Like Mother Like Son: Taimur Ali Khan mirrors Kareena Kapoor Khan's expression

Check out a new picture of Kareena Kapoor Khan's son, Taimur Ali Khan.
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We can agree that all of us are currently obsessed with Kareena Kapoor Khan and Saif Ali Khan's son, Taimur Ali Khan and deservedly so. The six-month-old has been stealing the spotlight since his birth and we eagerly wait to get a glimpse of the handsome munchkin. 

We came across an adorable photo of the toddler which will make you beam with joy instantly. In the photo, baby Taimur is seen giving a broad smile that will immediately melt your heart. But we also came across another picture of a very young Kareena and she is seen showing the same expression like Taimur. 

Check the picture out.


As they say like mother, like son!

Meanwhile, Taimur recently attended his new friend and Tusshar Kapoor's son Laksshya Kapoor's 1st birthday with mom Kareena. He instantly grabbed everyone's attention with his adorable cuteness and for a six-month-old, Taimur is already an expression king. Wearing a denim shirt and jeans with white sneakers, Kareena held baby Taimur and even made him wave adorably at the paparazzi. There were even inside pictures from the party where Taimur was seen interacting with Laksshya. Looks like the two-star kids are already on their way to be best friends. 

A while back, in an interview with a leading news channel, Kareena got candid on the responsibilities as a mother. She said, "There are a lot of responsibilities on you once you become a mother. You feel that your heart is not beating inside you but outside your body and that is the biggest responsibility. Both me and Saif always wanted this. We used to talk about all these things. Both of us see ourselves in Taimur and this is the most special thing."


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I may have problems with Kareena's post yoga posts on PV (it's an overkill, really) but I love, love, love pics of her lil butterball. Such a cherub. In fact I welcome all pics of BW's munchkins. Taimur, Misha, Aaradhya, Lakshya, AbRam, etc

Let's not hate the children

vry cute .cuteness overloaded in the pic

ditto Saif -

Saifs eyes

ha ha ha....shahid always whitewashes his baby's photos

Kareena fans are obsessed with white skin.

All babies open their mouth like that! That doesn't mean he looks like her!

Looks like Saif

Shahid fans need to chill out. I'm no Kareena fan (believe me) but Shahid is just desperate. His whole career has relied on the publicity his ex-girlfriends have gotten (Kareena, Priyanka). Now that they are not in his life, he needs to find another way to stay relevant, and what's better than his wife and baby? There was even a blind item on this recently.

so sweet! his expression is like kareena but he looks like saif. he looked so different just a few months ago.

This boy is gonna be a heartbreaker

Looks like Saif here. Sometimes, he looks like Randhir .

He's cross eyed! Lol

Kareena and her PR need to calm down. Every child has that expression at some time of their childhood. What is so strange in opening mouth and saying auuuu. Take a break Kareena PR.

Hey Mira take a chill pill.

Hi Shahid fan what's up?

Usually i think he looks like kareena but in this photo he looks exactly like Saif

The baby is mini-Saif and looks just like him and his older son Ibrahim.

Mini Bebo ❤️ beautiful

Baby is cute.little boring to read about her and her baby everyday.

Baby is cute.little boring to read about her and her baby.

Speak for yourself. And you know you can ignore right?

Comparing kareena and Shahihd is like comparing queens and peasant. just saying... so shahid is getting insecure

Hes soo cute mashallah

Ibrahim Ali Khan posted this photo. It is really good to see they have such a good relation with Kareena and her son. Sri Devi and Shilpa Shetty should learn some class from Kareena.

Shahid is insecure as a person..earliar when Misha was born he used to hide her face from media but as soon as kareena broke the stereotype and started sharing pics of Taimur since his birth..Shahid out of jealousy also started sharing Misha's pics every now and then. Shahid plz grow up.

I have always felt its other way round, whenever Shahid posts Kareena follow the suit...just after Shahid announced Meera's pregnancy few months later Kareena too announced.Till then she was claiming she is not much into motherhood!

Nice attempt but you are wrong as usual. Shahid announced he was going to be a dad during Udta Punjab trailer launch in April 2016 and guess what? Kareena was already 1 month pregnant at that time LOL LOL LOL

Same post again and again.

How many times their childhood pictures will be compared?

Nice photo

the baby resembles Ibrahim

Taimur is the cutest. Tomorrow shahid will post a pitcture of Misha. Just watch lol

As a man, he always shows love to his daughter. Your idol cant hold her son for seconds. that is what u people should worry about and leave Shahids family alone

its needless for u kareena fans to always compare this two. pls move on. what if he also do that?

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