Amitabh, Abhishek and Aishwarya at the 13th day ritual dinner held in honour of Krishnaraj Rai

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan is seen here with hubby Abhishek Bachchan at the dinner hosted by the family on the occasion of her late dad's 13th day ritual.
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Aishwarya Rai Bachchan's father Krishnaraj Rai passed away last Saturday after a brief illness. According to Lt. Gen. V. Ravishankar, who was treating Krishnaraj Rai at Lilavati Hospital, Rai had lymphoma. He was in hospital for over a month. He is survived by his wife Brinda Rai, son Aditya and daughter Aishwarya. 

Krishnaraj's funeral was held on Saturday night at the city's Vile Parle Seva Sansthan Shamshan Bhoomi, where a host of film celebrities paid their last respects.

Since then, Aishwarya and family have been busy with the funeral and other arrangements. Friends and well-wishers from all over have been offering condolences to Aishwarya and the Rais.

Earlier, we saw Aishwarya, Aaradha and Abhishek along with the Bachchans and the Rais attend a 13th day prayer ritual. Aishwarya was draped in a simple, traditional saree and was seen holding Aaradhya's hand. The little princess herself was dressed in traditionals and was seen offering prayers at the meet. 

In the evening, the Rais and the Bachchans hosted a dinner, as per tradition. Aishwarya was seen wearing a white and gold traditional wear while Abhishek donned a white and grey, traditional wear too. Also seen here is Aishwarya's brother Aditya Rai.

Big B also attended a movie screening earlier in the day. He tweeted, "@PoornaTheFilm .. MUST WATCH ..#ReleasesTomorrow .. directed by @RahulBose1 .. this is Poorna with me .. an honour!"

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Where is Shweta bachchan..she didn't come..or doesn't want public to know that she lives with bachchans

Aish chose a gem after wasting time with some worthless. He is by her side all this time. His whole family is by her side. I am happy that she chose the right person for life.

It is "Brinda Rai" guys, not "Brindya"

wheres shrima rai? i wish even her pic is put. Shes the daughter in law of Rais family.

Nice to see the Bachans' by Aish's side after devastating loss.

Amitab Bachchan's shoes!!!!!!!!! :) :)

When she was getting married to Abhishek I had this question in my mind why Abhishek? Now I got the answer. He is husband goals. He is by her side all the time.

abhishek does NOT seem supportive of AISH at all. he could atleast hold HER HAND. JUST because his CAREER his a FLOP does NOT mean his BEING A HUSBAND Should SUFFER THE SAME FATE.
and when will he start the gym. ?
and her bother looks like a CHELSEA QUEEN. who is his lover?

calm down, hater. just because they don't hold hands for a split second in front of cameras, you come to this preposterous conclusion? they are one of the few bollywood couples that has stayed together and strong, with both families supporting them and involved in their grand kids lives. they do this while maintaining indian values and being hindu and celebrating being hindu. you obviously have a lot of hate in your heart to put this up on a post for someone's funeral... may you find peace somehow. #blessedcouple

ok abhishek bachchan

Where's shrima Rai. Not even in one pic ever.

She has two children...may be she is looking after them as they must be tired after morning function...may be she is avoiding camera and went inside from back door

I feel so bad for Aish's brother...he seems so sad....hope he gets some strength to pass through this time

Ash's brother seems to be deeply affected by his father's death.

He just have the face that mostly looks sad :) However, just judging someone by face is not fair- and therefore I am not implying that he is not sad.

Beautiful Aishwarya and Abhishek. I admire how Abhi stands by Aish in thick and thin. HusbandGoals#

Lovely family and We expect some good news from Aishwarya now

ASH looks lovely in simple attire also.. so beautiful...

Abhi and Ash look very simple in these traditional attires.

Bachchans are attending every other ritual that is taking place. This proves how much they love their daughter in law

Calm down, if they dont attend media and fans attack thats why they are making sure they are there every where

aishwarya is the most beautiful woman and amitabh is obsessed to her, there is nothing new.

Why should they not love their DIL? She is their son's wife and mother of their grand daughter. I am sure Rai's love their SIL Abhi too. And their DIL just as much. Quite normal in my opinion.

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