Ranbir Kapoor and Katrina Kaif’s pics from SIIMA 2017 red carpet will make you wish they were together

Ranbir Kapoor and Katrina Kaif walk the red-carpet of SIIMA 2017 in Abu Dhabi.
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Ranbir Kapoor and Katrina Kaif flew to Abu Dhabi to promote their new film Jagga Jasoos which will soon hit the theatres. After interacting with the media during the day time, the former lovebirds graced the red carpet of South Indian International Movie Awards 2017 (SIIMA) in the evening.

Ranbir and Katrina looked nothing less than a prince charming and a beautiful princess and looking at their pictures we really wish they were still together.

The Ae Dil Ha Mushkil star looked extremely handsome in formal grey bandhgala while Katrina looked like a dream while walking on the red carpet in a yellow gown. The duo posed for the shutterbugs before entering the main venue.

In one of the pictures clicked, Ranbir is looking at Katrina with all the love and in one of the other pictures, both share an eye contact that will make you wish the former couple was still together.  

SIIMA is one of the mega awards of the south film industry which has been taken to a global level. This is the sixth edition of SIIMA while the previous five editions held in several parts of the world were great success. The awards will be given in 8 categories for all South Indian languages including Telugu, Tamil, Kannada and Malayalam.

During the press meet in the day, Ranbir also spilled the beans at the event why he still has not logged into any of the social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

He said, “I am not on social media just because not it is easy but because I am already on a platform where I have to engage with audience. Now, I can’t put myself on another platform where I won’t be interested in. “

He continued, “I feel I am a little shy. I don’t think I can use social media but I do enjoy watching it. So, that’s primarily the reason I am not on social media.”

Jagga Jasoos is slated to release on July 14, 2017.

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What's so special about Rk ? He is looking ordinary, only the one looking good is katrina.

Deepika - Rk no ,no , no u are only mine, plz comeback, I love your boxers, it's smell, I can wash them through out my life.

You mean Vikas Bahl and Katrina Kaif?

Together??? No way.....both need someone else but must say that Katrina knows how to keep touch with Exes.

What's the news about behind the scene when ranbir got sick of her tantrums and refused to promote with her?

They are going all out for the promotions.

They honestly look great together. Ranbir will never find someone better looking than her she does look like the perfect wife/girlfriend in terms of looks and their babies would be beautiful. She has soft black hair, soft skin, great height and figure. Many men would dream of being married to her. Not sure what she's done to her face but hopefully that's reversible.

What's with his over blown hair? Katrina looks alright. Although its a dull color and it looks like a cheap fabric.

He is fake and she knew it...she seems not interested in his promotional tactics...

His hair LOL...

I don't understand the hate these women get. What is so great about Ranbir Kapoor. He is not even the slightest bit physically attractive, and on top of that he is a philanderer. They could do so much better.

I wonder the same. Basically what I understand is katrina fans bash Dp all the time specifically during promotions and for Rk so Dp fans bash Katrina in return. I was reading comments and gets katrina fans start fan war and Dp stupid fans get provoked. Also I feel there are only 2 to 3 people from both fandom who are spreading hate going by the language and body of comments on every posts

For the first time I find them good looking together. I guess they can make good romantic pair and their chemistry is very unique may be becoz they love each other.
However I don't wanna see Rk with kat, I wanna see her with some non filmi girl.
Also I wish kat all the best for finding a good match.

katrina u r looking beautiful, royal princess just like belle and ranbir's the handsome beast. Beauty and the beast.

katrina is looking so gorgeous....my princess..
MASHA ALLAH...cehra he tera....MASHA ALLAH


Look at the body language. Ranbir is clearly into katrina, the looks, the attempts at getting closer. Katrina isnt showing that. I think Ranbir cheated on her. He has a history of being a player. Sad and quite pathetic really. Katrina deserves better

Enough of this Drama by kat ! sooo sick of this woman, her dirty PR & her never ending list of boyfriends.

Anything for promos. Feels forced and chepo playing with the fans emotions

look at her body language so cliny and clearly not over him- he looks uncomfortable

Ranbir Kapoor : Badnaseeb hai wo log jinki katrina jaisi girlfriend hoti hai...........lol

Nah, doesn't make a difference to me if they are together or not. A few months ago they were not on speaking terms and needed Ayan Mukherjee to mediate, but now suddenly there is this convenient friendship .

Okay..i hv to say dis..kat and ranbir are looking sooo good together I mean,dey bring da best from eachother...gorgeous and class couple...and kat looks stunning without tan makeup

Are you mad ! she has on tons of makeup.......BTW they both look rather old and fake.

the above comments says "without TAN Makeup". No one said she didn't have any on, though she still looks good even without.

LOL at aunty ji fans who are assuming things on their own and bashing DP as usual . RK doesn't love katrina. She insulted him and his parents in public. No matter how hard you ship RANKAT.

kat is dying to get back with RK and comments here are the prove it. I bet if RK gives her a one call she will be running back to him. She is so delusional to think that all this is REAL and RK still loves her. Man himself made his stance clear I am OVER kat. Lol

No looser, your rk s dying to get back with kat that's why last year he was roaming around saying 'kat is the most motivational entity' , 'kat is more precious', 'Nobody would understand my relationship with katrina's blah blah....
While kat didn't say a word about him even when she was asked to respond on his 'motivational entity' interview.
Whatever she is doing now is just for promos however still she isn't acting like Rk despo.

floprina can wear all the nice dresses she wants, she'll still be a flop

katrina is the most fake, classless and desperate chess player in BW.
don't ignore

I couldn't stop laughing at kat and her delusional fans comments. They shipping salkat ad rankat together after bashing both RK and family and Salman. My katty deserves better now what happened? publish plz

LAMO at kat and her delusional fans...I can't stop laughing at their comments

Just let the haters hate and be together guys

Dp fans no he might be an actor but till now for none he has looked this way..And come on they were together for 6 years..What's wrong if they love each other..

Lolol dp and her delusional fans...I can't stop laughing at their comments

They look good together but rk is an amazing actor. I thought he was getting back with dp but it was all promotion, but Kat for once doesn't look like an aunty. God bless makeup lol

Ranbir is archie, Katrina is Betty and Deepika is Veronica. We know how it ends

Madhavan looks great!!!!

Looking like a prince and princess together. Beautiful couple must say, looking all classy and so in love. Not sure if they're really together, but they do make a gorgeous pairing together. And the way he's looking at Kat is sweet.

He is a good actor and she will do anything to make this movie a hit. Result...you get a pic like the one above!

No matter how much drama they create the movie won't work

You'll be surprised how low people can go to promote the movie and make money.

For everyone who is saying the way he looks at her? He's in love with her okay he's an actor and they can fake expressions. They need to promote that flop movie, before they wouldn't even attend the same event now they're back being friendly exes? The audience is not dumb

Katrina FINALLY looks gorgeous after a long time after all her disastrous appearance for JJ promos

Stylish couple

True blue Kapoor couple ...Rankat slays and class speaks

Come on guys be together just stop worrying about dp and salman fans. U don't own them anything it is your life

They make an amazingly good looking couple..Sorry they don't look this good with Salman or deepika

Delusional Kat fans think Ranbir still loves her, Salman still loves her... Then why Ranbir cheated on her? And then, why Salman is still going strong with Iulia? The fact is, none of them give a damn! They just think their movies' fate.

Katrina fans before Jj promotions : oh rk is a cheater , kat deserves better. She looks good with salman , kat is iver Rk , we kat fans doesn't want him back with her , Rk is a jerk etc etc. During JJ promotions : aww , cute couple , still in love, made for each othet , please marry etc etc
They changes tune like chameleons. Don't ignore this. Its important

I wanna see Katrina in a Barbie doll attire.

How about Apkgk sequel . It totally deserves a sequel.

I want to see them in a mature romantic film like Apkgk

I have a feeling they'll get back together...

I want a guy who looks at me the way Ranbir looks at Katy :-D

and cheat on you like he cheated on her. cant you see its fake?

I love Deepika, but if Ranbir loves Katrina, why be so against them? We only have a life and while he cares about Deepu as a dear friend, he didn't truly love her romantically. Instead of spending so much time with negative feelings, go find true happiness and live, like Deepika did.

Omg mardala! Kat u r looking queen and slay it . Beautiful queen katrina.

They are still in love with each other, so plain to see!

No kat he isn't in love with you any more. He said i am OVER katrina . Post it

Omg, the way he looks at her! And when they went in holding hands! #couplegoals

She's so overrated. Only her fans think she's pretty

The way Rk looks at her, I have never seen him looking like at anyone.

Ok delusional katrina. Go and google it. Rk look lin the same way at all of his co stars.

They look cute together.

Katrina looks mesmerizing ❤

Katrina should stay away from him. In Dil di gallan still she and salman were looking so good together. Katrina and Bhai should marry. Rk looks like a pig and should just stay away.

No way. Salman will never entertain her. Thats why he didnt bother to invite her for Eid party. Kat fans are dreaming that Salman will take her back.

RKs three movies are sold with a backstory of his breakup , three with a backstory of affair. Baki bacha kya hain ?

I feel scared of her

The more Peedika and her uneduated fans troll Kat the more Ranbir is cosying upto to Kat. hahahahaha sure Ranbir reads Pinkvilla comments and is giving back to Peedika and her Bihari looking fans..... Now if you can post the most viscous comments on Katrina you sure an post this too.

So what will Katrina's racist fans do ? Just be racist that's all. BIhari looking ? Seriously ? I am good looking like a Bihari or whatever thank god I am not a racist. Grow up. PV since you chose to publish a comment of this standard I hope you will post responses as well.

They both looks 35

Rk is looking so tired but nevertheless handsome while kat is looking beautiful.

I am not fan of this two but I have a feeling their movie jj will be a hit...

In the 9th pic, Ranbir looks annoyed and unhappy in her company. Kat, don't push yourself on your exes, have some self-respect!

They look awesome awesome awesome

Jagga with his jughead

Awwww such an handsome couple they make


They make pretty picture

RK looking at kat with love is the best thing

Katrina looks mesmerising

Lolzzz jealous mataji fans abusing as usual but fact remains RK loves Katrina ... Howsoever hard u ship RKDP

Dp fans burning and so usual comments lolzzz kat fans chillax let them they are jobless haters

They look like a dream

Love these two

He is genuinely in love with her...ufff

They look awesome together

Look at pic rk is looking at her I think they have something special break up k bad kuch to baki h

Whyvarebthey acting like a couple when they are not ??
Ranbir will do anything to make his movie run

Katrina is a good actor offscreen and Ranbir: it looks like a forced one.He is least interested.

They are looking like a dream couple..wow!! after a long time I could see real happiness in their eyes...

Only one expression of Kat in all pics.....so many times I read this comment and I am tired but she definitely has only one strange expression

I don't understand how people keep saying Katrina can't act. I feel the only part she can't do is getting rid of her accent but that is totally justified? I mean Deepika or Anushka can't get rid of their Indian accent when they speak English? She might not be the best actress but definitely can act.

Sensible people, warning: do not scroll down below. It's embarrasing

you hating on baby Misha, Mira and shahid is sensible ? PV pls post

Katrina as usual looks beautiful. Rk is looking good.

Kat plz plz wear colours like white, pink and black without your fake tan oily makeup.cplz wear a short pink dress for JJ . After all u r official Barbie of India.

Deepika darling...calm down and go to sleep now...

Katrina darling get over with your obsession with Deepika

Kat almost ruined Ranbirs career. Now she's on the way to ruining Salman. #tubelight

Exactly. When Salman was dating Kat he was giving duds.After break up Blockbusters. Now friendship with her result is flop Tubelight.

What utter nonsense. And by the way, Katrina had absolutely nothing to do with Tubelight.

she is looking like a dream.

Katrina is looking soooooo beautiful.

breaking the internet !

Annoying individuals

More irritating people

For the movie they're attending awards together lol what a joke

So fake

Have some shame

Could they get faker than this

Kat trying to look like Belle from Beauty and the Beast. Copying Ash's Cinderella gown look.

So cute. Please get back together. Sadly this is all for promotions. :(

No it does not make me wish they were together at all...RK is done with Kat and that is how it is better for him.

Katrina looks so cute here. I'm saying this after a long time. She finally changed her hairstyle and she got that fairytale gown on. Yes, I know that she got work done and she looks different, but so what. She looks really pretty here, and this is coming from a Deepika/Ash fan.

Not! He looks sick and tired. He desperately wants out and she just looks desperate. Sorry but they should just move on. It's a big mistake when you mix work with personal relationships and Jagga is a proof. Katrina never had the calibre to act like Priyanka in barfi. Mistake no 1. The film banks on chemistry which is non existent now.

They still look so in love

Lol ! they are trying so hard to fool the audience into thinking that something is going on between them. But I must say he is the better actor.

Katrina, A sincere request to you to stop messing with your face. Please stop ruining it. Thanks.

2nd pic..looking at camera..they are DREAM couple

I've watched the video of this interaction. They really don't like each other, right now. It's all so awkward.

WOW! Katrina looks absolutely royal.

Awww Ranbir looks so sad... the smile doesn't reach his eyes. This woman totally ruined him. He was so happy in his other relationships.

Lovely pics, they do look good together, but that does not mean they are good for each other.

Ranbir trying hard but Katrina is over him. Sad.

Katrina is looking beautiful, They do look like a married couple. Kala tikka laga ke rakhna tha Pehle, nazar lag Gayi in Dono ko.

Beauty and the beast . Both of them rocking

Kat is such a stunner

LOL at "will make you wish they were together" Sounds so desperate kat pr

No matter how I hate Katrina's acting but they are looking so good together. The way they entered the venue holding each other hands made me thinking it looks like they are entering their wedding ceremony venue. Hope both find happiness.

No matter what anyone says, they look good together, make each other look good and bring out the best of each others personalities and performances.

They look lovely together, especially now he's put on some weight. Not really a fan of either but kind of hope they get back together

Everyone knows these two are faking this for promotions

Actually that is wild guess work. You don't know either of them and have no idea what is in their hearts or what they are thinking.

Surprised kat fans saying this. You guys always judge others and assume what other stars and specially Salman and DP are thinking and what there in their hearts.

Stop this drama

How fake are the people? They didn't even talk before, now to promote the movie they're posing together like nothing happened

No they don't look like one..... It's all in Kat's mind

This is what I say picture perfect couple

What a caption Pinkvilla loved it..Agreed

Thank u Pinkvilla they truly make an royal couple

Katrina is looking a princess from Disney

Rankat in la la land

Oh my god they look so perfect together

Okay now I have to admit till date I haven't seen RK looking this way with pure love to any actress or woman..He truly loves her.,

Then you are blind
Go and ses he looked Anu , Dp and Pc in the same way. Pics are there. He doesn't love kat. He himself said it.

Hug kiss and patch up guys u guys are in love eyes says so truly..Don't be scared of what will the world say..just be together

One thing is for sure...Katrina Kaif is a very very desirable woman!!

Haters goanna hate, potatoes goanna potate and Rankat goanna slay!

So break up was staged. Katrina has no respect for her fans. She can do anything for kapoor surname , money and fame.

They honestly don't look this great with anyone else the way they look with each other

Get back together guys u belong to each other

Jagga with his Jugghead


Beautiful couple

Look at the loving eyes he is just looking at her and she is blushing..Ahhh

Wow Katrina looks so beautiful she really does and they look so nice together&very comfortable body language

Cinderella and her Prince charming

Get married guys

They make a stunning pair

Awwww how gorgeous they look together

Love them

Mad for each other and so made for each other

You wish katrina. Ranbir is OVER you.

Katrina is looking so bad even in professional makeup and styling. She is so average.

Katrina is looking like a drag queen.

How desperately kat is looking at Ranbir.

Lol how much make up. Lol. Kat relax ,,, with article how he wish to be if he says over over

Looks like katrina face will going to melt with camera heat.

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