Alia Bhatt meets Sidharth Malhotra before he leaves for Kashmir

Alia Bhatt spotted outside Sidharth Malhotra's residence last night.
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Alia Bhatt and Sidharth Malhotra relationship rumours are not at all going down. They rumoured couple is often spotted together.

Yesterday, Alia was spotted outside Sidharth's residence. As Sid headed to Kashmir today, Alia made sure to meet her beau before he left.

Alia was seen wearing a white top and a pair of blue ripped jeans. She teamed it up with white sneakers. 

Recently, when a leading daily asked Alia if her relationship with Sidharth is fact or fiction, Alia replied, "I think it’s ‘faction’. I now have a new term for this. When people use the word ‘rumour’, I am like, ‘Kahaan ka rumour? Woh ho gaya. Abhi rumour nahi hai; ye purana ho gaya hai’ (What rumour? That’s old now. There’s no rumour anymore). Earlier, stories would call ‘rumoured lovebirds’. Now, there’s no rumour; it’s just lovebirds (laughs)."

She was also asked about being spotted often with Sidharth. To which she said, "There’s no denying that I do spend time with him. So, I am not going to say that, ‘Oh, I wasn’t spotted with Sid’. I was seen and I am okay with people spotting me there. I am very happy going to parties with him and being spotted at lunches with him. But I do the same thing with my other friends as well and spend time with them too. But Sidharth is and will always be special. That goes without saying."

Meanwhile, on the work front, Sidharth and Alia are likely to work together in Aashiqui 3.


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Anybody doubting sid or feeling he's not serious about her should go find and read his filmfare interview during kapoor and sons time u would know he is more in love just doesn't express in words alia is just bold that's it he is also equally attracted .actually he's quiet and shy so I don't question that at all

I totally agree with the last person's comment. Movie promotions in Bollywood have completely changed these days, the lead pair must flirt with each other so audience gets interested in their chemistry. That is no way tells you who they are really into in their private life. If Sid does not show PDA in public with Alia, that could be his middle class upbringing, he might prefer to keep his personal life private. I remember in a few interviews, he said that. Other hand Alia might love to show her fondness towards Sid. One person could be different than the other in a relationship. How about Sid going to her house at mid-night to wish on birthday or valentine’s day or many other occasions. And I don't think their such meetings at each other’s places are "friends" meetings. These meetings are always taking place late nights (mid night & beyond and not a 3rd person involved) and that only points to lovers' secret meetings to spend quality time. And, paps capturing them most of the times.....well, that's their job to chase celebrities to earn their bread & butter, so no surprise there. And, how about the numerous vacations they have taken together? Sid-Alia are very much together.....since 2014/2015 time. I wish them best of luck to keep their relationship solid and healthy and save from the haters :)

It's like they have to be all day hugging or kissing in public to shut up the haters

i do think they are really together. They flirted with their co-star just to promote the movie.. its kinda normal in Bollywood. In real life, they back to each other arms. They seems so into each other. Yes Alia a bit show off and not sid. That doesnt mean he dont like @ love her. How about the pic which Sid always getting spotted at Alia's house? pv pls post. thanks

he's always said Alia is too young for him. Double standards much.

Anyway,almost all his ex's are more or less Alia's age but they seem more mature women and not teens, they were only 1-2 years older than Alia

She can seems like a 15 years girl but she has 24 years old, isn't a teen

she seems like that 15 year old girl with a crush on a older guy for some reason. Their relationship is so weird. Sid needs to find women his own age.

he could be seeing her as friends only. when has he shown attraction, never. hes always called deepika hot for example and even in one interview said he would love to spend time with her, a while backk. these rumors with alia make no sense...he treats her like a friend imo.

They're definitely seeing each other. Who puts up a publicity stunt for years??

If he flirts and acts the same way with Alia the same way he has with jaquelene, Katrina or parineeti I would believe the rumors. As of now, nope. Also he wouldn't call other girls in the industry more stylish or more attractive if he was truly dating her, which he has. Just saying. Pv pls post.

Well..With so many photos I still don't feel they are dating. There's no proof of them being attracted to each other in that way, especially on sids part. Photos and news story's don't convince me. Their interviews speak volumes imo and they don't have that type of relationship.

She flirts a lot with her co-stars too not only Sid flirts.That's why I can't understand their relationship or whatever they have

Why is she going to his house along with paps gang always ? Go alone for a change !!! I guess This is only way to keep him in news , good going KARAN )) post

with so many photos of them spending soooo much time together i'v started to believe that they r actually dating. But I also sometimes feel that Alia is more into Sid whislt Sid on the other hand, though being in relationship with Alia, actually gets attracted to other women; maybe due to his filtarious nature...he went over board with Katrina during BBD promotions and also with Jacqueline during kwk. But straight after kwk went to Alia's house and was spotted there chilling with her...cant understand this guy...maybe Alia should let go of Sid for her own good

I am just trying to understand if this photographers are always standing in front of Sidharth's house as if he is the biggest star in the planet. Cheap publicity stunts which is going to hit back hard.

Yeah, this is what I don't get. This is all a publicity stunt but I just want to know who in their right mind thinks that shacking up with Siddharth Malhotra is really going to do anything for their career? His career is kind of failing.

isn't she too bad looking for him. Must like her personality

If she goes to his house it's because she wants to be with him, as a friend or girlfriend. So let them in peace


If they are together why they flirt with others, Sid says that he is single and acts as if Alia wasn't nobody for him in public

Just cause she is visiting him doesn't mean love birds. , could be friends. Seriously you fans have no idea what's going on in their lives or if they are truly dating. Please just get out of your bubble and stop making stuff up in your head. It is weird.

I'm beginning to think there is a relationship. If this is all a publicity stunt, like really no one cares about these two and they desperately want them to?! They are not really the "IT" couple!

When this drama ends?
Really Alia leave Sid. He is not into you. If a guy loves girl why he flirted with Jacqueline on kwk? He cares of her but like a brother cares of her sis.
Pv post

you r the best lovebirds ...sidlia

The size of that t-shirt is 3 times bigger than her

We get it Kjo.

With those clothes that she wear sure Sidharth will be excited haha

Haters gonna hate. Alia and Sid is going strong. They are love!#sidlia

Yes they are love! #Sidlia ❤

I feel sorry for her. I really hope she learns her lesson. Don't make him your priority since you clearly aren't for him!

have started feeling the same way...Sid seems to be using her or perhaps is attached to her but she clearly seems to be priority for him. Proof kwk episode with Alia and Varun vs kwk episode with Sid and Jacky.

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