PHOTOS: Aaradhya Bachchan and her new pet Salt-Pepper join Big B during his Sunday waves

Aaradhya Bachchan and her pet cat joined Amitabh Bachchan for his Sunday meeting with fans today. Also seen is Aishwarya Rai Bachchan.
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We know that the living legend Amitabh Bachchan meets up with his fans every Sunday. That's right, thousands of fans collect outside his home Jalsa, every Sunday and Big B, being the generous idol that he is, gives them a glimpse of himself every week, something that they look forward to eagerly.

This Sunday, Big B had a special treat in store for his fans. He was accompanied by his little, adorable and very famous grand daughter Aaradhya Bachchan. Big B shared pictures of her and wrote, "And the reluctant little one finally agrees to come out to greet the well wishers .. but is disturbed by the crowds and admits she was a little afraid to be up there .. her main attraction being her new pet the stray cat whom she has named ‘salt pepper’ .."

Isn't that adorable?

Well, mom Aishwarya could not be far behind, when Aaradhya was waving to all the fans. Check out the bahu rani of the Bachchans watching over her daughter. Well, the mother-daughter pair is inseparable. Aaradhya had also recently accompanied her mom to the prestigious Cannes 2017 film festival. 

Big B added about Aaradhya, "She asked me to pet it and I told her I did not like cats, so she was surprised that I did not .. there is another one she said .. her sister .. the cats sister .. and wondered if I would consider liking the sister .. I said no .. I think I lost out a number of brownie points from her today .."


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Bachchans are really loved by the masses.

hope Karma gets back at Aish for what she did to Salman, Vivek, Rani, Sushmita, Sonam & Manisha Koirala!

She is going to be a single child.

Her family is with her, no need to worry about her. PV please post, don't let anyone pick on little kids.

Her family is with her, no need to worry about her.

Wonder what happened to Rainbow- Sunshine, the puppy given by Vivek. She married Abhi within two years .. I dont know, if that dog was kicked out, or given to the shelter...or to her maid... it is definitely not inside bachhan . PV kindly Post.

Whatever happened, it didn't belong to u-__-

I'm sure not only the child wants her mother there but the fans clamouring for a glimpse of their favourite actors is also very happy to see Aishwarya there. She was free and came out with her daughter to say hi, what's wrong with that? When a woman is not with her child she gets blamed (Kareena) when a woman is with her child she gets blamed (Aishwarya). How about you all stop judging women in general? SRK is always with his son, no one seems to be criticizing him!

Aishwarya looks very fresh without make-up, true beauty.

LOL, its so obvious that she's wearing lot's of makeup, even lipstick, she never appears publicly without her wig and makeup.

WHY IS AISHWARYA ALWAYS HAVE TO BE AROUND HER DAUGHTER. MY GOD HER GRANDFATHER WAS WITH HER. Aishwarya love to be relevant in photos. Now I know why Abhi, does not carry or show affections in public because he is to allow. Let the child grow up with the have her personality of herself. Aishwarya. We know you are the mother of the century. After all, Amitabh and Jaya raised two amazing children. Respect the child grandparents. Please post. Do not be one sided.

He still has that rolls Royce? I thought he gave it away after having trouble with some tax and stuff

oh god anything for publicity

Her bangs need to go??? Can u guys get any less opinionated????

Aww that's sweet!

What is amitabh wearing?

Hahahaha, his style can be really off but hey, at least he puts the 'A' in act. A fine actor


He is not a show off. It is a tradition now and people visiting Bombay from far-off places expect him to show up on Sundays.

He is a show off,

King appears in Balcony once a week. what a show of.

Yes, go to Juhu, to witness this tradition every Sunday, it's their stardom.

His subjects are street vendors, homeless people, gather in front of his mansion and he shows up... Great tradition.

Salman and Shahrukh have the same subjects, nobody has a problem with them.-_-


Got a new name,Queen_Rani?-__-

Are u talking about ur favs?

Aish Is an overprotective mom

So? A mother is always overprotective.

Aradhya is growing up to a beautiful and bright girl.. The bacchans are bringing her up really well.. look at the way abhieshek turned.. He's every girls dream husband.. well mannered and a gentleman.. Aradhya IL soon follow suit..

Its high time, her bangs need to go... Aishwarya, are you listening?

and who exactly are you to to instruct Aishwarya regarding her daughters hair? They can stay for as long as Aradhya wants them to stay. SHUSH

I DON'T THINK Ara has a choice in the matter, Aish does not want that big, dark mole/birthmark on the side, just below her hairline be exposed. It was a couple of times when she was a baby so she's making her wear the same hairstyle from since she was a baby.

Did she tell u in ur ears whose choice it is? #troll

Nobody cares what .U THINK.

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