Tamasha throwback: Imtiaz Ali shares some candid shots of Ranbir Kapoor and Deepika Padukone

Ranbir Kapoor and Deepika Padukone are seen here in these throwback pictures from the Tamasha shoot.
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Ranbir Kapoor is in the news for his soon to be released movie Jagga Jasoos. He and ex-girlfriend Katrina Kaif have kick-started the movie promotions in style. The team recently released a behind-the-scenes video of the lead pair and we must agree, it was totally adorable. 

Perhaps all the Jagga action reminded director Imtiaz Ali of his own film Tamasha, which released in 2015. The movie was written and directed by Imtiaz Ali and produced by Sajid Nadiadwala. Though the movie did not fare brilliantly at the box office, it was appreciated for its arty nature and the chemistry between its very popular lead pair Ranbir and Deepika.

Imtiaz recently commented that he wishes to work with Ranbir again. He said recently, "I always expect to do a film with Ranbir. When I was shooting with him in Tamasha, I clicked a few of his pictures and sent them to Rajkumar Hirani saying that he already looks so much like Sanjay Dutt, which is a big compliment for Ranbir I think. And when Ranbir and Raju sir showed me his look from the film (biopic on Sanjay Dutt), I think he is incredibly closer to the character and I am very keen to see what they have done in that film."

Currently, Imitiaz is busy with his Shah Rukh Khan film opposite Anushka Sharma

Ranbir Kapoor and Katrina Kaif are all set to take the silver screen by storm on July 14th. Jagga Jasoos directed by Anurag Basu has been delayed many a time. However, it will be finally out soon and we can't wait to catch a glimpse of it. 

Deepika on the other hand, is busy with Sanjay Leela Bhansali's Padmavati.

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Imtiaz has some kind of agenda and I cannot figure out what it is. Releasing pics at this time just makes me feel it is shady.

Deepika didn't do anything but her haters will come up with amazing stories. Y'all spend too much time over analyzing, go outside and live life!

Deepika somehow attaches her name to Ranbir atleast once a week!!

Just get back together and spare ranveer and Katrina, who are too good for you guys anyways.

What a boring pakau couple!!!
Cant just bare to see this couple!
I just spontaneously throw up when I see them!

I am neither kat fan nor deepika fan but seriously these two have worst fans always fighting like anything..Its good to defend their idols but not below the belt comments..I am really fed up seeing the hate comments in pv especially for these two ladies...Nowadays where all ladies trying to create their own identity why there is need of attaching their name to this Rk who is most undeserving and a cheater..some ppl who claims to be their fans still fighting for RanKAT and RKDP seriously if i would be a fan of any these two ladies i would say the best thing happened to them is their break up with RK..i literally cannot stand RK and this guy who did not even left his best friend gf who is not loyal to his friends how can he will be loyal to anyone in his life..so stop fighting over this guy .try not to post hurtful comments for anyone

best team! yayyy!


JJ promotions start.. RK knows only DP's shadow in anything can bring him success. So he convinced Imtiaz to leak some pics with DP. If it was DP's PR, they would have selected those pics in which DP's shots were best and she rocked the look.. So I don't think it is DP's work. And Imtiaz doing this by himself doesn't sense correct. So only logical reason is JJ promotions and Ranbir behind it..

You have to wonder about Imtiaz Ali here, why is he seeking publicity and what is his problem

Deepika will keep using Ranbir's name to gain audience sympathy.

Using Ranbir's name because she has no films

Deepika will keep using Ranbir's name to stay in news

She does not need ranbir dear unlike you who need your xx !

this is a conspiracy set up by imtiaxz and deepika. surely depict has cried about how she is feeling depressed and sad after JJ song is gaining popularity and imtiaz being a deepika bhakt has put tese pics out just to make deepika feel better as ppl will talk now about RKDP as well....somehting deepi does all times. surely she played victim card with imtiaz....lol

Kat why are you so riled up about an innocent post by Imtiaz ? Girl move on.....everyone has.....the man you are stressing yourself about will have an arranged marriage .......someone chosen by his mama.......and leave dp alone....the girl has no interest in the balding guy.......in case you haven't noticed she is enjoying life.......suggest you do the same.

when did imtiaz ali become publicity hungry? he needs to get a haircut soon lol

imtiaz and deepi are so despo for publicity lol

lol ! Kat lives on pv !!

deepikas expression shows her loss of mrs kapoor surname ;P.....

What nonsense ! Katrina please move on !!!

RK in first pic really shows he's fully done with deepi and he has no interested in being in photo also....tat time RANKAT were in a relationship and katrina is lucky RK only had eyes for her ...plz get back during JJ promos RANKAT ! yo both are best couple!

Did post this to bring attention???

its nor about RK or deepi....here imtiaz is trying to steal basu limelight ! lol

The movie was very good when Deepika was in it, she was barely seen in second half, and the movie fizzled. There should have been more of Mona darling's role. it would've been a super hit. The film was more geared towards showing off Ranbir's acting skills. The movie is a hit , not a super hit nor a flop.

Why u all think everything around katrina or deepika,,,, Imtiaz shares bz he likes his work people like his work

What is the fault of DP here whn she has been referred by others not by herself..moreover if Kat can hug Salman when she is aware tht he has lulia in his life thn why Imti can't share a photo..JJ is gonna be a big time flop..And RK left KK after living in with her so it was never a plot of DP but RK was tired nd bored of Katrina.

did salman confirm dating lulia? how you know he is dating lulia? it press was confirmation tat kat and salman still love each other lots...maybe they are back together as media is saying... salman only love katrina pv post

did Ranbir confirm dating Katrina? how you know he was dating Katrina? LOL people like you make me laugh. Thanks a lot for the laugh..

so deepika is having sleepless nights tat JJ is so fresh and being liked by most lol for all the disrespect she showed katrina with her boxer statement and marriage permission etc etc ...karma will bite right back with JJ being a blockbuster.

Sure she is having sleepless nights cause unlike you she has a life .......a busy exciting fulfilling life .

kat having sleepless nights after seeing these pics. lol Kat disrespect DP by visiting her then BF RK in NYC and Holland now disrespecting Lulia by hugging salman when he is not interested and saying leave salman for me plz etc etc Karma has bite Kat already. Jj hit or a flop its not a akrma for DP or anyone else. Post it please

deepika you mean nothing to RK...he dated you just for 2 years but RANKAT were in a relationship for 6 long years...lol DEAL DEAL DEAL lol

He also dumped Kat after all those years by quietly packing up and leaving while she was out of town! lol DEAL DEAL DEAL lol

Kat you keep repeating the same thing over and over. What are you insecure about ? is it that deep in your heart you know that he loved dp and will always have a place in his heart for her regardless of who they marry ?

deepika is it you? only you can make such lowly statements about someone having to suffer because of special bond with ex....RK will always pic katrina over you ...he always has...tats why he broke up with you suddenly and started dating kat....he will always have a special place for kat in his heart not you lol accept RK don't love you and deal with it

Yeah ! i guess that is why he begged dp to take him back and he ran away from you lol !

lol tats why in 2010 after one year of breaking up deepika went and talked lies on KWK....lol it was as RK was not caring about her ...he never was in love with her because it was obvious she was despo for the kapoor status and surname...lol he always looked miserable throughout 2008 when he was seen with mataji deepi ..and deepi very revenge girl can't take no...tats why she always doing tamasha ...cheeeee

lol deepika .....no...you will will be thinking of RK boxers while you with your hubby...lol

bang on. after all she was with RS when she thought about RK's CUTE boxers!!! so nothing will change post marriage as well looks like lol

kat you mean nothing to RK. He left you without telling you. Its not 6 yrs straight but on and off. Lol deal with it.

you are wrong! katrina is more dignified than despite lol which is why RK dumped despikaaa overnight for katrina lol....

You are totally losing it woman. You are ranting like a mad woman. Jeez get a grip kat !

still....its better being on and off in 6 years than being on and off and still getting tattoo in JUST two year rofl ....he is more comfy around katrina than kapoor surname despo deepika...deal with tat lol

best reply. Deepika DEAL with now.

kya tamasha lagake rakha hai?

why NOW?

rofl...am i the only one thinking RK wants to RUN from deepi and the fact tat RK gave a damn about deepi during the whole shooting of tamasha made deepi go into depression...she was sure she would steal RK by breaking RANKAT up rofl....

LAmo RK wanted to run away form KAT and he did ran away from her. RK talks sweet about DP and call her his daal chwal, etc. Gets your facts right DP didn't go into depression during Tamsha shoot but much before that. Dp don't want RK and happy with her life neither she broke Rankat. post the truth

evrybody knws deepika is i love you bbbbbbbbbbiraaaaaaa for RK .....lol

sorry imtiaz ali....barfi is better than ANY film you have made d your muse deepi has acted in lol you and deepika can DEAL with fact tat basu is much better director than you :P

Hello pc !

deepika you flopped in hollywood. now plz stop teaming with your directors to get RKs attention ! he don't give a damn about you

If rk does not give a damn then what are you worried about ? Why all the stupid comments ? Just leave it and hope that you can resurrect the dead !


So this comes up right after ranbir-katrina's post for jagga jasoos. Lol!!!

Lol no one cares about JJ and rankat posts. There are hardly any buzz and only 20 comments . Btw recall how we get rankat news and pics right after RKDP and Tamasha posts. KAt PR even leak that she call rishi papa the day Tamasha was released by both RK ad his dad exposed kat and her PR lies. POST IT PLEASE PV


RK looks so uncomfortable in the first pick....i think katrina was on his mind and he hated being with deepi in tat pic lol

Whatever make you feel happy kat. Rk looks chill and relax posing as well.

imtiaz ko aur kuch kaam nahi hai ....kuch bhi...plz write better scripts insatead of wasting time like this....Ranbir deepi are history....dont steal RANKAT limelight

Why jealous kat fans think he is trying to steal rankat limelight? and which limelight? no one is talking about rankat at all. Trust your fav Jodi instead bashing Imtaiz. you cant tell him what to post and what not to. He posted 4 pics not only of RKDP

really imtiaz? tamasha didn't even release in the month of JUNE....what you mean remembering tamasha? trying to steal basu thunder? tamasha is BIG flop ...you and your muse deepi DEAL with it rofl

boring film...only highlight was deepi crying holding onto her real life ex boyfriend! lol she cried her heart our for RK in tat part...it was real life scenario rofl get a life imtiaz....you never done this with any film only with deepi....clelry has a 'soft spot' for deepi :P

imtiaz is a so useless... why he always after deepika? why need to put out tamasha pics during JJ time? wats his agenda?

I have so much doubts about Amitabh and Ranbirs hair. They wear toupee. You will never see both in water or wet hair now. And always wearing caps in summer

Imti has got more and hiding them from immature fans! Let's see how many overreactions this simple photo is gonna get

So annoying.

First half was fresh , second half was very incoherent. The scenes with all theatre thing really bored me.

imtiaz has to really learn some basic etiquette ! he continued supporting deepika flirting with RK during tamasha promotion when he knew RK was with katrina tat time...cheeee

lol now now this obsessive ex deepi will try to steal RANKAT thunder during JJ promos

mataji deepika had to hav a post with RK in it....surely she got mad after jagga jasoos song turned out to be so big! lol RK don't care about you deepika! DEAL now

Love this team, tamasha had its moments

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