Priyanka Chopra strikes a pose with Whoopi Goldberg and Robert De Niro

Priyanka Chopra poses with Hollywood big guns Whoopi Goldberg and Robert De Niro.
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Priyanka Chopra is flying high with all the name and fame she has made for herself in Hollywood. The global beauty of Bollywood is a favorite at talk shows and award ceremonies. Priyanka, as it happens, also has made herself some very influential friends in Hollywood. The lovely actress is seen here posing with none other than biggies Whoopi Goldberg, Janet Ribeca  and Robert De Niro.

PC shared the picture on her social networking handle and wrote, "An afternoon with the greats. Congrats @whoopigoldberg @janetribeca #RobertDeNiro on 16 yrs! Thanks for including me! #Tribeca2017 #JuryDuty".

On the work front, Priyanka will next be seen in the Hollywood flick Baywatch where she will play the antagonist. Team Baywatch shared a picture of the sultry siren yesterday that said Go Ahead and Stare. If Looks Could Kill.

The film is directed by Seth Gordon, based on the television series of the same name. The film stars Dwayne Johnson, Zac Efron, Alexandra Daddario, Kelly Rohrbach, Priyanka Chopra, Jon Bass, Ilfenesh Hadera, Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, David Hasselhoff and Pamela Anderson. It is set to release on May 25th.

PC garnered a lot of fame in international markets with her American TV series Quantico.

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You look great PC, rock on girl!

I wish the haters would go away but this is a fact of life on Pinkvilla. At the least I am free to comment just like them, and I comment how Priyanka is my oxygen. She does not let haters get to her, she just keeps walking and achieving. Love her very much.

Ohhhh that's really sweet......but pls spare us your daily fifty times "bla bla bla".....SICK!

Take a break Shakuntela/Pinkvillagirl. Everybody laughs about your desperate one-liner always to save the topics.

Has any Indian actress managed to do this ? No! That answers it all.

No other actress has a sugar daddy in India and a surgar daddy in the States. That answers it all.


PC - We love you. You've done so well and sharing the space with Whoopi Goldberg and Robert De Niro is truly amazing.
It's sad the fans of DP are finding fault in this even when DP hasn't managed to do anything remotely close to this.
More power to you.
You really show that more the people criticize you, greater success you manage to attain.

-PV please post this. Somehow my comments are ignored.

PV was right. Such comments should be ignored. Always the bashing of Deepika should be stopped finally. Only bcs she also entered Hollywood the jealous PV fans insult her 24/7.

i love seeing Priyanka everywhere :)

me too, everywhere begging for a film offer, poor jobless woman

Well, ain't she filthy rich for a jobless woman begging for offers? Look, if you want to hate make sure you have a solid and logical basis for it. Otherwise, just scurry away.

lovely pic

glad they picked Priyanka to be a part of the jury

she's so cute.

congrats Priyanka! I'm sure Tribeca Film Festival got a great juror with you

I wish there were more than 365 days in Priyanka's calender to make us fall in love more deeply with her!!! How cute this was!!! Priyanka is such an all rounder

People don't seem to understand fashion in India, her hair is sleek and chic, same with Deepika when she does her styles. The whole voluminous soft curls thing is super dated and only something for Bollywood. Get out of your bubble and understand how people outside of india dress.

Deepika fans can't compete with us .. just go on your dp post

Whoppi is so pretty compared to bleached queen PC at least Whoppi like her black skin and didnt do bleaching like queen of surgery PISS CEEEEEEEE PLASTIC

Yeah right. As if Peedika hasn't bleached her skin and endorsed fairness creams too.

she is a queen of the world. my gorgeous pc is a queen of millions heart,. sexy hottie

white is not her color no matter how much she bleaches her skin she cannot carry of white attire. too much fat ness now

whatever her skin color but she is super pretty . she is not fat

yayyyyyyyyy priyanka looks so fresh and pretty

Is Robert D married? oh boy .

Don't worry. She ain't gonna have "amazing" babies with him in her head.

Absolutely right! She gonna have "amazing" babies with SRK in her head.

Don't have to worry about that either, honey. She ain't gonna make her PR run crazy stories with SRK or anyone else like Deepika usually does to stay in the news.

she lies. Recent people magazine mentioned her hair style--- she says she was born bold and her grandma shaved her hair 4 times.
Desperate lies.

Have you been replying to your own comments? I feel for you, you poor little thing.

yes, she is bold face lier. say anything and stay in the news. She was born bald, and now models Shampoo to make extra money.

She lies about EVERYTHING!!!!!! Next she will say she is a virgin LOL be prepared for anything coming out of her plastic mouth she will say any BS to stay relevant.

those arms yo, must be training for sultan 2 heheheheheheeehee

yes she must be in sultan 2 with salman khan next movie. but she looks beautiful here

no she looks fat not beautiful get your eyes checked

you need to check your eyes dear, we are not blind like you

lol she is so big why is she gaining so much weight lololololol too much beer and burgers PC you looking like Sidharth your fatty bro gross

Your comment proves that there are varying levels of jealousy, callousness and meanness. What do you get out of bashing a successful person? What has she done to you? Don't like her, then simply don't read her posts. Try to be a better person, for your own sake.

What did DP do to you, is she having babies with your brother in her head or did she use your moms whitening cream????

hahahahah best comment ever!!! DP keeps burning PC fans PC fans keep going crazy they dont understand you can get fame in India you dont have to be pretending to be american with rolling your R's more than americans you can get love and fame in India.

I'd rather listen to PC rolling her R's than Deepika's ridiculous statements that make no sense at all. Joke is on you.

She looks terrible especially the Chipkoooo hair and that dress white makes her looks tubby chubby she should stick to black frocks. long and baggy to hide the fat she's accumulated.

omg you know she is not deepika chipku hair style is only passion of dp.

PC reaching greater heights. It's pitty just go for the dislike button.

Had been other actress in this frame, the people would have gone gaga. In case of priyanka, we are used to seeing this. Being a jury member, us a great regard. Immense talent in one pic!

please anushka pc and kat give some advice to dp for good hair style,and specially priyanka what kind of friend you are??? please give a some advice to deepika for different hair style.

Robert De Niro is a legend. Nice pic though

her hair make her look more beautiful

omg i love pecce now. she is so sexy

living the life! waah pc

Oh God I hate this Chipkoo hairstyle on her. I so miss her 2013-2015 appearances, her soft curls and updos. Recently her face looks bloated. Check your thyroid ;)

Daily Mail has picture of PC with DeNiro. SHE LOOKS SOOO PRETTY.

Gold Digger!!!

Gold star princess queen gorgeous PC

Happy for Priyanka! New experiences and opportunities. Congrats

Priyanka was at Harpers Bazaar 150 anniversary party yesterday. Post those pictures too

Must be a great experience judging art together. Seems like Priyanka had a great time :)

Awww such a lovey picture

Seems SRK is so shocked that he becomes a dad again he can not tweet even more....hehe

My baby looks sooo beautiful with my favorites

Overweight aunty Priyanka with her wig today again? OUCH!

She's perfect the way she is! Oh and that's obviously her real hair. Heights of jealousy!

Your couch must have a big sagging hole and your jealousy is sinking right down into it lol

Whoopi and Robert don`t even take notice about Priyanka. LOL.

they're the ones that invited Priyanka to be a jury member. I'm sure they took notice. lol keep burning!

There is another pic of them together,have a good day!

Yeah because all of them are looking at the camera, silly.

Wooooow my favorites

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