Bye Bye Mumbai: Priyanka Chopra heads to Prague

Priyanka Chopra took to Instagram to reveal that she was going to Prague.
Priyanka Chopra
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Last week, our very own desi girl Priyanka Chopra was homebound as she returned to Mumbai and was welcomed by the rains. The actress was juggling between her brand commitments, reading scripts and spending quality time with her family and friends. 

Priyanka is already saying goodbye to India as she was spotted at the airport yesterday. She looked stunning in a slip style top with a denim jacket thrown over the shoulder and black skinny jeans. She accentuated the look with Lennons and strappy heels.

PeeCee took to Instagram to reveal that her next destination was Prague. She posted a close-up selfie from her flight and even in her de-glam avatar, the actress looks gorgeous.  


Sometimes you're too tired to smile. #Prague here I come

A post shared by Priyanka Chopra (@priyankachopra) on

Her caption reads as "Sometimes you're too tired to smile. #Prague here I come."

Meanwhile, Priyanka shared a picture with her team and mother Madhu Chopra on Instagram before leaving for Prague. She shared a sweet message for them.

Her caption reads as, "Team PC!! #india you are my heart! @madhuchopra @natashapal @mrinster @rohiniyer @chanchal_dsouza @parekhashni @stylebyami @anushreekirtikar #ChandMishra U were missed Vinita Chetna @hairbypriyanka."

Priyanka will soon be heading to the US to start shooting for the third season of Quantico which will have 13 episodes. 

She is also in talks to star in two Hollywood projects. One is A Kid Like Jake which stars Jim Parsons, Claire Danes and Octavia Spencer and the other is Isn't It Romantic which stars Rebel Wilson, Adam Devine and Liam Hemsworth. Priyanka is yet to give a confirm on both the Hollywood movies.



Love Peecee

Am pretty sure she tries to copy SRKs nose. Been successful ;)


Beautiful Priyanka

Intelligent, hardworking, successful, self made woman. Always on a roll !

l want her ring

To fade away her sadness SRK tweeted the famous Snoopy "Someday we'll die, other days we'll live"! Definitely sure that she was upset that he had to go away for that social dinner in that restaurant Gauri Khan designed on her last night in Mumbai.

LOL to fade away your crippled lie I just have to click on another site without your sh-t

*Sorry mis spelling it is SweetWoody @ SweetWoody1

people on twitter keep saying "heard you're in Prague, you should visit this place in Prague or come here!" never seen anything like it. they're so excited to have her there!

Top pic she sort of looks like Alia.

Lol, one hater pathetically commenting about how Priyanka has no movies, lol. Priyanka will never NOT have stuff to do. Not to mention she has to film season 3, and is producing her own movies. I guess they can't understand how Priyanka is an internationally recognized face now.

she is producing because she has no / less movies..Its a survival process

Every star starts producing movies to make more money. Why shouldn't Priyanka?

She is Prague to fix her nose. No one recognizes her in Prague.


LOL the paranoia guy has found a new victim :p, where is HansBunker2?

travels so much! cute pic!

Sultan two training in full force i see.

PC troll I see

Yummy yummy she looks sooo beauty

Hater commenting nonstop on Priyanka's topics then tells Priyanka to get a life! How ironic! Lol

Priyanka already picked her Bollywood film. It doesn't get announced right away though, people will find out soon.. she has to shoot two Hollywood films first

That's a lie!

no, it's true. Priyanka is doing 2 bollywood films: 1) Pink director's next thriller and 2) SLB produced Gustakiyan

and she is such a queen that her bw directors n producers are willing to wait for her patiently to finish the shooting of 2 hw film first..

Not quite. She is likely doing all you say but it is not u pon ehr to announce stuff like that it is upon studio bosses and they also need dates for casting of co-stars, so we can be patient. She is professional and does not just run her mouth.

yes she is!

She looks miserable...Glad he dumped her!!

She looks miserable...Glad he dumped her!!

You sound awful...Glad if at least Hell will have you!!

You sound like lunatic SweetWoody 1 or like sicko DP fan, anyway small difference

you look more miserable. I can understand when you hate an actress and then still she's rising

too much whitening ,tone it down.

it's called sunlight

Why is she so fair.. Too much of skin lightening. You can't be role model to any.

it's just the sunlight! there's pics and videos from the airport and she's her normal beautiful skin tone.

She posts everything she does. DESPERATE LADY. She needs a LIFE

you need a life too instead of posting hateful comments on the lady superstar of india

why is that this lady has to check in every move of hers? Why so desperate to be in the news? She needs PROPER LIFE...

Oh again Prague? SRK and Priyanka met there already last year in August. Seems they have nice memories when they meet again there.

"Daddys lil girl" and SRKs engagement ring always in focus ;-)


She once again leaves without any movies in her kitty. She has better chances of getting movies in Hollywood than Bollywood. Think her Bollywood career is over.

Priyanka signed 2 Bollywood films actually! Shoot doesn't start in a couple months though because she has to shoot 2 Hollywood films first. Her Hollywood film shoot starts this month and she still hasn't announced it, what makes you think she will announce about her Bollywood films which are months away? She doesn't have to announce... you'll figure out when she starts shooting anyways.

Why are you constantly lying? Her alleged Hollywod movies not even confirmed yet. Stop it finally!

Priyanka signed 'A Kid Like Jake' - confirmed by producer. Priyanka signed 'Isn't it romantic' - confirmed by director.

the producers and directors of the Hollywood films Priyanka is doing confirmed she's in it

She is producing 6 movies. Since when acting became bigger job than producing? She might have alrwady signed but not revealinf until male costar signed the offer. so much negativity :(

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