Photo Alert: When Sonam Kapoor and Anand Ahuja bumped into Juhi Chawla

Sonam Kapoor and Anand Ahuja pose for a picture with Juhi Chawla.
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Sonam Kapoor is one of those leading actresses who keeps her love life away from the media glare and rarely talks about it. Her rumoured relationship with Anand Ahuja has gotten many talking but the actress keeps a tight lip about it. Unless it is on social media, and both their accounts are filled with adorable pictures of the duo. 
Recently, Sonam and Anand met up with Juhi Chawla who has worked on various films with Kapoor's dad Anil Kapoor. They bumped into each other in London and posed for a picture together. 
Sonam looked beautiful in a black crop top, black and white striped palazzo pants with a similar printed jacket. She teamed the look with white sneakers. Anand was seen sporting a white collar t-shirt, a black jacket and jeans along with black chappals. Juhi looked pretty in a pink top and grey jeans.



Aila! ...

A post shared by anand ahuja (@anandahuja) on

His caption simply read as, "Aila!" 
Decked in the same outfits, Anand shared another picture with Sonam that was too cute to handle. 

1...2...3!! #everydayphenomenal

A post shared by anand ahuja (@anandahuja) on

His caption read as, "1...2...3!! #everydayphenomenal." 
A while back, when Sonam was quizzed about her relationship status by a leading daily, she said, "I don't want it to be written about. That has to be under my control. Everything else in my life is completely out of control. People are always saying things about me, on social media. They are always judging the way I look, the way I stand, the way I eat, the way I act, the way I speak. I need to protect others who come into my life because that person hasn't signed up for what I have. Why should he or she have to go through that? It's not fair. It's private and I don't believe in talking about it. I will not hide it but I will not talk about it either."

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He is the kim to her kanye

He is so likeable

As often as Sonam is called disrespectful of elders she's always quite pleasant with her fathers co star such as Juhi, Waheeda Rahman etc. Can never quite get this girl.

Does Ahuja only have one pose? Also since when has Sonam ever bought anything off the high street, why is she shopping on Bond street there are no designer stores there.... Also - very surprised to see she actually ventured out of Mayfair or Knightsbridge! These actors never go anywhere else I feel sorry for them! There is so much to see and do in London, so many great venues and pubs and so much history. They could easily go to Greenwich and have relative privacy there or drink in a little pub off the Thames river or check out cool restaurants and bars in Shoreditch or go to some vintage stores in Portobello but they will never explore. It's so sad.

Why don't you take the job of a tour guide? Show off!

Lmfao. Or better a self appointed chaperone!

This dude sounds cool to m

Why did he fall for a brainless girl. He could do sooooooooooo much better.
She is veyr lucky.

didnt fall for actors, or married men. chose a man of her age. congrats.

And he is the creative head of a fashion label. LOL! WTF is he wearing?

What he feels like wearing, don't buy the stuff he sells if you don't like it and move on. Its a side business anyway, apparel manufacturing is the main business and he'll probably take over the family business at some point. And get a life.

SonAm looks straight out of runway. They seem happy in SA others company

They're so cute and Sonam looks so happy and beautiful. Fave celebrity couple. Jealous people can stay out

Has she got any movies in the pipeline? Just seems to be travelling and posing

Padman, Dutt, Veere Di Wedding. She was also supposed to do Anand L Rai's next with Kangana (they were Anand's original choices) but SRK had them both dropped.

Yes because srk doesn't like working with stupid. PV please post. People should know the truth!

Attention seeking and publicity hungry Sonam and Anand Ahuja. Their dressing sense is weird.


SonamxAhuja = Cutesttt Couple

Glad Sonam gone for the person and not looks ... more important is the soul


That's shows his comic...

Aila Juhi Chawla

Mr ahuja is so cute!! Always happy and fun

They are too cute and Juhi looks beautiful as ever!

sooooo cuteeeee

I like this Ahuja guy. Looks genuine.

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