Why Deepika? Katrina Kaif's friends accuse Deepika of unhealthy rivalry

Recently, Deepika Padukone has replaced Katrina Kaif as the brand ambassador for a international cosmetic brand
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Often, we hear of one actor replacing the other for a particular brand but when we heard of this replacement, we were shell-shocked. That’s right!

As we all know, Deepika Padukone and Katrina Kaif have been arch rivals for some time now. And in a recent turn of events, we heard that Deepika Padukone has replaced Katrina Kaif as the new global ambassador for an international cosmetic brand.

However, team Katrina has hit back saying that is not true. It is speculated that Katrina wasn’t replaced and that she chose to leave the brand because Kat was launching her own make-up brand. A source close to Katrina was quoted as saying, “Let’s talk facts: The international cosmetic brand that signed Katrina doesn’t let go of its brand ambassadors—be it Aishwarya Rai Bachchan or Sonam Kapoor either. Katrina was with them for two years, but when an opportunity to launch her own line of cosmetics presented itself, Kat was interested. She did the ethical thing and told the international brand that she wanted to opt out as it would mean a conflict of interest. She could have continued without anybody knowing.”

Like always, there is a flip side to every story and according to that, rumor-mills are abuzz with the news of Deepika replacing Katrina as the ambassador for the cosmetic brand due to Kaif’s unpopular behavior and uncooperativeness. However, this time, Katrina's friends have actually accused the actress of playing some dirty games. According to a leading daily, Kat’s friend feels that those around Deepika are making a mountain of a molehill. The source asks, “Why is there insecurity about Katrina? Wonder who DP’s advisers are, who are behaving like this? One could understand if you don’t have anything. But when you do, what is the need to pull down others to push yourself up?”

After all the speculations, it is now being questioned whether Kat’s make-up line will be launched at all?

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Deepika is Number one Bollywood actress from behind.lol

Deepika is Number one Bollywood actress

Deepika is Number one Bollywood actress

Lmao all this just made me like alia pc and kareena more. So done with the constant articles on these two. Its been 8 years get over it both of you

This news is false, Katrina Kaif doesn't have any friends

Deepika has a dad. Only one dad and 31 is her real age unlike Katrina who was 34 in 2012 and still claiming she is 34 even in 2017. L'Oréal kicked her out for her lies. Post it.

Deepika spread false rumors with her overactive pr and plays victim and gloats abt her depression stories .katrina,kangana,anushka are bashed by her because they are fair and we all know she's obsessed with the skin whitening treatments.Those who are saying katrina's a flop star deepika has more flops than katrina.Pv post this truth.

Not these two again.....

As much as I like DP as an actor, and not a Kat fan at all, but I'm leaning with the fact that DP is not as professional as she likes to come across. Where my thoughts changed were when she "forgot" to invite AB to her PIKU success party. The reason: "It was a technical error." What does that even mean? And, how does one forget to invite AB! That was the most uncool thing ever to do to a castmate. Let alone film industry legend. If it is a success party the whole crew and cast should be invited. That's just the courteous thing to do, as the whole team made it happen.

Secondly, DP showed her insecurity after she tweeted about Anushka and Kat's appearance on KWK. Her tweet: "Whoa these women are on fire." Again, what does that even mean? Then in a following airport interview, she added how fond she was of the two. Untrue, and it's OK to not be fond of them--nobody will judge that. There was no need for DP to create that Tamasha. Silence is golden. DP is showing her true colors and Kat is not blameless this cold war.

I agree with your sentiments.I have also made this observation from the last few years.It is becoming very evident now.

Same. I've always liked DP on screen but off screen her persona is a little offputting. The KWK comment was so unnecessary. The two said they don't consider dp a friend and somehow she had to comment on that??

If Katrina's PR is bad,cunning then bash her PR not Katrina.

EVERYTHING ASIDE, all I keep hearing is how Katrina said this and that, did this and that, is a drama queen, etc but Katrina rarely speaks or do anything and Ive been follwing Bwood before Katrina got there. Whenever she does speak, she's very careful and never utters a bad word or suggestion, no matter how provoked, about anyone. The only time she made reference to anyone is when she said in an interview that she wished she were closer to Ranbir parents and she feared her groom may not love her totally at the isle......here too, she wasn't speaking bad about anyone, only referencing her own life. But I DO hear Deepika speaking and doing quite a lot........mmmmmm, I wonder where these misperceptions about Katrina are coming from??

Deepika fans are as delusional and gross as their favorite. Starting to hate ranveer for still being with her

The one's who are bashing katrina and saying that she is not a nice person to meet have taken their answers from quora and are faking it that they have experienced a bad behaviour from her in person. Liars!!! I think deepika's pr is in damage control mode. They want to post comments from quora as they have nothing else to defend deepika. Pinkvilla post this.

So are you saying those stories are true but taken from some other site?

Anushka had said the same thing about deepika's pr tactics when DP's pr went over drive in proving that she has been cast in yeh jaawani hai deewani and not Anushka. Sonam also had issues with DP's pr and she made that clear on koffee with karan season 4. Kangana too had problems with Deepika's pr when they were trying to prove that dp is a better and in demand actress than kangana after she had hits like queen and tanu weds manu returns and was getting praised. And the pr war between priyanka and deepika is for everyone to see where every other day there comes an article that one of them beat the other in so and so. Why will Katrina, Anushka, Sonam, Kangana, Priyanka, all lie? If only katrina had problems with dp and her pr I can understand, but many other actresses in the past too have faced similar issues with Dp. One can always look up in google and see for themselves what these other actresses have to say about Dp's pr tactics. Katrina is right in saying when you have everything why is there a need to pull others down to push yourself up. This just shows how insecure Deepika is as a person that she needs to pull every other actress down. What a shame!!! Pinkvilla post this.

Very true. Its not just one but a lot of people who have accused her of using cheap tactics. Fans might say its coz they are jealous. Yet no one accused Kat of even playing such games during her very long successful phase.

What else can we expect from deepika? Due to her dirty pr tactis her own fans are also disliking her.dedicating award to kangana but no text or phone call to her, slashing her fees to get into loreal shows how despo, ranbirs red boxer comment, vin babies, praying globes, and numerous boyfriends, jaw surgeries to skin lightening, playing victim and shedding a crocodile tears this is the heightness of cheapika aka deepika padukone . Pv post this .

Aishwarya Rai gave superhits, she had superb acting skills, and extremely talented Aishwarya was but people only said that Aishwarya Rai is plastic, Aish is fake, no acting skills, really hurtful, the same is happening with Katrina, but truly Kat, Aishwarya are supremely talented, Priyanka Chopra is rocking world with her honest hardest work and gorgeousness but Priyanka's big works are not talked about and Deepika's small work are shouted, like mountain from a mole, Priyanka clearly had more works projects from Singing, to TV shows, to hollywood films to voice artist to animated films to representing country so confidently but hardly, rarely gets applauded like deepika's mole like work, isn't it sympathy for DP, Loreal should have signed Priyanka, not deepika, but fact is deepika got loreal by running behind and chasing loreal by cutting down 50% fees for loreal, Priyanka would have got loreal too by chasing but fact is Priyanka don't have chasing habbit. Sonam Kapoor, Aishwarya, Katrina, Frieda Pinto got naturally approached by loreal, not chased anything.

Katrina friend is right deepika likers are busy spreading wrong rumors, news about other actresses without valid evidences and proofs, they are doing for making deepika up by putting others down. There are so many wrong news about Katrina, even for Sonam, Kangana, Priyanka they do the same, some make bad and dark other actresses pictures. Its true Loreal didn't replace Katrina, she honestly left in working for her own cosmetic brand, she would have worked unethically without letting others know, but cunningness, tactics was not in her mind in which deepika rules. Amazing how Kat is pulled for being silent and honest. And Deepika has nothing to be able to replace Katrina, clearly deepika replacing Katrina is deepika likers rumors. Katrina got loreal without efforts approached by them and deepika got loreal with hard efforts made by deepika like cutting down fees, deepika didn't got approached naturally.

LOlll...delusional deepika fans creating and posting some popcorn worthy fictional wondrful nd worthless Cmnts

USER DEEPIKA!!!! Time to disappear gracefully or go settle down in USA with Vin Diesel making babies.

Aishwarya Rai, Katrina kaif, sonam kapoor are natural beauties, they surely deserve to be loreal brand ambassadors but how come deepika passed to become loreal brand ambassador as she clearly lots of skin whitening surgeries, hair coloring and even lots of fillers and beauty treatments she does, also it was confirm news that deepika once spend 18 hours long in the beauty clinic, CLEARLY DEEPIKA IS TACTIC MINDER MAJORITY PEOPLE ALREADY AGREED THIS, ONE MORE HER MAJOR TACTIC IS THAT THIS DESPERATE LADY CUT DOWN HER FEES 50% TO GET LOREAL AMBASSADORS, PLEASE DEEPIKA IS NOTHING WITHOUT SYMPATHIES, RACIAL PEOPLE AND MAJORLY BECAUSE THIS DEEPIKA CHASES EVERYTHING IN HER LIFE, SHE CRIES AND GETS, SHE CHASES RANBIR, SHE CHASES SLB, SHE CHASES VIN DIESEL TO GET MORE HOLLYWOOD PROJECTS, SHE CHASES LOREAL BY CRYING THAT SHE WILL CUT DOWN HER FEES 50% TO GET LOREAL, When this despo will get tired, seriously she is sooooo greedy, never gets satisfied with anything in life, deepika is such revenge minded, very very revenge minded, can't follow this sword minder. Pinkvilla you are extremely biased and racial if you don't post this, which I don't want to form opinion for you.

katrina and natural beauty? LOL - joke of the century!! even a kardashian is more natural than her !! hahaha


hi katrina stop writing essays. You are so jelaous of ash too and google the news please. You love to assume things on your own as usual. post ti pv. you post every comment of by kat pr and fans but no replies.

Baby Deepika fans write novels not only essays in assuming things in air as usual, see comments down how deepika despo fans are writing novels in saying bad for katrina, alia, or Priyanka Chopra, and thats what katrina friend is accusing truth,, Deepika racial fans always assume things dear baby as ever usual. They have no valid evidences, but Katrina fans come with valid evidences. And wait and watch other actresses friend and PR will stand up now. post this pv. you post every comment of by deepika pr and fans. please pinkvilla you can't be super biased. request you.

Drama queens are back ! Enough of them two!

Yes, Surely Deepika, her PR and her fans also does that, they pull others down to make deepika up, they spread wrong rumors about others specially Katrina to make deepika up, Why???? Because Deepika is jealous of Katrina because she is first Ranbir obsessed, she has sweared she will not let any other girl in Ranbir's life, just because Ranbir loved once Katrina, she is so behind her, why so revenge minded, why she is not letting Ranbir happy. Now even there is breakup of Ranbir and Katrina, then why she is so behind Katrina, because deepika is racial minder, she thinks how India can like Katrina over her, as katrina is half Indian, and she is full Indian, but deepika listen India is not like you, India is great place, India already accepted katrina 5 years before your Success. Lastly, first of all I admire Katrina's friend and PR to come forward against deepika, same way deepika and her PR has been to Kangana, same way deepika and her PR been for Sonam, same way deepika and her PR has been to Anushka Sharma, deepika and her PR are at high work and extremely active for putting all other actresses down with wrong rumors and there is so many proves. So it will be highly appreciable that all other actresses and her PR should take a same stand against Deepika Padukone. Take a stand against deepika bad behavior. Please Pinkvilla post, I request, request request request request request request request

calm down katrina. we love Deepika no matter what u say or will say.

Deepika is having that tactic badass smile because she creates fight between people, she created fight tiff between Ranbir-Sonam, then Ranbir-Katrina, then Hrithik-Suzzane, then Vin Diesel-Paloma Jimenez, then Ranbir-Ranveer, then Sanjay Leela Bhansali-Kareena Kapoor, then Sanjay Leela Bhansali-Priyanka Chopra,.Ranveer Singh is having Tsunami in his mind because of deepika, Deepika is trouble creator between People.

katrina thinks she is THE sh*t but she actually is just sh*t ! lool

kat is very cunning and insecure woman who play dirty and stab from behind. Actress praises kat out of fear of salman otherwise they dont give a damn about user flop kat. Everyone knows kat true nature and also knows she is a dangerous enemy who uses her EX to sabotage others career and name. She uses salman to make RK career a flop. She was always insecure about DP and spread false news about her . When she was asked about DP being higest paud her answer proves how jelaous she was of her success. Leave DP kat is also jealous of her friend Anushka and PC. when Rajeev asked kat about them turning producers so insecure kat said "i was the first to announce that i will produce a film but world did it" but there is a video proof that kat said she will NEVER produce a film(kohel puri show). When jealous kat was asked about Kangana and DP success and women centric movie this insecure lady said " i was offered it first but rejected them". Kat always linked her name to all those gives hit and successful like she tlak about Akshay when his movie Airlift becomes a hit,. She start comparing herself with little Harshali after BB huge success. Praising SRR without seeing the movie. LInk herself ot Alia, Anushka, PC , Varun, jacky and all when they give hits. She was rude to Jacky during IPL and on Jhalak sets. She uses her PR to defame Kapoors, RK, DP, Jacky, Salman, Lulia, Bips, Ash ,PC, kangana and harshali. Stop it kat please. Not a DP fan but a neutral being. Hope you publish my comment pinkvilla because you are not. Wonder why? i only state the facts with evidences.

deepvin no body like you anymore .your friends ranveeer and pc want to get ride from your so nothing in your hands , kat is so charming today every one want to cast kat in each film not you. you deeprakhi .deepvin don't compare yourself to my beautiful kat, don't be jealous

Two old ladies fighting for an endorsement deal. Haha. Please leave Bollywood old hags . U two enjoyed your time. Now we have Alia,dishapatani. Move on guys.

Katrina is far from relatable to most young women. Without Salman’s initial backing, there is no way she would have made it in Bollywood. She keeps trying to run away from that fact instead of embracing it.

Also, the obvious surgery on her face which she blamed on some dental issue is bizarre. She is going around telling women that you can attain gorgeous skin by using L’Oreal when she is busy at the plastic surgeon’s office getting her fillers done.

Katrina’s first movie was in Telugu with producer Suresh Babu (Rana Daggubati’s Dad) named Malleshwari. I guess most of you don’t understand Telugu but on a talk show called Open Heart with RK, he spoke about how unprofessional and unethical Katrina was. She had accepted remuneration, signed a contract and then refused to come on sets after they were built and technicians paid for. She practically blackmailed them into paying her more.
He specifically called her out and said that she set a precedent for unprofessional behavior among her peer group.
We all know how much the producers of Fitoor had to spend on her hair dyeing trips to London.
Can’t act. Barely has any brand pull. Fell out with Ranbir, John, Akshay and the Khan family members. And now, now unprofessional to boot. POST PLEASE

This allegations is as false as kat tooth infection :P

KAt PR calm down and stop accusing. Dp didnt say or did anything. From the very first day everyone was aware that kat lie abut launching her own brand. Second every star throw tantrums and is arrogant including DP. The have a right as they are big stars. KAt is always known for her unpopular behavior and uncooperativeness be it with makers and fans. Rk said that whenever Raj ji ask her to give another shot she said i have given 5 hits do you think we should do it again. She also throw tantrums at BB sets, fight with Basu, Had issues with Bips , was rude to parlor girl and plane crew.. she was ban by air india due to her behavior. Kat insults media by calling them and then saying i didnt call you and always misbehave with them. She always acts bad with cabin crew and talks to them through her manger when they ask her about her food preferences. Once an assistant designer said she didnt talk to her or even didnt have any eye contact with her depsite working for 5 hours. She left the sets when she was asked to act and lists goes on. Whoever met kat in real be in UK, Usa, Austria Holland etc always said she is a cold fish and behaves rudely with them Wonder why she is so insecure about deepika?who are her advisors? why she is behaving like this? he cant be on top forever. Live and let other live katrina. PINKVILLA KINDLY POST THIS TRUTH ITS NOT OFFENSIVE , PLEASE YOU ONLY POSTING KAT FANS COMMENTS BUT NOT MINE. WHY ARENT YOU POSTING THIS TRUTH PV? POST THIS TIME

I once met a customs officer who had met Katrina Kaif twice at the airport while doing his duty.
The first time he met her, he requested for a pic with her. Not only did she decline she said it in such a rude manner that the guy was embarrassed, as many of his colleagues were also nearby.
However as the karma goes, this guy again met Katrina Kaif after a few months. During the customs clearance process, he sent her for security check. She was a bit shocked and asked him “Don’t you know who I am? Don’t you watch movies?” To which the officer replied with authority “No I don’t watch movies. GO over there for the check”.
She definitely needed some lessons in humility.

Nothing special about her. Unlike other stars she doesn't have a positive Aura around her. Neither her personality nor her way of talking will impress you (Unless you're a blind follower). In my experience (I have met many stars as I used to work as a radio jockey), Only Salman has the charm & personality to woo you even if you hate him. (I am not a fan of salman and never watch his senseless movies). Akshay kumar is also full of energy and a humble person by heart. There are many other stars as well who have that x-Factor. But Katrina - Absolutely not!

Majority of the people have experienced the same thing: She isn’t a nice person and has some serious ego issues.

Once my roomie told me about her flight experience with Katrina Kaif and it’s really not good. She is not so friendly. My roomie is an air hostess with Jet Airways. She said whenever Katrina boards a flight, she sits with her manager and she doesn’t talk to anyone only her manager talks. When the flight air hostess comes to greet her or ask her about her food preference, she simply turns to her manager instead of talking to the flight attendant directly. She would then tell her food preference to her manager who would then convey it to the air hostess even if she want water she does the same.This is really so rude.

I wonder why she still has fans. Dang !

Once Katrina lashed out at an air hostess when she was woken up from her sleep and asked to fasten her seatbelt. She said ‘How dare you touch me? You are just an air hostess, the salary you earn is just a small amount which I spend in one day blah blah!!’. The crew was shocked & surprised by this.
She was also black listed from Jet Airways for her rude behaviour towards the staff. Though she is a celebrity, but this is not the way to talk to anyone. She doesn’t even allow to take pictures or give autographs to her fans.

This is so true. A friend of mine met her and Ranbir in a mall on the outskirts of Amsterdam. She used to be a huge Katrina fan back then. She got so excited, greeted them both & asked for a selfie with Katrina. Not only did Katrina give her a stare down in reply to her ‘Hi, I’m a huge fan’, she refused to have a picture clicked. Ranbir proactively offered my friend a selfie with him seemingly embarrassed of his then GF’s rude behaviour. Before my friend took their leave, Kaif also refused to give her an autograph.
So, I understand she’s a human who can be in a bad mood once in a while, but being rude to others cannot be excused all the time. She’s basically a cold fish who won’t respect you as a fellow human unless she’s on film promotions or you’re a Bollywood biggie.

midlife crises from kat part.

Can they both leave bollywood

just forget bad face of deppvin

Those who are saying Alia replaced DP in Lux please research properly. Deepika is the ambassador pink and white one when Alia hired for Green one. DP is still the ambassador of lux and she will shoot for new one very soon (according to DP official fan page in Twitter. Katrina was still endorse the Green one when DP signed for Lux. If we see from that point Alia replaced kat not DP.

vin lady goes down

#1 Post.Naturally.

My god deepika fans are unhinged. Fan of neither but it's obvious deepika's pr is ruthless. Alia didn't do any PR pieces when she replaced DP for Lux. Anyway she at her peak Katrina was prettier than DP any day so idk why do fans are pretending Katrina isn't pretty enough. Find Aish

Alia replaced Katrina for Lux! Alia is hired for endorsing the green Lux which was previously endorsed by Kat....whereas DP is endorsing the pink and white one....LOL

Not true, deepika replaced Katrina and now Alia is replacing deepika. Maybe because of L'Oréal but seriously. In 2013 deepika let out a barrage of articles about snatching lux.

Kangana replaced Kat in nakshatra last year and Kat did not blame Kangana. Then why DP?

cost Deepika is the only soft target for fading stars

What is the BIG DEAL? Even in Hollywood actors approach the filmmakers for the role when they hear about them casting for a film. Here in bollywood too, actors & actresses , go after the role. Like Shraddha mentioned that she approached Farhan for the role in Rock On 2. Katrina has all these dinner parties with Karan/Kabir Khan?Ali and all other directors. So what if Deepika approached for the role in his movie?How come this is a PR trick? Gone are the days when the directors approached the actors except the Khans. Actresses have to still like the inequality in the pay, reach out to get the roles.

because she said she had rejected it herself, while majidi says she was intrested in the movie. otherwise there is no harm

Just google Ash and Kat U will find how kat's PR played dirty to bring down ASH in past . Ash is still there enjoying stardom and respect of whole nation and Kat is now a laughing stock. Don't Blame Deepika's PR to give the same medicine to Kat and his PR. Kat is a big looser without the help of Lallu khan and her cunning PR. I don't even need to discuss her shoddy past and disfunctional family here. Even her last name is fake like her age.

Fuly agree. Aish. Most respectful actress. ,,, kat fully lost her dignity. Every time blaming others. And deepika not so much care for kat even

Going by what's happened whenever there has been a competition with deepika about a brand. It has been dismantled, and deepika has come out victorious by hook or by crook. Her pr promotes her for silly linkups, fake movie sign ups and auditions. All actresses have pr agencies, like the one putting out this article but deepika's especially specialises in mud slinging. She has achieved her share, why can't she let others live in peace. Not a Katrina fan, but honestly, Katrina needs to stay upright, so should kangana, Anushka, Priyanka, kareena and alia against deepika's pr. Isnt it an irony, deepika looks fairer than Katrina, and katrina has a permanent pout...pv post please

Deepika is highly insecure. She ain't getting any good bollywood offers thus trying to take katrina's name for publicity. Rightly said, if you want to show that you are better don't try to pull others down. Sad! And great going katrina! Loads of love to you. You're stunning!

katrina is highly insecure. She ain't getting any good bollywood offers thus trying to takeDeepika name for publicity. Rightly said, if you want to show that you are better don't try to pull others down. Sad! And great going deepkia! Loads of love to you. You're stunning!

katrina has lost the plot!

I have lost all respect for you katrina!

Somehow HRH Katrina Kaif is supposed to exempt from PR tactics she and her team have enjoyed playing for years at the expense of others (especially Aishwarya) and now when karma is dumping that Sugar Honey Iced Tea on them fair and square they are crying foul? Please sit down in the several seats we have reserved for you at the back of the auditorium. Nonsense.

Pleasee... if we are counting like that then look at all the crap aish pr has done against bebo...and shardhha and alia war too..get a life

Rakhi swanth Part 2 :DEEPIKA PUDAKONE

Caitlyn Jenner Part 2: KATRINA KAIF

Except DP and her stans nobody from industry called out Kat or her PR but the whole industry sonam,anushka,Aiswarya,kangana,PC,even Majid have called DP's dirty game and PR

duh! cry me a river katrina! you are such a cheapster with your baseless accusations.

Google Ash and Kat. See how cunning kat PR to bring Ash down to lift herself up. Stop blaming deepika please katrina PR. Everyone is not as shrewd and class less like you.

what about aishwarya and her pr? constantly sending out articles against bebo


Says a Pr of kat who always enjoy bringing Ash dowm. Oh kat steal barbie deal from Ash, she replace ash as natshtra ambassador , ash is too old to be a barbie and what not? Post the truth pv plz.

get lost dp. you are married women and so average . you have done lots of surgeries on her full body and bad face .beside of this you are looikng like a vin

from this picture its clear that katrina has done surgery to her lips. just have a look how obvious it is

from picture its clear dp has done a lots of surgeries. she is completely change her self according to wish of her husband vin

lol here comes Mr/Miss/Mrs Bad English!

hahaha trust me! its katrina that has gone through countless of surgeries, not deepika !

h. How dare Kat's PR accuse her of something they are guilty of themselves

Kat's PR did that sh*t to Aishwarya for years and now when karma is coming for them, they're crying wolf?

Dp is liked and praise by everyone for her loeral looks and pics which kat never get. No one was giving importance to flop kat thus kat and her Pr come up with this allegations to bring Dp down. Wonder who are her advisors?why so much insecurities about Dp? Why she is behaving like this? Can't she accept the truth and leave gracefully? Kat live and let others live. Otherwise you will be end up like parveen bobby. Kindly post pinkvilla please. I am posting it again and again but you are ignoring it. Why?paid ? Post this time

Katrina has no brands as no one wants her dye to her ruined face. Kriti replace her in titan , kalki in olay , shraddha in veet, dp in loeral, pc in pantene but katrina only got mad at dp replacing her because she is jealous and insecure of DP success and happiness. She was so jealous when Dp won best debut award (see video on YouTube). She always play dirty PR games and act as an angel. Katrina has no star Bfs no brands and no movies. Disgusting woman. Post it plz pinkvilla don't ignore this and biased towards dp.

4 back to back disasters and losing 6 big brands made kat crazy

Katrina is so jealous and insecure. Ridiculous

Kat got kicked out of a lot of brands...This is not the first,.She is out of pantene and veet also..And many more small ones..

Don't forget Nakshatra. She was replaced by Kangana last year though her PR tried to float stories that Kangana was replacing Aishwarya who hasn't endorsed the brand in nearly a decade.

Lol at people to believe biggest liar kat and her Pr. She lied about her age , father and past profession.she can lie about anything and everyone. Post please pinkvilla

After accusing Dp jealous and insecure kat blame Aamir to chop her songs and scenes in D3. Ridiculous

deepika is so insecure and jealous. This is ridiculous!

Staying in news by taking DP's name ? Try something else honey

Staying in news by taking DP's name ? Try something else honey

The queen of surgeries :Deepika padukone from her skin to nose,eyebrows,jawline,boobs

it is evident from this photo itself that kat has got a bad lip surgery

Lol kat turquotte /kaif/kazi is the queen of surgeries : nose job , lip job , chin job, botox fillers and boobs. Dont pass it to DP please lol tooth infection. Post my comment pinkvilla please don't ignore and biased towards dp
Plz post . Its a fact. You always post nasty comments by kat fans on dp but not reply .

katrina just cant stop crying! thats all that she does every time. her PR just wrote some crap about aamir and dhoom 3. like why now? woman! are you going through menopause or something?

hi Indian Donald Trump...

hi Indian Donald Trump

At least DP has some talent.

Lol over da cmmnts...here is simple logic for deepika fans,,if everyother actress out there is calling out deepika and her pr yhen surely prob mudt be with deepika..if at all she concentrates on her career rather than bringing others down would hv fetched her more brownie points

Look at kat.plastic face fake lips.blotted face.always trying to hide her swollen face with hair.there is no such friend.she herself is insecure n old enough to accept the truth that her time n fame gone.she is already been replaced by so many young actresses like alia kriti and sharadha etc in brands n movies as well. But she is explaining only loreals. Becoj both are arch rivals.

look dp plastic body .fake face with bunch of plastic try to hard to hide her villager face. she feel insecurity of every one even she feel insecuriy of her friend ranveer and priyanka. dp is already been replaced by young actress like alia. shardha. kriti. suuny leon. ,i hate soooo much deepvin

Deepika fanatics can argue and deny the obvious, but the fact is,with Deepika does not want to be friends any actress in Bollywood and everyone talks about her unsafe, dirty PR, while Katrina was friends with everyone even at the peak of her career. Not a fan of Katrina, not a hater of Deepika, but the fact is a fact. My comment is probably terribly offensive, worse than all the offensive posted comments . Pinkvillа is so biased that forgets to publish it again and again

I actually like DP. But her PR is definitely dirty and uses underhanded tricks. You can be a fan of someone and still be critical- i wish people would understand that

Pinkvilla website ois the second name of bashing... approve my comment ! I'm not even abusing and trolling

Google sonam kapoor L'Oreal global ambassador.
Sonam kapoor is a global ambassador, just because she hasn't made a big deal out of it shouting it from the roof tops doesn't mean she isn't.

I always wondered why Deepikaa was not being taken for L'Oréal since she has the Indian skin and looks and people like us needed someone like that to tell us abt shades that would would help us. Glad she is finally in.

SMH! Grow the fuq up!

First of all, Katrina wasn't a global brand ambassador of L'oreal. Neither is Sonam. Only Aishwarya was the international face and had ads featuring outside India. So, there is no question of DP replacing Kat. And its absurd to say they don't drop ambassadors. L'oreal clearly seems to have dropped her as she didn't add any value to the product and her red carpet appearances were a bust too. Kat's demographic have always been men(the horny kind whistling to chikni chameli) more than women.

And who is this friend of Katrina and how did she happen to know it was DP who put out this news? What about the news of Katrina replacing Ash for Nakshatra? Did Katrina do that? If one actress replaces the other, media is gonna make a news out of it. Katrina's PR is putting out lame news to keep her relevant. Like her fake cosmetic line. They made news out of her ex bf's mom liking her picture.

And this crazy person harping about L'oreal not being a big brand, L'oreal isn't but Pantene is? ROFL! Geez!

And ask me where is Nakshatra now?
After leaving Aishwarya, no one remembers this brand (

Sonam is a glabal one also. Just go and contact Loreal or check their website. Sonam, Aish, and Deepika are all considered Global

who is that desperate ? I have seen only Aish 's Loreal AD as global ambassador. You can send links and new of sonam being global....check with your sources.

yeah she is glabal alright!!

That's not true. Only Aishwarya is a global ambassador. Her solo ads are displayed internationally. When Sonam and Katrina were announced as brand ambassadors, they were announced as the "new Indian faces of Loreal", not "global ambassadors" After Ash, now Deepika has been announced as a global ambassador. Even Loreal USA's Twitter announced Deepika's signing. And yes, I checked their website. Nowhere does it say Sonam and Katrina are global ambassadors. Please don't try false tactics to manipulate us.

Being a deepika fan,i hv told this no of times that she has worst pr,which is ruining her image..now after this not only katrina's fans but entire fans of anu,priynka,kngna,sonam are having their day on social media,i dnt knw y she z allowing this,stop this dp

Please kat fans stop acting as Dp fans. You are posting same thing again and again.

Prefer katrina more in personality n niceness

Both are hasbeens... Alia already replaced DP for lux. Anyways can't believe ranveer loves this pr queen. I thought he was cool

Deepikas eyes are different sizes, just noticed

I remember there was article on how Deepika was replacing Ash .. then Ash shut that article down and put Deepika PR in place. Now this , seem so like Deepika been stalking L'Oréal and something isn't seriously wrong with deepika. When whole industry actress has problem with you then the problem is definitely you Deepika.

As a ranveer fan I can never like deepika. And it makes me wonder about ranveer... like seriously how is she not over ranbir by now? Why can't she get along with a single contemporary?

If Katrina has all what the brand needs, then no dirty politics will work. Just like the same brand has Ash for years. Later, after some years, even is DP doesnt have what the brand needs, they will replace her too. Its how it works for the brand. End of the day they need money and the face they are looking for.

Ugh this is exactly why i dont like dp off screen.She's a vision on screen and i like he acting and movies but omg offscreen i much prefer someone like alia or pari

xXx flop made her crazy deepu

Yeah I'd probably go crazy too if my Hollywood debut earned $350 million, and lead to a global endorsement with a huge company.

A few facts: Katrina left Loreal herself to start her own brand. Just wait for it. Inside sources reveal to me how Katrina is busy with setting a make up and clothing beand up. She will create something for herself. She is extremely business minded. Loreal is not even a big brand. Its great for exposure but Katrina doesnt need that internationally as she isnt after it. I knew 6 months ago about Deepika and L'Oréal. In fact they went to Priyanka first but Priyanka didnt accept the fee. Deepika was willing to lower her asking price for the exposure at Cannes in return. How do I know all of this? I spoke to the Loreal group in the USA and have sources inside the ad world across the globe.

Fact: L'Oreal is the biggest cosmetic brand in the world with revenue of over 25.26 billion EUR per year and climbing. The L'Oreal Group owns The Body Shop, Kielh's, Garnier, Maybelline, Carol's Daughter, Redken, Urbay Decay, Lancome and many others.

Fact: L'Oreal's Global ambassadors include Jennifer Lopez, Beyonce, Maria Borges, Karlie Kloss, Blake Lively, Eva Longoria, Fan Bingbing, Barbara Palvin, Jane Fonda, Zoe Saldana, Julianne Moore, Freida Pinto, Aishwarya Rai-Bachchan and Deepika Padukone among others.

Fact: The official reason Katrina left was to go AND START HER OWN BRAND. The unofficial reason is that she just didn't fit in,couldn't handle the company's scheduling and couldn't move the products she was marketing for them.

Fact: Priyanka Chopra (before Deepika) was offered L'Oreal but remuneration was an issue. Priyanka went on to sign a deal with Procter and Gamble to endorse Pantene, the company also owns Covergirl Cosmetics.

Fact: L'Oreal is known for long and healthy relationships with its spokespeople but it does part ways with some when something is not working out; for example they parted ways with Michelle Phan after two years together " The relationship came to an end because, as WWD sources report, the line "didn't live up to the hype" they also parted ways with Belgian model Axelle after she posted compromising photos of herself on social media. Penelope Cruz's contract was cut short after uproar regarding her ads airbrushing caused them to be banned by global watchdog groups, the company later signed her to Lancome.

Fact: A L'Oreal ambassador has ended her contract early to pursue other goals; Gwen Stefani (2011 - 2013) left to start her own line with Urban Decay and had L'Oreal's full backing. Nothing new or special about what Kat is doing.

Pantene is a big brand then??

Pantene is the #3 Top Selling Shampoo brand in the US (Sunsilk by Unilever is #2 and Head and Shoulders by Pantene's parent company Procter and Gamble is #1). Head and Shoulders is endorsed in the US by Sofia Vergara (the highest paid actress on US television) and her son, Manolo. Hopefully, PC's endorsement will bump Pantene higher on the list for 2017 and beyond.

Its good, similar to L'Oréal but not massive.

Sometimes I actually wonder between DP and PC whom you love more? Because you come in every single post of DP and spread your insecure comments but we barely see your comments in your favs post. And you are saying that you talked to L'Oreal group about the fees of DP ( they also gave you the information) and want us to believe this. Do you think we are fool? No organization give their details information to anybody. No matter how big you are in your profession a organization like L'Oreal will neve give you the information about the payment of their brand ambassador. So keep your so called inside source to you and do focus on your fav post.

If the deal is monumental (like the deal L'Oreal almost struck with Adele for £12 million or back when they paid Beyonce £2.6m for just 10 days work a year when they renewed her contract in 2004) the news will be reported. According to CBS News, Scarlett Johansson and Penelope Cruz both reportedly earned 2 million a piece per year for endorsing L'Oreal. Cheryl Cole's contract with L'Oreal is worth an estimated £500,000 a year. Natalie Imbruglia earned an estimated £100,000 per year from her deal back in 2002. Jennifer Lopez's deal is estimated to earn her $5 to $6 million annually. In 2012, Anupama Chopra reported that Aishwarya was earning between Rs 9-10 Crores ($2-3 million dollars???) for 30 days of work per year for L'Oreal. Karlie Kloss is reportedly the highest paid L'Oreal model/supermodel, earning about $1 million dollars from them per year. The models/supermodels representing L'Oreal are their lowest paid celebrity brand ambassadors because they sign economical contracts in exchange for exposure. Singers and Actresses get paid more and according to their popularity and influence. All of this info is available on the web.

You are right dear. I got the information from the ad makers. Nothing ia confirmed however they did tell me 6 months ago Deepika was ready to accept the offer. Of course not everything is true and thats why I kept quite about this for the longest time. I just sharensome inside info that might be interesting.

well your source full mind write weird stories and i was waiting for someone to drag priyanka's name in it

Shaku, do you have to bring Priyanka into every equation? Priyanka is so hot n happening, why so much insecurity then?

#Humblebrag #secondhandembarrassment.

ok Katrina PR.

Why wait. You and her friend already declared it,

Aamir said that kat thinks world revolves around her and people only think about her. hahaah DP is insecure of katrina? seriously? Dp who is talented, beautiful and getting what she wants why would she be insecure of flop katrina? There is no reason for her being insecure. kat is insecure of DP. She cant see that she is not only kick out but her biggest rival got the brand.

But nobody would want a 40plus botox face as the ambassador of a reputed brand..Her arrogance is falling flat on her face.

Katty loves to blame others for her own mistakes. She leak her Private details and pics then blame media for it now she is blaming deepika when her lie got exposed.

First of all DP is Global ambassador and kat was Indian ambassador. So chill jelouse kat, obviously she didn't replace you because she hired as global.But it will not change the fact that you got kicked by L'Oreal.And it's not DP it's karma which is giving back to you. Stop blaming others for your failure. Your whole career is dependent on others and now you trying to blame others for your failure too.

kat face surgeries are so obvious here. her face and features changed completely.

Deepika was nvr self content..in her entire career she has been chasing,comparing,competeting..just remember showing other inferiour doesnt make u superior..evn after being bashed by kang,anushka and othrs she still remains same..sick

She got criticized for her looks at Cannes, also one of the worst looks and now the result of bad botox make her lose the deal.

Kat agian playing mind games to defame DP. Stop using you PR to sabotage others name.

i feel sorry for kat deepika got what she was luring for "ATTENTION" kat should have ignored

kat is still not over RK. poor Adi


Insecurities about katrina? NONE. There are none!!!!

Kat entire career and life revolves around Deepika. First sh steal her BF then accuse her for blaming her for breakup . Now crying DP didnt replace me and i am more successful than her. lol

lol Katrina is friends with literally everyone its Deepika who got zero friends in Bwood.If Deepika is so much better than KAT then what is the need of this constant comparasion. My dear deepika live and let live or else you will again go into depression

DP is way ahead of Katrina in acting and stardom. Poor Kat is now competition for Amy Jackson and Sunny Leone

An honest opinion, Kat doesn't have beauty or personality to represent Loreal ! And after her history's biggest disastrous red carpet appearance Loreal kicked her out !

Katrina was a huge flop on the Cannes red carpet unlike Aishwarya and Sonam who at least get noticed.

KAt using everyone from her EX salman to RK to DP and her EX current to stay in news. She can do anything for publicity.

KAt freind feels or kat feels? Lol last line is for you kat. Why bring DP down? it not her fault if loreal kick you out. Stop crying.

Why katrina? why accusing DP for when your lie got exposed?

This gal katrina she pretends to be sweet but is actually the opposite. That's the reason straight forward people don't like her.

Why do other actresses keep only complaining about DP (or her PR, who only work for her)?

have you noticed how so many people say kangana lives in her imaginations.

So many people have noticed that Deepika has children with Vin for a long time (of course, in her imagination) loves the red boxers of her ex (also in her imagination) and suffers from lifelong depression (mental illness, therefore great imagination)

Super uncool of deepika. Such are the ppl in the industry

The new face(s) is only going to make it harder for Katrina to get work.She is unrecognizable as her old self, she’s killing her career slowly.But stop blaming Deepika or anyone else for your failures.

LOL after seeing Deepika replacing her in L'Oreal she got mad but silent but she bursts into jealously after Neetu hugging DP and praising her. First her PR said Neetu still like her but no one gives importance so out of jealousy she is now accusing Deepika . So who is insecure?its kat. PV PST IT. YOU SHOULD PSOT ALL THE COMMENTS BUT AS USUAL YOU ARE POSTING NASTY COMMENTS BY KAT PR BE NEUTRAL BUT NO YOU ARE PAID BY KAT.

Dp is flying high and happy while kat is a flop with no star BF and flops. Kat is over excessively PR driven. she should focus on her acting and hindi and leave DP alone.

I thought Twinkle replaced Katrina, was she not an Indian ambassador?

Kat is after DP since day 1. If its true provide solid proof of it. simple.

This is not da first time dat dp and her pr being called out,this was done way before by kangana,anushka,sonam,..most horrible pr ever

I have a feeling that Deepika is very insecure as a person. She was in depression also. But this is really bad to put someone else down!! She tried but couldn't do it with Priyanka!! Pc knocked her out !!

Ugh despika still upset over ranbir? How pathetic. PoOr ranveer singh

When and where this news came kat friend or PR? every news paper wrote that PD didnt replace kat. Reading it first time. yes DP fans said this but not media, its normal to say that xyz reaplces xyz in a brand. kat should learn acting and leave DP alone.

I always knew that a dip played dishonestly. Angel in the public, but a cunning intrigante behind the scenes. Deepika and Hrithik of one field berries. Many actresses Talked about Deepika's dishonest behavior, were Sonam Anushka Kanganа or Katrina, only Priyanka keeps silence and praises Deepika, she knows that Deepa is vindictive and will never forgive her. With Deepika is better to be friends, because she is a very dangerous enemy. Why is my comment not posted again, Pinkvillа, for what reason do not you publish my comments to each article for a week?

Kat cant see DP happiness and success. She s so insecure of her. Her PR always make negative articles about her and comment bad about DP but still she is mad at her only because she was thrown out by an international brand. Ash and Sonam, are pretty and suits brand and make it popular unlike kat who was ignored at the red carpet.

Katrina is a hater of Deepika's success, she can't digest the fact that Deepika is becoming more successful than her year by year, hence hire some fake friends to speak ill of DP.

Kat is being replaced by Shraddha in veet, kalki in olay, Kriti in titan, DP in Loreal , Lux by DP, alia in slice and much more but she get furious when her biggest rival whom she is jelaous replace her in the loreal.

This gal Deepika she pretends to be sweet but is actually the opposite. That's the reason straight forward people don't like her.

do you know her in real to say that? its kat who pretend to be sweet but in real is oppsite. Thats the reason no body likes her or wants to marry her.

The only news here was that Katrina has "friends"

Why katrina PR accusing DP? oh she cant digest that fact that Dp replace her, Kat is so jealous.

Nonsense ! A star's popularity is directly linked to their last hit movie which in it's turn reflects their popularity around the country. When you are queen of the box office , you bag the adverts ! Katrina's had no hit movies in the past 2 years , then she goes & does something to her face . People are commenting now that she can't open a movie without a superstar . After the break up with Ranbir , her popularity has waned . Anushka, Kangana & ( most especially) young Alia Bhatt have overtaken her in every way . Katrina's getting nervous , thus the joining of the social media after such a long time . L' Oreal has dropped her for a more popular star , Deepika doesn't need to lift a finger to drag Katrina down as she's way more popular today than Katrina. And when are the Katrina cosmetics coming out ?

This can not be the main reason. Sonam has never been one of the most successful actresses and has given a lot of flops, but Loreal still maintains a contract with her. I still think that the reason is in Deepika, she sent the tentacle to Loreal for a long time and finally got it for a smaller amount. Deepika also attacked Vishal for work in Rangoon, even for free. Deepika is not an angel whom he wants to appear

There are no angels in this world ruled by money . An actress is taken according to the demographics she's supposed to attract to buy their product . Sonam has a carefully constructed image based solely on her appearance - clothes , hairstyle & make up . Young Indian women look up to her & copy her , exactly what a make up company requires. It's not only about how much you have to pay the actress ,but also what does the actress bring to your product . I see nothing wrong in asking for work if you want it ,everybody wants to bag that promotion . Didn't Katrina ask Abhishek Kapoor for Fitoor , ask for Anand L Rai's movie with SRK ? Even for Rangoon , Kangana was taken for her talent which nobody can replace. There were blind items about how Deepika was angry with L'Oreal for being negative in the past about her ,this time she's asked for a bomb & got it because of her popularity ,so no undercutting here . If you are replaced so easily , it shows you are easily dispensable. There used to be a time when one saw Katrina in plenty of adverts , now she's being replaced in plenty of products ,not just L'Oreal . It's Alia Bhatt you see everywhere today .

yes, super hit rangoon.Deepika wanted to grab super hit rangoon

Who said DP attack Vishal for work in Rangoon? kangana? she lie about it. You cant trsut her. Shahid said na she make stuff in her head. kat isnt angel as you think she is an angel.

LOL. Now you play the card of sati Savitri, as Deepika always does. A blind spoke about this and there was a hint from Vishal. obsession with Kangana in the mind of fans Deepika and Hrithik, calm down already and that's enough to consider that Deepika angel !!! Tired already

Lol now you play blame game as Kat always does. Blind lol kat fans trust blinds about DP alone. There was also blinds about Kat past , kapoors show it to RK and how kat is pretending to be nice etc. Do you believe them too? There was never a hint from Vishal. dont lie like kat. Why drag hrithik here? what he has to do with it? kat fans bash everyone then says we dont. Obsession DP is always in the mind of Kat and her fans. calm down.its enough to consider DP as a devil and kat as an angel. tired already. post it pv why arent u?

Sonam has popularity among young girls and has made a splash in Cannes. Never mind that she is a terrible actress and a motor mouth. Katrina on the other hand is a huge flop, losing popularity with youngsters and made zero impact in Cannes.

Thanks for the answer, at least it's a logical and polite answer. But I still do not believe that Deepika is not involved in this

Sly Kat pretending to be sati savitri. Everyone knows you were kicked out of loreal because of your tantrums and horrible appearance last year. Now unnecessarily dragging DP's name and pretending to be a saint.

Im anu's fan im glad that atlst someone from katrina's side spoke about deepika's pr after longtime..dp does all sort of nasty pr tactics to show everyothr actress inferior to her..she should stop this..she did this to anu,pc,kat,kangana nd evn sonam..anu has already made clear how her pr play games

Deepika's entire career revolves around Katrina. First cry about how Kat stole your boyfriend and now cry about how Kat is unsuccessful and you are most successful.

i wish this "friend " would have a press conference and tell us who she is. This papparazzi thing is getting out of hand. PV you print this article and now you will ask DP why she did this. She will say something. then you will ask Katrina DP said this what do u have to say and ur friend?! 2-3 weeks of news. I think this is Ranbir's PR trying to show that two famous people are still arguing and fighting over him 10 years down the line.! everybodys moved on. RK and Pinkvilla please do the same

Katrina has been silent for too long letting everyone assume DP is an angel. Finally hitting back

Of course by friend we all should mean Katrina Kaif's team who lashed out after several blinds by Deepika's PR about Katrina saying bye bye to Loreal. Let's not forget how certain Ms Padukone was trying to get her a** signed by Loreal and I still remember how Aishwarya's team here on Pinkvilla exposed her for that. At the end she finally got it, by cutting 50% off though as far as I know Loreal came to her before signing Katrina but she asked very high price. Seems that XXX failure had some side effects.

And I completely agree with the insecurity part. The fun thing is that people still be like OH KAT IS SO JEALOUS OF QUEEN DEEPIKA but the fact is that Katrina is not the first one to call out Deepika publicly. Sonam, Anushka, Priyanka, Kangana all did that but still people prefer to close their eyes on that. Deepika should stop being so insecure and let others live too.

DP fans asking if Katrina has friends is ironic since DP is pretty much isolated from the rest of the Bollywood actresses.

LOOOOOOL I'm not even adeepika but girl deserves the success and kat please leave!

I don't like Katrina honestly, but we all know Deepika is not the good girl she is marketing. She has played pr dirty games with almost all her rivals; Priyanka, Kareena, Katrina, Sonam, Anushka, Kangana and all these women tell the same thing about her.

Katrina left the brand for her own reasons, whatever they may be. Perhaps the makeup launch is a cover up, but who cares? Deepika needs to just focus on herself and stop pulling others down. She's so excessively PR driven. Like, girl STOP. Take a break.

I think both ladies are extremely beautiful and talented but I don't see katrinas "friend" point here if you had the opportunity to be part of an international brand like L'Oréal why would you not take it up, there's nothing vindictive or sneaky of seeing a work opportunity and taking it, I seriously do respect Katrina but who in all honesty would leave L'Oréal to start their own brand especially when you rely on surgeries to keep yourself looking good

Bollywood is a dirty place . EVERYONE I mean EVERYONE is PLAYING games to STAY ALIVE !! U also playing Kat ! Don't fool us!

you snatched Ranbir, she snatched Loreal. 50/50

lol. someone's burning. Slay my bae dp!!

When you've worked hard for something you'll talk about it- whether it's healthy or not. Take a chill pill Kat

LOLOLOL. katrina has friends?

Who is that friend ?? Lol .. Hi Kat ,

lol shes over poor thing.. being mad at deepika wont help

Deepika's skin lightening procedures made her lighter than even Katrina

When jealous despika ever Get over being left for kat

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