Photos: Deepika Padukone's latest photos prove why she is apt for Queen Padmavati's role

Deepika Padukone's photos from her latest shoot will leave you stunned.
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Deepika Padukone surely knows how to turns heads. The gorgeous actress recently did a photoshoot and the pictures from it are absolutely breathtaking.
While in a few photos Deepika looks chic and stylish in a silk baby pink chinese collar gown with puffy sleeves, in other pictures she is slaying in a off shoulder layered netted dress. Deepika is also seen flaunting her sexy side in a cold shoulder green satin dress, followed by a yellow midi outfit with a deep neckline. She is seen closing her look with heavy neck pieces and middle-parted hairstyle!
Doesn't she look beautiful?!
We are in love with all the photos and cannot pick and choose our favourite. And you?
On the work front, Deepika Padukone is currently shooting for Sanjay Leela Bhansali's Padmavati along with Ranveer Singh and Shahid Kapoor. In the movie, she plays the role of Rani Padmini, who during the attack by Alauddin Khilji on Chittor headed by Raja Rawal Ratan Singh, doesn't give in to his demands and instead chooses to do jauhar. The movie went on-floors last year and is currently being shot at a studio in Mumbai. It is scheduled to release on November 17, 2017.
Owing to her choc-a-block schedule, reportedly, Deepika Padukone opted out of Aanand L. Rai's next opposite Shah Rukh Khan. She was to share screen space with Katrina Kaif and it was a casting coup of sorts. Meanwhile, Deepika is also rumoured to have signed Vishal Bhardwaj's next based on Hussain Zaidi's book Mafia Queen. The movie will also star Irrfan Khan. However, an official announcement around it is yet to happen.


Bollywood will never find such a perfect actress, she has amazing beauty and powerful personality which makes her no. 1

Queen of Bollywood, she truly deserves this title. Only Deepika can make justice to challenging roles like Queen Padmavati.

She looks like an aging and lost actor. Every photo shoot of hers is the same these days -trying to desperately looks pretty, hot or regal. She has no personality minus her PR manipulations.

No she can never match the beauty of queen padmavati. The only actresses I can think of as queen padmavati is Aishwarya rai. Bhansali will regret casting this avg face as Padmavati on her wish.

I look much better than her with my naturally fair skin

Priyanka and Katrina are career finished actress.

Katrina has lost her stardom but Priyanka is still one of the best actress !
Since last few years Deepika has maintained top position which is out of reach for other actresses.
Only Priyanka is strong competitor for Deepika. Both of them are versatile actress but Deepika always has upper hand because of her beauty & powerful personality !

Here comes a weak woman who is ashamed of her natural Indian brown skin tone. She is an embarrassment for all of us.

Is she using Fair and lovely cream.

Instead of talking about her super boring and fake Depresion issue, Dp must talk about her skin lightening treatment.

Why is she looking so fair ? I thought she is a brown girl,

I am guessing the shoot was for a jewelry brand.

Damn, Shakuntela finally came to dislike all the positive comments, Was wondering why there was so much positivity here.

She looks like a model. Any old generic model. When she first started she did have that Aishwarya Rai type delicate features and I can see why SLB would have her in his films but she just doesn't have that freshness. If you compare Aishwarya in HDDCS and in Devdas - she had lost some puppy fat but that actually made her all the more beautiful in Devdas. Whereas Deepika has lost that puppy fat too but it's not making her look more beautiful. She looks tired, like a vampire, with thin skin stretched over bones, no freshness or joy in her eyes, nothing that makes you go WOW. She's just like a wooden doll that's been dressed up. I would agree with the comments that although Deepika has better bone structure than Yami, Yami is looking more captivating than Deepika these days. Get some rest Deepika, eat some food, and bronze your skin again.

Looking behenji deepika.sonam would have been perfect choice for this tanisha photoshoot. Royal,elegant,classy, beautiful sonam kapoor for me or aishwarya rai .

Shaks kat and pc are here lol !

Deepika's looks have been enhanced over the years with surgeries, skin lightening and light contacts but here even all the photoshopping did not help, she's highly overrated.

Blatant lie ! At twelve she had the same face and complexion. Please do not hate just because she is not your fave.

Deepika's nose is so weird now

Fresh whitening shots


The lady look is beyond amazing!!! She carried it off very well too

I don't hate her, but she clearly never was a "beauty". She has a nice smile and is a cute girl next door but all of this " most beautiful of her contemporaries" that her fans try to push is so untrue. Sonam looked stunning as a princess and in Saawariya. Diana Penty is really beautiful, and looked much more beautiful in Cocktail. Of course no one can touch Aishwarya. PS her nose been looking weird for a while, and she really needs to rest so she'll look less tired.

Well that's your opinion. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and a lot of people just happen to think she's the most beautiful of the current generation. Not saying Sonam or Diana aren't pretty, but to me Deepika has this otherworldly beauty and is the first to have that since Ash :)

Deepika is indeed very beautiful and has strong screen presence. But no way is she ''otherworldly'' most beautiful of them all because there's plenty of regular girls out there who are similar looking to her or better. not a hater just stating the facts. Aishwarya of course during her earlier years couldve been consider "out of the world" beauty.

Like I said, that's my opinion. You clearly have a different one. Peace.

... are you blind?

She's an epic miscast and why does she look high in ALL of her photoshoots since 2016?

High or depressed. She is a disaster for luxury or jewellery brands. Ash or Kareena could sleep walk through a shoot and look a million times better.

SHe has the most overrated face of all time. Sonam and Yami are much more beautiful than her and she is NO WHERE close to Aishwarya. People just pity her as the broken hearted girl and pretend she is beautiful.

Pinkvilla, you can block all the comments you want but it won't stop her from looking aged

Breaking news: people look older as the years go by. Doesn't make her any less beautiful.

when you age this poorly, yes it does. but she was never beautiful anyways

Zero expression

She is not ott like you madam !

Excuse me ! Every expression is different.....very subtle and in the eyes....says a lot about you if you can't see it

She's modelling for a brand, not acting.

She looks beautiful if she has little fat on her face especially in Indian wear else she will look tired

These r breathtaking!!!!
Deepika is the only actress after aish ,who can look so beautiful ,though she is a great actor than aish.
But man look at her ,the way she carries those dresses & jewelry. She has so many dimensions to her.
So beautiful.... and royal.Tanishq should be proud to have her

I normally find her stunning but this photoshoot does nothing for her beauty. The only dress she looks fanatstic in is the pink flowing one. The motion on that dress is amazing

Wow just Wow!

i love this photoshoot the makeup is gorgeous.


She is not looking that good..she is just looking ok.
As far as Padmavati is concerned..Kareena would be apt for role as she has unique beauty and can pull off strong role of Padmavati unlike DP who ruined Bajirao mastani with her acting skills.

Shaks / pc give it a rest .

Emphasis has been put more on the clothes than the the jewelry, big mistake

Aren't the sleeves in those dresses absolutely gorgeous ? !! Deeps darling you have outdone yourself. Just lovely.

Each photo is stunning but my favorites are the one in the white dress and the blue green dress

I like beautiful photos))
But, Deepika, you will never come nearer to the unearthly beauty of Aish, although you are desperately trying)

absolutely gorgeous! I love the jewelry, the dresses, everything just looks stunning!

Padmavati was a beauty queen while Deepika was never ever known for her beauty. She is known for her sexy and hot brown looks.

She looks good here. Skin whitening treatment finally worked for her.

Dp career is over

Is that why her hoardings are all over India? Is that why she was last year's 10th highest paid actress?

Whatever she never was a dream girl of nation like Aishwarya of Katrina. Disha patani is current dream girl of India. Dp is now old .

this is romantic

Very statuesque.

Peach and yellow dresses are so so beautiful, she looks like a princess.

her face is decent...but the pic looks beautiful with her entire body and taall frame

This woman is so gorgeous. She is just timeless. None of her contemporaries can come close to looking so beautiful.


She's so overrated. Only her fans think she's pretty

Wow... ethereal


It's beautiful

Yikes, what do people see when it comes to her. Hope it's just her standard awkward young girls praising this because this is so far from "royal" or "ethereal". I don't know why Sonam is so unpopular, she's the only beauty of her generation.

This is the first time in a long time that Deepika has looked stunning. Maybe it's owed to the styling and dresses, but still. That white dress pic - OMG, gorgeous! I want that dress!

completely lost her looks. she looked way better in 2013

She has this old world charm. After DP, I think SOnam has that charm and this current crop are life less and cookie cutter of each other.

Those colors look amazing on her. When she does right no one comes close. What a woman.

ONly her blinds fans think this looks good, like all her other shoots. She looks limp and haggard. She never had good features anyways

SHE looks lifeless. Who are these liars claiming to be Aishwarya fans

She's just head to toe perfection. WOW!!

I always love Deepika's Tanishq ads. They present her so so beautifully. This one is much better than last year's, which was also pretty good.

Honestly, if I have to pick the most stunning actresses of recent times, they'd be Aishwarya (duh!), Deepika, Sonam, Kareena and Aditi. They all look regal in every sense of the word.

She is the BOmB

tulle dress is beautiful

She is real and beautiful. strength and softness coming out at the same time. I have always loved subtle and unconventional beauties than the pouty fair women sexualising every shoot they do. DP has many different dimensions to her.

Lol too much of makeup and photoshoot makes any women beautiful.

But still too much of makeup and photoshoot fails to make average katrina beautiful. sad

still can't do much for her


This is such a beautiful ad campaign. Deeopika hasn't looked this good in a long time. And the jewellery is exquisite!

So so beautiful. Deepika and Aditi could be sisters.

I've always thought this too. I'd love to see them cast in a movie together. It's strange how Aditi plays Ranveer's wife in Padmavati, yet Ranveer lusts for her lookalike hehe.

Very true I agree

Yeahhh, I wouldn't mind looking like that. Not at all.

Deepika's so gorgeous. I hope we get to see her as a Disney princess someday. Look-wise she would have been perfect for Jasmine. If only she were 5 years younger and had a good singing voice. Sigh!

Tanishq, you do realize no one's gonna be looking at the jewelry, right?

yeah we're all looking at how weirdly pale and lifeless she looks.

Speak for yourself. I'm looking at how beautiful she looks.

She looks good! I don't know what pics others are seeing who are commenting negatively, cause these pics are lovely

Wow, Deepika looks gorgeous.

wow makes you realize that at their ages aishwarya and kareena still look so much better than her.. she's aging like a trainwreck

Hi katrina, Dp is aging 1000 better than you.

Absolutely stunning. Her eyes speak. Mesmerizing her figure face expressions everything.

What a joke, STOP BLOCKING COMMENTS for aged DP pinkvilla. All it's convinced me is her fans are blind and she still not fit to play padmavati AT ALL

We all know that you begged for padmavati so stop the sour grapes !

this shoot is stunning !!

And this is why her beauty is rated so highly. Breathtaking shots!

She looks lifeless n she is overrated....Her facial features aren't good enough to call her royal

Agree. Katrina is lifeless, and overrated. She has plain features and beyond average face. She cant be call royal and beautiful. post plz

I really wish I could look like this :( Deepika in Tanishq ads are the best thing ever. I hope their association lasts a long time.

Mashallah, how can anyone look so ethereal? Tanishq really hit the jackpot when they chose to sign her as their brand ambassador. She looks so royal and elegant. Perfect for a jewelry brand.

Deepika is stunning. She is a Queen.

Dp is a royal beauty. I guess kareena , ash too is apt for such royal roles.

romeo and juliet, she is beautiful



Sorry but Kat, anu, pc, alia all lack her royal beauty. Kareena has royal beauty as well. But it's the truth now don't attack me haters but the truth hurts lol

nope kareena and sonam have it. that's it


Yeah easily, sonam is an ethereal classic beauty, i= know people hate her for whatever reason, but she's the only true blue beauty left. besides some other non mainstream actresses & models

She is sooo beautiful

She is sooo wooden

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