Photos: Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh arrive together at Karan Johar’s bash

Rubbishing break up reports, Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone arrived together at Karan Johar's party in the city.
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Putting all the rumours alleging trouble in Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone’s paradise to rest, B-town’s one of the most loved couples DeepVeer made heads turn as they arrived together at Karan Johar’s bash in the city.

Donning cream floor length anarkali by Sabyasachi with yellow hand painted floral pattern on it, the 31-year-old actress looked pretty as she got clicked sitting alongside Ranveer.

The Befikre star, on the other hand, was snapped wearing a white shirt that he teamed with his current Padamavati look.

The Bajirao Mastani couple was all smiles and posed sportingly for the paps.

While a lot was said about Deepika and Ranveer’s growing differences, this one appearance together certainly proves that the duo is still going strong.

On the work front, the B-town pair will be next seen in Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Padmavati. Deepika will essay the role of Rani Padmini and Ranveer will be seen as Alauddin Khilji in the period drama.

Also starring in the controversial flick will be Shahid Kapoor as Rana Rawal Singh.

Talking about her experience of working with SLB for the third time, Deepika was heard as saying, “ Sanjay Leela Bhansali brings out the best in me as an actor. Working on ‘Padmavati’ with him brings out a creatively- enriching feeling in me… The way he pushes you, challenges you… That’s what drives me to do his films.”

Apparently, the trio- Shahid, Deepika, Ranveer- has pledged full commitment to the film and will not be starting any new project until its shoot is complete.

Co-produced by Bhansali Productions and Viacom 18 Motion Pictures, Padmavati will hit the silver screen on November 17.

This Day That Year


Well Ranveer is a macho man and Deepika is really lucky to have him for spending nights.I ts the magic of nights spent with Ranveer that brought her out of depression and made her Leela from boring Naina.
Look at Katrina, she loved Ranbir but love is just not enough . Ranbir is a very very girlish guy. He can't satisfy woman at bed. Still salute to Katrina for spending six years without s**. That's why Rk isn't getting any woman. At the end he will marry Ayan.

Lol a single Padukone fan , might be Quirk box is replying to every True comments about her. Looks like Padukone is also having a shakuntela. At least when shakuntela defends priyanka or post smthng good about my Katrina she is truly genuine. Posting one liners on Pc post is not wrong. But Quirk box is totally stupid.

Haggard aunty and her puppy

The condition of her fans are so pathetic that she always makes ridiculous statement just for a piece of publicity thats why people hate her so much,her fans are stand out for her they don't know its created by her that fight never end unless blind wake up.

i am not fan of anyone not dp.pc. kat.. but reality of all actresses is that. 1.dp is a very beautiful .sexy. hot but peoples kept speculating about her relationship but truth is that she truly love ranbir kapoor then ranveer singh because ranbir is her first love. but today ranveer singh love deepika so much.
2. pc is also very beautiful. hot and so popular it's has been written about her affair with srk. akshy. harman. shaihd etc but truth is that priyanka true lover is one and only shahid kapoor.. 3. kat . kat is not nice person at all . no one could be like her because of her rude behavior. she consider herself as a beautiful actress but actually she is not. today each and every person seem to be a praising dp or pc alot rather then any actresses .there is a tough competition between these two beauties .no one care about kat


She just released a pr piece about how she is supporting ranbir's sisters charity but Katrina didn't.... ranveer is so dumb

Where ? Link please I wanna read ? LiER

Read DNA. Let's hear the excuse deeputard

Padmavati promotion start

Popcorn please hahahahahahaaaa

Btw dpka face shows everything i cant forget how she looked at rk during tamasha promotion it shows that she still love rk

Yeah RK is the only one man in this world and everyone loves only him . Woah. No one can love Ranveer .

Looks like , haters don't hate them they just HATE Deepika PADUKONE ! They wants to see her unhappy . Plz Ranveer don't give them a chance to laugh at her

DUh I dislike them because i dislike her. She's so gross and manipulative. Not even talented or pretty and her fans act like everything this pr queen does is anazing

Love you guys , Plz be strong !!

means rk

RK fans never missing

HER hair sooo bad and ewww

Maybe bcz you hate her ?! Hm right?!

Ranveer Singh was with her when she shot Tamasha and xxx , Ranveer singh was with her when she promoted Tamasha and xxx , Ranveer singh was with her at Tamasha and xxx screening. And today he us also With her in REAL life ! Who is Rea

Haters , Plz STOP this " RK and Vin " staff yaar ! Ranbir and Vin diesel was the first celebs who is Oficially confirmed their relationship . RK did it when Ranveer was with him at kwk show and Vin did it when Deepika was with him at xxx promotion . They both rsdp didn't say anything when they confirmed it . They both just blushed and smiled . Which is so cute ! RK and vin knows them personally unlike us ! They spent time with ️Deepveer ! They knows how they are in real life ( behind the doors) don't believe what media writes ! Plz stop hating them !

Drama queen is back!!!

Really ? Where is Rani ? I can't see her . ;)

Rani is so beautiful .stunning and nice person. dp is totally drama queen. she just use her friends ranveer and priyanka chopra both. she is so jealous of kat. .every actress prettier then vin lady

Kabhi rk kabhi rs kabhi vinnnnnn......

Really , ?? Vin and Ranbir was first one who has CONFIRMED it that " Ranveer is her BOYFRIEND " !!!! Atleast unlike us they knows them personally right ?

Disgusting blind fans

After all of these drama with rk and vin she is still with ranveer hats off to ranveer

Yeah , She is happy Ranver is happy and they are enjoying with each other ! Now you can burn , jelous soul !

And she's still putting down articles that link her with RK and put down Katrina. Pathetic.

How did RK stay at tamasha promotions? She just posted a pic with him for holiday and was all over his mom

And second one : Deepika and Ranveer are always friendly and respectful with all senior actors ! Last year , they attended together to screen award and Deepika greeted with Rishi -Nettu ji also !

Where she have posted a pic with him ? Holi pic ? Soo?? YGHD also her movies which is so much loved by youngers and gave to her 190 cr super hit succses !! Not only Deepika exactly everyone posted balam picikari pics and song in holi !! Balam picikari is more popular that RL 's holi song admit it ! Post

Ranveer you are just " hot vacation " for her dubai , Maldiv , Alibaag, New York or Barcelona etc damn wake up!

Copying kangana now

Date Ranveer( for satisfaction on bed), Dream of Marrying Ranbir and have Babies with Vin.Good going Deepika.

Disgusting hater !

No dear , RK and Vin are stayed at Tamasha and xxx promotions . They are Reel not REAL! Ranveer is enough mature and secure dude . He is knows it . Can you see RKDP or Vinpika now?? No . But Ranveer always with her at Tamasha and xxx promotions , and in real life .

Till a few days before Padukone fans were saying ranveer to move over as she has moved ahead, she has no intrest in him, and she deserves a good looking ,royal prince like Ranbir but all of sudden they are quite ? They themselves are shocked how big User and Attention seeker their fav is. Shame on her.

Till a few days before Padukone fans were saying ranveer to move over as she has moved ahead, she has no intrest in him, and she deserves a good looking ,royal prince like Ranbir but all of sudden they are quite ? They themselves are shocked how big User and Attention seeker their fav is. Shame on her.

Guys chill she was in Bangalore for an event. She besically dressed traditional for that event.But after event she directly came Mumbai and attend Karan's party. So it's obvious she didn't get enough time to change dress.she even wore this in flight.


dp is look like a mature aged.

Panvati promotions begin!

Then be ready after Padmavati ;) many moreee will come on your way! Mark my word!

They look really good together! DP looks amazing!

I think that she is a great actor. I also think that the act is something she is doing offset with Ranveer for her image. I don't see any closeness between them, it looks staged.

Now hate ranveer thanks to her

After Katrina/Ranbir, these two take the crown for playing most PR games, acting coy about their existent or non-existent relationship and using it to milk publicity..Deepika in particular.
Disappointed! Thought Ranveer was more genuine than this...success can go to your heads.

So, joker and the nautanki came together to make a drama .

My baby rano with his aunty

Padmavati Pre - Promotions

She's so overdressed for KJo's party, doubt anyone else used a stylist for a party at his home

are they still just friends or hide and seek show ?


Irony, this is what deepika is user!!!, see here she how much to an extent uses Ranveer, from films hit with love highlight to receiving and dropping her from airport to home, LOL, Is she anything without help of Ranveer Singh anywhere

Vin vin vin

Sorry but he stayed at xxx promotions .

Fakest couple in mankind history

Deepika fans going on about haters blah blah because they can't answer for their user favorite.

Will they married ? Yes - like , no -dislike

Feel pity for Ranveer Singh, he always does that much for deepika but in return gets deepika's excitement heart for Ranbir Kapoor or Vin Diesel.

Whats wrong with all the haters? Its their life, let them decide. Sore losers, go get some of your own arm candy! DeepVeer fans are always gonna be by their side! #DeepVeerForever

Where is vin?

Everyone is dressed so casually at these things but she always has a stylist put her together for these events. she can't ever be herself. it's so sad.

Why can't she ever dress normally. she's so weird

His ponytail is the best thing in this pics

Everything seems so staged with them nowadays. They are both talented and attractive but still play these PR games.

I love Ranveer a lot . If she is in his life then I will respect her !

I love Deepveer

im crying ranveer extra hooooot

Poor Ranveer

Beauty,Brain and full of humbleness..Deepika is the best..need not to show media on everyday basis how much you are a couple or need ur friends to give u movie or atleast one your life without giving a damn to your will bark everywhere at anytime..

God bless! These two make a lovely couple because they're both great people individually


Mother son duo

So many bitter bettys about someone else's relationship. Pathetic.

Nope still hate this couple. Stop blocking comments for saying deepika's hair makes her look worse

Say what you will about the sentiments involved but these two are smoking hot.

Say what you will about the sentiments involved but these two are smoking hot.

They looks extra hot in the video

Such a married couple vibes . That's why when Deepika have asked about break up she replied " WHAAAATT?? " lol

Yay my lovelies. Please get married soon. Can't wait to see their babies

Power couple!. Deepika looking as pretty delicate with ever macho sexy Ranveer.

Wanna see a real power couple? Take a look at how Virat and Anushka are going strong, trying their best to create least drama about the relationship.

Welcome back my lovelies! Missed u

Baby boy , he isn't a MAN YET !

she needs to turn her hair black, and change her makeup. she should really try kajal in her lower eyelid and dark hair.. she will look younger, vibrant and prettier

whats with all the negative comments? all the haters need to chill....damn

My favorite celebrity couple. Haters are burning with jealousy and hatred, and I'm liking it. Deepika and Ranveer are wonderful together and I wish the the very best. Stay blessed lovely couple and keep achieving greater heights and continue to be humble.

Honestly she's super fit and hardworking! But imo she looks best with a little bit of weight. She has lost her warmth but u never know what ones going through. Not right to judge but her best self was during yjhd and RamLeela!

our baby boy with his mother looking actress

She looks so pretty.. Loved her dress.

deepveer are goals

she is happy

he is happy

haters get lost

Ranveer I love u so much handsome

how gentelman Is ranveer picked her up from airport and he is driving im dreaming

he is the best man any girl dreams about .... they are goal and Ranveer so fucking Hot

haters go to sleep

Oh well they have an open relationship, both have fun everywhere and then they get back with each other too. They are into each other but have fun elsewhere too are are okay with this arrangement

Fake couple

I don't think she's beautiful or talented but I wouldn't hate this couple of She just once non condescendingly and frankly acted like he's important in her life

Wooww finaly he is driving :D after so long

Who's she so overdressed for the party? Everybody else dressed so casually, and then she's looking like she's going to an awards show.

whattttt he still with her why ranveer why

ranveer open your eyes what is wrong with you

Hate to say this but he will marry her marks my word

InshAllah .

now thats a cute couple...not like that fake couple sid n alia

They both need each other for publicity...they are both extremely wonder they both lack friends in the industry...

Always thought ranveer was genuine but starting to think this

I don't think they ever had "differences". People just kept speculating about it because those two never acknowledge rumors or what people think and it's been written about in reports as if riffs were fact. I'm so bored of the "well all seems to be okay now". It was probably always okay and they probably have a good laugh at you for thinking otherwise lol.

Another day another ranbir/ranveer headline. All she can do to keep herself in the news

Wow! I love Ranveer Singh and I think the two of them will be happy together.

Nah if you liked him at all you would hate this couple

Love 'em.

Great together.

If you happy with her then I'm happy :)

So cute he picked up her from the airport

They have turned on the lights to fall on their faces. How desperate!

Sigh ranveer. How can one be so blind? She's not even spectacular in any aspect where it makes sense to overlook her weird ways.he could have done better in all respects.

Is she did black magic ?

After her HW debacle, she desperately needs to get back her position in BW so she uses linkup rumors with both Ranveer and Ranbir to make publicity. I really don't like Katrina but now I respect her because she has been in love with one guy for 6 years.

The Kapoor family was smart witty , they saved their son's life . But seems Bhavnanies ain't strong at all ! Or Ranver doesn't listening mummy's advice ! Post Yaar Pinkvilla cmon

Okaaay next pv

He picked up her from the airport and then came together to kjo bash . He waited her 2-3 hours at airport . Post plz

Ufff so hot dude :/

He must be jokin...I lost hope in him...

I lost hope in him

She needs him for publicity in India. She is so manipulative.

Couple for benefits!

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