Priyanka Chopra greets fans with a 'namaste' at the Mumbai Airport

Priyanka Chopra makes head turn in black as she lands in Mumbai.
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Our desi girl Priyanka Chopra is back to the Bay and we can't be happier. 

Donning a black jumpsuit, Priyanka was a vision in black as she made her exit from the Mumbai airport. She greeted the paparazzi with a namaste, spreading her desi vibes like a boss. 

Earlier today, PeeCee had shared an Instagram story of herself inside the flight before taking off. In the video, you can see Priyanka's happiness and excitement to return back home. 

In the video, she is seen saying, "There's something so special about heading home. I mean, I know I haven't taken off yet but I can't wait to be back in Bombay."

Well, we can't be happier to see our global star back to the city!

After making heads turn at the CFDA Fashion Awards which were held in NYC, the actor is back to India to complete a few brand commitments and spend time with her loving family and friends.

We also wonder if PiggyCops will finally open up about the movies she said to have locked. Rumours also suggest that Sanjay Leela Bhansali is very keen on Priyanka being a part of Sahir Ludhianvi's biopic. Only time will tell us which movie. However, nothing more has been divulged as of now.

Meanwhile, when it comes to Hollywood, Priyanka is reportedly in talks to star in two movies. One is A Kid Like Jake starring Jim Parsons, Claire Danes and Octavia Spencer and the other is Isn't It Romantic starring Rebel Wilson, Adam Devine and Liam Hemsworth.


Her Hollywood debut movie Baywatch starring The Rock and Zac Efron released in India on June 2, 2017. While the movie has not performed well at the box-office, Priyanka's performance as the antagonist Victoria Leeds, who gives the lifeguards a run for their money, has been appreciated.

Check out the pictures here: 


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beautiful priyanka chopra

she is so beautiful yar

Arms have gone flabby , face chubby , wrinkles all over the neck and bags under eye. Working on Hollywood is surely tough.

she is the world most beautiful women..she is not your deepika aunti hahahahahahaha

Does she smoke ?

no deepika ji everyone is not like you.she looks so hot

Acting sati savitri now

Looks like training for Sultan 2 and Mary Kom 2 is going strong. getting wider by the day.

She looks sooo fresh and lovely

Miss our lovebirds SRK and Priyanka on Twitter. Seems too much "work" in the Bandra Love Nest...uhhhh

Fruit flies dropping pellets of sarcasm, go back to your floating mess.

She's gone so fat. Hitting the gym wouldn't hurt her.

are you blind??so fa???? she looks so fit

Proud of U Peecee

Please don't forget to take your dirty laundry with you this time Ms Chopra.

Hope this time the papps are much more successful during SRKs and Priyankas rain dance in the middle of the night. Can't wait.

Grow up hater..arent u fed up of mentioning srk topic here..get a proper life n leave PC alone

Sweet, humble, gorgeous, talented. Can think of a zillion good things about her. Haters will hate and they can burn. Go PC and welcome back !!!!

She doesn't have to do this fake Namaste as if she's some foreigner.. she should be real..

Media shud ask her abt Jacketgate confession n SRK

Grow up hater..arent u fed up of mentioning srk topic here..get a proper life n leave PC alone..also she never said srk she said her previous boyfriend..i pity haters like u

holier than thou.

Baywatch is a flop all over including India. What bollywood projects? She has come back to beg for projects here.

what about xxx??hahahaha,

Will you ever cope with the trauma that Deepika is much more popular than Priyanka? Look for a therapist...LOL

hahahaha big joke

She gets such a warm welcome when she's in Mumbai. If this was paid, other actor/actresses would have got the same.

Unlike other actress, she looks so normal at the airport which is such a delight.

she is mine..i hate SRK

Baby! What is this??? You're mine just as much as I'm yours!! Love- Deepika Padukone.

Miss u baby

When is she leaving?

SRK on twitter: "Dildara"....stand by me ;)

Why I always get a message from Twitter when @RedChilliesEnt tweets? I only follow @iamsrk and want a message when HE tweets.......very very strange :p. Doesn't SRK know it's noticed when you have two accounts?

Bandra Love Nest calling.

PC makes sure media knows she's coming lmaoooooo despooooo flop tv actor.

Deepika, remember when they called you Priyanka?

of course, who would forget this disgusting scenario created by Priyanka :p

Like your PR who creates rumour mills out of every scenario??

How much do they pay the media for airport visits?

Cleavage show in the States and Namaste in India. Proof how fake this woman is.

Since you were too busy looking at her cleavage, she greets the press in Hollywood the same way

Every man want this type of girl.she looks sexy

i am in love with her last 3 pics

rab ne es ko bh jod jod kh bnaya hai yar.,

.....and always nice to hold the wedding ring of SRK into the camera....uuuuhhhh

Wellcom back my baby enjoying with your family and friends

Why does she do this every time? Come on, you keep coming back to India, stop calling the paparazzi every time.

Priyanka chopra's visit has set the entire Bollywood industry buzzing with excitement. Directors and producers have gone into a huddle and major studio heads are eager and very excited to meet this Hollywood legend.

Hollywood legend. / Learn English

You always forget to write the *LOL after your comments! Whatever love your sarcasm ;)

Awww welcome back

The Hollywood icon has finally landed. She will be signing 2 big Bollywood projects and will be also celebrating the huge success of baywatch in India.

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