10 photos of Sanjay Dutt's daughter Trishala that prove she is a mirror copy of her Papa Dukes

Take a look at the pictures of stunning Trishala Dutt.
Sanjay Dutt,Trishala Dutt
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Sanjay Dutt's daughter Trishala manages to grab the attention with her fashion sense and throwback pictures with her daddy on Instagram. Trishala keeps updating about day-to-day activities through her pictures and has more than 98.5K followers to her credit. 

Trisha calls her Sanjay Dutt - Papa Dukes and as a very doting father, Sanjay is also possessive about his darling daughter. In one of the photos posted by Trishala from her video chat with her father, we get to see Sanjay Dutt's possessive and protective side. Trishala captioned the picture, "the look I get when asked if I'm seeing anybody... all in good humor tho! he's kidding. love you papa dukes! @dutt1 you always make me laugh and smile #fatheranddaughter #facetimechronicles #papadukes #andImBillythekid #hiiiiii."

In an earlier interview, Sanjay had said that he will not approve of Trishala's acting career. He said, “I have invested a lot of time and energy to put Trishala in a good college. She is doing well and works with FBI. Now, she is doing fashion designing. And to be in Hindi cinema, she should know the language first. And it’s not easy to be an actor. It looks glamorous but it’s a difficult job.”

Trishala was also in news for amazing weight loss transformation. Talking about her weight loss, Trishala, in an interview, said, I lost around 20 kilos. I got a trainer and I basically ate what I wanted but I did strength training at least four times a week for an hour. I really worked very, very hard for my results. I sweated, I cried, I did it all to get where I'm at. I still feel I need to lose more. I'm extremely broad on top and really narrow down below so it's frustrating shopping for shirts and jackets sometimes but I make the best of what I have. There is always room for more improvement."

Take a look at the pictures of stunning Trishala Dutt:

1) Some Papa Time... He is my lifetime love

2) Wine!!

3) Party Poppers...

4) I am such a poser!

5) Isn't she sensuous?

6) Fashion game on point!
7) Love for pets!
8) Forget about the dinner, Snapchat is more important
9) Dadaji love!
10) Travel goals


her mom richa was so pretty .....sad part sanju was not with her during her last stage.

Her Mom was also very pretty. Sad she died way too early.

I really like Trishala, she seems like a loving child and also a career driven, smart, self made woman who is living her best life and has varied interests!

Trishala's a well educated independent woman.. she could have come out of her experiences and gone the wrong way.. she decided to take up law school because her father was in jail and Sanjay Dutt couldnt even attend her graduation.. she's really a tough young lady..

So sanjay dutt PR is now using trishala to get sympathy and kudos from the public, ha? not going to work. You need to prove us, literally, that you give equal importance to trishala as you do to your kids from your third wife. only then will the public respect you. Trishala deserves to be loved and respected. she has suffered a lot. makes me so happy to see her pictures. She is so beautiful just like her mom.

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