. i have no issues with her parenting style, i just think sometimes being practical is better?

If Aradhya has no problem whether it's her mother or father, why do random strangers have a problem with that???

I remember seeing the pendant of the mangalsutra in her post wedding pictures (in red saree)

For people ranting about the 'gajra', It's normal for people to wear it anytime (in Southern India), infact my mother and mil wear it almost everyday.. that is they pluck flowers from backyard and make a mala of it. It's part of the daily pooja, atleast in my home.
13th day is not an exception. As for Aishwarya, she does look dressed up, but it is Aishwarya Rai..she looks dressed up even in minimal attire.

For everyone here commenting about Ash's saree and look. Just think twice , she is a daughter who took care of her family and still does. She gave her dad the best possible medical treatment and looked after or made sure he was looked after. How many of you young kids takecare of your aging parents ?If she wants she truly deserves to celebrate her late dad's life.

Really? If we all had access to wealth and facilities the way these celebrities do, we'd do everything in our power to take care of our aging parents. What ignorance you show. Most kids take care of their parents, it doesn't matter if you're the daughter or the son.

Not a fan of Aishwariya ,but your statement is the ignorant one . The aged are neglected badly in today's world . They live gloomy , lonely & unwanted ,sometimes under desperate circumstances , forgotten by their adult children . Thus the rise of care homes which never existed before ( & widows left languishing in holy towns abandoned by their children). Aishwariya is not from a Bollywood family , she's worked hard to make her money & taken excellent care of both her parents - her affection is very obvious in all the family snaps. It's not about the money , you see people with good money treating their old parents badly .

Ash has wealth as she worked hard for it. She did not inherit it. We still see so many celebrities fighting for money and fame. She has always been dignified in her personal like- good daughter,wife, mother,DIL

South Indian brahmins can keep quiet. Go to southie farming communities they pray and celebrate 11th day or 13th day as divine and happy occasion as the atma completed a peaceful jounrney. This is what happens when you haven't really lived in country side and all you did was to read westernized magazines and preach some armchair philosophy. They paint their home new, wear new clothes, distribution good food with sweet and and bid final good bye. Tired of this fake while saree things. In reality they don't waste time finding white cloth that much.. Go study southie farmer communities.

Nailed it. Nobody has to dictate what Ash needs to do or not.

Aishwarya is inappropriately dressed, she could go for at least half sleeve blouse. That may look more dignified. This sleeveless blouse frequently worn by actresses when they want to show their fashion.

No I am not the same person you think of as a South Indian. I am not an Indian let alone South Indian. So don't think that only one disagrees with you. It is very difficult for aishwarya to be without makeup. She has come in her full form again. Just see how articulate she looks, if someone doesn't know she lost her father, it is very difficult to know it's an event related with deceased by looking attire.

Why don't you write an essay for once instead of writing million comments

Everyone knows u r the same person spreading hatred with different comments.-_-

Aishwarya's beautiful sis-in-law Shrima Rai has also dressed well and is looking very pretty. Pinkvilla why are you not posting Shrima's pictures?

Some people here have no idea about Tulu tradition, yet will pretend to be south Indian to get attention from other readers.

This. There is no "South Indian" the way they conveniently try to project in their typical know-all style.

Being a Tamil/Telugu/Malayalee doesn't give you the authority to comment on Tulu/Kannada/Karnataka traditions which may be unique to the place/community.

Thank you for understanding my point. Some people need to first get knowledge about some Tulu traditions which are unique to Bunt community.

Ash looks beautiful in a South Indian attire. And yes teravi is celebrated as a happy occasion.

To those defending Ash, how come her mother or brother or even much younger SIL is not dressed like her? Even the lady with her mother who looks like her Aunt? Everyone looks appropriate but Aishwarya. I am a south Indian brahmin and very well versed with South Indian culture (and North Indian for that matter) and never seen anything like this among family and friends. I recently went to a funeral of my husband's uncle (American) and his grand daughters were dressed quite inappropriately (red lipstick, short black dress) and everyone was taken aback and still talk about that. They could be excused as teenagers and their parents should have guided them but this is a mature woman who should know way better. She is always so self absorbed and conscious of herself.

Aishwarya married into another family, now she has a different gothra and different surname. She gets to carry on with life from this day. Vrinda Rai, Aditya and Shrima Rai carry the same surname and gothra as late Krishna Raj Rai and don't get to celebrate any festivals till the first death anniversary and hence they might not have decked up. Those who are not south indian hindus should just shush and let Aishwarya carryon. She knows what she is doing and doesn't need haters to tell her what to do and not do.

Everyone knows that u r not South Indian. Her mother, brother and SIL were dressed in new clothes and accessories too. Get a life.

Same person keywords:"I am also south indian" "lipstick"

That's right. One person acting to be south Indian and spreading hatred on such occasion.

13 th day is the celebration of the death of the person

Why is Ash's sister in law not in any pictures? Never actually!

gajra ...seriously..i am from south india and very close to her home town...this is not southindian tradition !!!

I am from that region, not a Bunt, this is exactly our traditions. You are expected to dress up like you are going to a temple... final day of farewell to the soul, the whole community/family usually show up for the ceremony and feast. They cook the person's favorite dishes and first wait to feed it to a crow, supposed to be their departed soul accepting it, and then everyone eats .

Out of curiosity , how close to Mangalooru ? Same state at least ?

I am true south Indian and we wear gajaras on the 13th day ritual.

Same person pretending to be south indian

You will even become member of Bunt community to demean her...Stop your Charade

Lol, so true, that one person will even become her family member to demean her.

The picture in which Aishwarya looks like she's holding back her tears while her daughter is touching the picture is heartbreaking!

Never seen anything like this. 13th day function where daughter of the deceased dressed to nines. Yes only the brother and mother looks heartbroken. Frankly the DIL looks more sombre and appropriately dressed than Ash. This is just another photo op for her. In her mind, she is featuring in the story of her fabulous life where where is this fabulous queen and everyone else props . Sleeveless blouse and gajra? really? I never said anything about her wearing a lip gloss or being presentable during funeral as it is just that there is so much scrutiny that it is understandable. But being the glamour queen for someone in mourning is a bit much not matter what her apologist say.

13th day is not for "mourning", Ash is appropriately dressed for the occasion. Even I wore gajaras on the 13th day ritual of my grandmother.

As soon as you start talking about make up etc, we realise who you are...Do you belong to Rival PR because you are not surely bothered about Rani..But you don't forget to write 15 demeaning comments on Ash's post without fail using similar least learn more words to pretend like different person

ASH looks lovely.. Glad to see her after a long time...

Yes, it is a tradition to get all decked up for the death ceremony in the south, which can be 11th, 13th or 15th day. It is about celebrating the person and the fact that they have moved on to higher levels.

For people who don't know, the 13th day of Hindu rituals post death is considered a happy occasion. Because according to rituals, that's when the soul is fully liberated from social/societal attachments and connects with God. So during the 13th day, family, extended family, friends are invited over for an elaborate meal, sweets are distributed, kids are given gifts etc. It's normal to dress up for the occasion since it's literally a celebration for liberation (of the soul).

Thanks for the explanation, at least now haters will stop commenting. have explained it well for ignorant people here

You are right that 13th day ceremony (I will refrain from using the word celebration here) is when we lift the shok and you can resume your normal life. However it is not a "celebration" by any standards. It is still a ceremony conducted by a priest and is quite solemn,

People who do not know traditions and customs of certain areas should not comment negatively. A lot of south Indians mourn the passing away of a family member for 11 days and then there is a gathering where all the relatives and friends meet and celebrate the life of the person who passed away, after which the immediate family goes on with their lives normally and get back to regular clothes, flowers and simple jewellery. You can't keep mourning endlessly. Aishwarya, Abhishek, Vrinda Rai and all others are perfectly dressed for this gathering.

Dressing stye is always a problem, if Shilpa or Kareena or any other wear like this Ash PR will be here on this page trolling.them, double standards by Ash PR and fans
How come brother is not dressed up1!!

This is not shocking these days. Even normal people in India wear fancy and fashionable clothes to someone's chautha or other rituals. I moved to states in my teen years so it's hard for me to fathom this new modern age in India. When I was living in India I only witnessed simple clothing to such events however, now India has changed drastically. If common man is wearing fancy clothing then we can't judge these stars. After all, they have a repo to carry and maintain that star status in the world. Ash looks very good and so does the entire family.

Yes it's tradition to be decked up for this occasion as per Aishwarya's mangalorean community

In south indian traditions, the 13th day is a celebration of life and the successful guidance of the soul to heaven. From then on they are considered as family gods .and for all good things to be bestowed on the family. Hence she is decked up. all family members( imemdiete) wear new clothe.

I like how Aishwarya always holds Aaradhya's hands, does not let go of opportunities of physical contact with her child. I have read that it is good for healthy emotional well being and instills a very strong bond between mother and daughter. Many parents try to detach too early with their kids these days because they want their kids to be independent. But physical contact does not come in the way of fostering independence rather makes the child feel secure and confident enough to make strong independent choices. Would love to do that with my own child. Aishwarya' s style attachment mothering has inspired me.

Yes it's tradition to be decked up for this occasion as per Aishwarya's mangalorean community

Aish is trying to get back with her life with new long one should be sad for loved one to passed away..she is trying to put brave face by adding gajara in her hair but noticed white saree she is still wearing..?one thing i learned is that, world goes on without you no matter how important you are to the world..people will be sad for few days but everyone gets back with their own life need to insult anyone on their outer appearance. we all know the pain is in heart of daughter can be happy when their dad passes away!! So just relax your narrow minds

13th day programm and she is wid full ake up ...awesom... camera crazy ppl

Aishwarya is looking very pretty. Gajra is to celebrate her father's life.

she's so beautiful...but there was no need to get this decked up....

Her fans are really funny. For her father's funeral they tried to justify her wearing eyeliner by saying that she had eyeliner in the morning. Then for the prayer meet makeup they said look at western funeral people are all well dressed. Now they say it is south Indian's tradition to wear heavy makeup and gajra for ritual. What kind of tradition is that among all attendees only Aishwarya acted according to it?

This is usually a grand function where they cook the deceased person's favorite dishes and serve a feast to entire family/community, after a pooja. It's not even necessary to wear white.

If its a tradition why no one else wears makeup or gajra or dress like that?

I wear less makeup for weddings than Aishwarya for her father's prayer meet and ritual.

Looks like she is attending a wedding.

Aish looks gorgeous when she dresses up like South Indian

She is from Karnataka/Mangalooru. "South India" is quite diverse.

is it tradition from where-ever she is to wear gajra at this occasion?

If you dont know anything about traditions and customs, plz keep your mouth shut.

India is a very diverse country...gajra is traditional south indian accessory..what occasion?..its a function to commemorate the deceased person by organizing a feast for all friends and family

She is from the Bunt community, where it's fine to wear gajaras on the 13th day ritual.

She looks lively

The only person who looks like he is grieving is Ash's brother.

Now we are quantifying the level of you apply the same criteria in your family?

Attending a wedding...crazy people...nothing affects them...delusional fools

You must not be a Hindu so you must not know about this particular tradition. It is not a funeral, it is supposed to be a celebration of the soul uniting with God. Therefore, it is supposed to be celebrated and people are supposed to dress in the way Aishwarya's family is dressed. All of this doesn't mean there isn't grief. I am sure you have had deaths in your family - do people cry and beat their chests indefinitely? You have to pull it together at some point and go on no matter how difficult.

Go and first educate yourself about "Terahvin"...if you have no idea about other people's customs and rituals, at least don't abuse them

I think Ash is being over protective and pampering her little girl. The girl looks totally spoilt.

the other one is not pampering her 3 months old baby leaving him home to survive by himself you same people complain, now here, Aish is pampering and protective of her daughter, that one too u complain. human nature

I am sure you are not yet a should never judge a small child

She is looking so gorgeous! But wat is wrong with her kid. Why cant she get down the car herself?

All parents are different in showing their care towards their child..i still try to carry my six year daughter..i still hold her hand even when we are walking on sidewalk..many other people don't do it

The pic with Aradhya touching her grandpa's photo is too endearing.

SO decked up!!!! and gajara.... anyways they look nice

Thervi is a moment for getting decked up..We invite all the friends and family to eat...i did the same thing for my grand mother..everyone was wearing good clothes...They all wearing traditional south indian attire which includes gajra as well

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