PICS: Love-birds Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh go for a spin on his birthday

Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh were clicked by the paps today.
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Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone are the hottest love birds of B-town. Though the two stars have never admitted to their romantic affair openly, their relationship status is no secret. Time and again, the two stars give us a glimpse into their real-life chemistry and it is truly adorable.

Well, it is no wonder then that Deepika Padukone wished to ring in her beau's big day with him. Ranveer is seen picking up Deepika and driving off with her. An Apt way to ring in your big day, isn't it?

Deepika, who is seen looking gorgeous in a sans make up look, neatly tied hair and a black top, seems to be in a serious mood, as Ranveer is seen trying to cheer her up. We wonder what these two were discussing about so seriously? Or were they just aware of the shutterbugs that were clicking away to glory?

Ranveer is sporting his Padmavati look these days, what with his long beard and mustache. The power house star is all set to play Alauddin Khilji in the Sanjay Leela Bhansali movie that will see Deepika as Rani Padmavati. However, the real life couple will not be sharing any scenes, as per the statement released by Team Padmavati. 

Shahid Kapoor on the other than, who plays Deepika's husband in the movie, mentioned that the movie has a very strong love story between himself and Deepika. Well, we can't wait to catch this one on the big screen. Can you?

Deepika and Ranveer have worked together in Bajirao Mastani and Ram-leela before. Their on-screen chemistry caught the eye of everyone during the time and made the movies hits at the BO.

Ranveer will also be seen in Zoya Akhtar's Gully Boy opposite Alia Bhatt.

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I do not understand, they always go ranveer and deepika together, just when Ranbir says something cute about katrina or when they are together, because later I do not see them together either to Deepika or to Ranveer, I bet Ranveer asked Deepika to go to his party It is always ranveer who manages the relationship, if there is any relationship ....

who is Deepika here?left one or right?because both look like male to ruined her average looking face more worse

Love them to the moon and back

Love u Ranno . Many many happy returns my dear .

They also snapped entering her residence :) two days back to back

now deepi and her viraaaa will be spotted everywhere as they must steal the thunder from JJ lol

So yaha PE foolish kon hai ....first is Salman and other is ranveer Singh .. hats of to ranveer for still pretending to be her bf ..he is not her bf at all...

They spotted at her house tonight ;) have pics

And they called the paps there too. Big deal

Why are you burning ))) ?? Your favs also calling paps . Big deal

Pinkvilla Plz post new pics of them . ️️Deepveer were spotted at Deepika's house this night .

She is crying ... I think she heard whot Ranbir said about Katrina

Ranbir is wierd... Katrina cries in church when Ranbir praises deepika and Deepika cries when he praises Katrina ... I mean wot is with Ranbir I dnt understand .. is it hard to forget past like with other men who were in past

RK the ultimate demi-god, may you have peace at night!

Where is Vin diesel father of her future kids?

Interesting . How she congratulated him ? What was her gift ?

Deepika didn't expected paparazzies

#1 Post.

Ranveer Singh loves to wear overused shoes. Happy Birthday Singh!!


The level of bsession with trolls, i'm a dp fan and dont keep tabs on her exes! She looks so good here, if tired from a long day. Ranveer rook her out in his car before anyone else, that's cute.

nihar- dumped for RK, yuvi - dumped for RK , RK -she got dumped, Sid mallya - dumped so she could get back to RK, RS - will dump and in the mean time try to get back with RK.....whoever in future - god plz let her not repeat history! It would be the greatest love of all times had deepika never dated anyone post RK....but she's dated others and cast them aside in a second when she had opportunity to pounce of RK!! lol....this girl is somthng ;P.....thankgod RK is done with this girl and RS must smell it soon!

Ok, RK is the only one who dumped her....Of course, RK is the ultimate gift to the mankind. LOL Bitterness reeking through, haha.

its only called using people when what they want is not available....once they find what they want they forget what they used!

lol true...its like saying she will be with someone UNTIL she finds RK!! this is insane! but it was obvious she was desperate for the kapoor surname and status and tat RK is so hot..cmon are not saint and RK is not what you call true love..its lust and obsession. wish you true love and happiness.

it looks like deepi has been crying all day ever since JJ promotions began and RS is consoling her! the first pic mainly

Anyone with two eyes can see they're annoyed with the paps. The people who comment here have the wildest imaginations. You guys should be script writers. Bollywood needs them desperately.

deepika looks much better here.. makeup is right!

I dnt knw whot he is trying to show to the world .. they look like they are pretending mmm .. she is not even smiling .. I mean comon .. with Ranbir ..she would hold his hands ..waist .. etc.. also . Toking so many things ... The kapoor name has made so many ppl go Gaga ...

she did all this to Ranbir to piss Kat off and she has achieved it.

I said from heart . Both nohar and Ranbir are her past ..but she would never take name of nohar and always Ranbir.... I am just speechless after this pic... She is looking like she cried ... .. .... Ranvir Singh is dating Deepika and not leaving her even after seeing her flirt with Ranbir because he knows she is famous ..very famous.. fame can really make you compromise with emotions also ..I got to know today .. .

Maybe they're tired and annoyed getting photographed. If they were faking they would be smiling and waving at the cameras

My favorite celebrity couple. Stay blessed sweethearts.

New expensive cars,an attractive famous woman next to. Who tries he to impress so much in this way?

deepi and her veeerraaaaa :P

best comment :D

Deepika and ranbir need to get back together. Yes they have messed up their lives but they are miserable around other people and happy when they are together. And I really don't give a damn what anyone says or thinks. This is my opinion.

respect your opinion but thankfully RK has his brains and heart in the right place. He is rumoured to be dating a non actress in mumbai.....shows he is a simple guy and deepika was just not his kind...excatly why he gets along with katrina more as she also is not the starry type....your RKDP shippers can't be blind forever! :P....pv post plz

Deepika gave the best b'day gift to ranveer that night after dinner at his flat.

Ranveer was better with anushka .

Ranveer could do soooo much better. He needs to wake up and smell the tea


wat happpened to nihar?

oh please! tell me what happened to terry stephens, gulshan grover, salman, ranbir, hritick and aditya??

sid mallya , yuvi and rumoured dhoni as well

kill yourself katrina !

Katrina jealous that no one wants you ? !

He is a showoff and she is more subtle hence the long face. She is an acquisition and a trophy just like his car. Just look at him he knew that the paps would be waiting. Seems like she was coerced into going out and she gave in because it was his birthday.

ok...gossip girl ranbir. what is your opinion on daddy's comments on Nawazuddin? Pinkvilla pls post ..instead of hate anon comments...

better than gossipmonger RK and his racist family. His treatment of kat in public is appalling.

Both are looking nervous

Liar!! Now she is lighter then Ranveer!! WTF!!

deepika baii ....bai in designer clothes

if it was RK she would be so shy and giggly....knwing he is with someone else!

deepika looks really depressed

Ranveer singh seems more like a gigolo then an actor

Increasingly haggard and miserable. Guy really is blind

blind will be the one marrying katrina escort kaif

why is she so sad and worked up? lol missing RK beside her....well tat ship has sailed rofl

If anyone would drive me around in an Aston martini, I would definitely fall in love with him sharply. Oh, Deeps u are so lucky. Love love u both.

I think rkdp fans are spreadking hate here,because deepveer and rankat are my otps and rkdp fans are burning that ranbir deepika are happy with their respective partners

Love u Ran . Be happy , wishin u all the very best.

He will marry her .. Like he choosed this life for himself . He choosed to be unlucky with her .

unlucky is the one who will be with katrina. thats why she is still single. no one wants her hahaha

who would look happy with cameras flashing in your face like that

lol at kat fans whose idol has 3 big films still they don't have anything to talk about at all. They are here on dp posts and talking about her. poor kat as her fans think and talk about dp more than her.

They becoming new Rankat . They going Rankat way. Always happy with others and sad miserable with each other . After live in relationship love and passion are dying ! They will break up like Rankat .. They looks so tired ... They needs some single life

Like for him only

Can never root for this couple after her antics . No one would disrespect someone they love like that.

Kat is in the house abusing Deepika out of jealousy coz Deepika is happy in her life while RK finds a new girl and kat is left all alone with no one wanting to marry her. post pv

It's funny people saying they look miserable are all rankat fans who are bummed that they broke it off, just burn they are a beautiful couple

Ranveer singh is the unluckiest guy in the world

nope the unluckiest guy would be the one marrying katrina turcotte kaif

You wish so jealous kat. Your guy if anyone want you will be the unluckiest guy in the world. Rs himself call him lucky to have DP. See it please.
post it

Her fans are genuinely so sad... this looks good to you? And ew yeah he'd have to be colossally stupid to Marry this. Unluckiest guy in the world.

everybody who dated escort katrina was colossally stupid & the unluckiest guy would be the one marrying her overused a$$

Kat fans please stop acting like RS fans. The unluckiest guy in the world would be the one who will be your user cheaprina bf. post it be neutral

You literally do not have to be a Kat fan to see how bad and unhappy dp looks here and how fake this relationship seems. Y'all love putting it all on kat fans lmao

Are they returning from some event , she's all dressed up ? She's looking tense , usually they do smile for the camera.

According to haters if Dp smiles its fake and if doesn't oh she is sad and want Rk. Butn haters burn.

Jealous kat and PR posting negative comments on here.

he is sooooo hot!

Well honestly you cant judge on the above snaps if they are unhappy or just plain tired....but with DP.. something is just off...I dunno what....she used to look so fresh and beautiful in 2013 during the YJHD, CE, PIKU, RL etc., even Tamasha she was so good...dunno what happened it the weight loss or something else...the charm is deffo missing...And I am a DP fan and especially do not like Kat so.....

It's all the skin whitening, makes her look washed out...

I miss seeing her in Good Movies. She was lovely in Piku. Why did she ever go to Hollywood to do mindless cinema, i don't understand.
Also, i'd really like to see her in movies with good scripts not just movies with big sets like Padmavati.

I am 100% sure if Deepika was smiling and/or looking lovingly at Ranveer, all the trolls would be like 'why is she so fake? why does she have to smile for the cameras all the time? this is so staged'. Actors are always judged for the smallest things. i guess that's one thing bad about being famous.

After Jaguar, Mercedes , Audi now Aston Martin . Good going Rano . Seems u are loving Fast cars . Be careful . Take care

New car Aston Martin wooowwwwwww

I hope she gave to him " the best Bday gift " ( U know what I mean)

That's all she's good for and all this 'relationship' is anyway. No respect

She has cut her family trip for him ;)

He looks so hot!

Annoying paparazzies

All the haters mouth will shut when they tie the knot which m 200% sure they will. Till then njoy

back with ranveer after vin dumped her for his wife.

Just like kat is back with rk after terry dumped her for his wife.
don't ignore

katrina trying it with both salman and ranbir after gulshan grover and terry stephens dumped her :)

they look sad, depressed, angry, tired and miserable !! how do you know all this, from a pic ??
seriously ? you people are hilarious, :-))

I think they both look fine. They just wanted some time alone, but the paparazzi is blocking them.

Acting like they didn't call the paps themselves?

One of the best actors in Bollywood, a great guy who deserves nothing but happiness glad he has deepika!

Yes, and the papz just happen to "figure" out where they were.

You will always find paps around star homes, the gyms they go to and airports waiting to catch a glimpse of these movie actors to feed their page 3 storylines. If you are in Mumbai you will notice it quite often. Yesterday being RS's bday they sure are to be lurking near RS and DP homes just to get pics like these.

These photos were taken at Taj Mahal Palace in COLABA, which is in South Bombay and far from the Bollywood crowd. Paparazzis never hang around that part of town — they go when they are asked to go there. So there is no chance that these two just HAPPENED to be caught by paparazzis last night while they were out on their “romantic meal”. Besides, these photos were clicked by just one photographer, who happen to work for Viral Bhayani. Which means, their teams worked with Viral Bhayani for these photos. How gullible these Bollywood people take their fans to be.

Damn, imagine going out after a day of work and then being judged upon coz you ain't smiling in the paparazzi pics. When I'm driving with my gf, she doesn't have a smile plastered on her face 24/7.

My babies

l see sad birds not love birds looooooooool

Everyone in Bollywood is friends with benefits. They benefit each other. Simple.

talking about experience, katrina? ;)

Only deepika fans can like him now. He was such a refreshing guy, became as annoying and phony as her. At least he doesn't look as bad as her

Just like ranbir became so annoying and fake and arrogant like katrina after dating her. Post pv, thanks.

ALways looking miserable and more and more haggard. Wake up ranveer

Deepika is really quite beautiful and photogenic.

they look unhappy, depressed, angry, and miserable, How do I know ? you ask !, from the pics ha ha..
you guys are hilarious, on a serious note Happy Bday Ranveer, Enjoy !!

ALways miserable and always acting like he's a chore. How blind can he be?

It's his birthday and they can't even fake a smile. Worst couple ever. Remember when ranveer actually used to be cool? Deepika was always the worst.

Try working all day then having an intimate dinner and end your night with paps flashing cameras in your face. how happy would you be? She looks perfectly fine and lovely with her hot bf as usual.

As usual? Lol she's avoided him since April. They call the paps whenever they are near each other. Textbook definition of showmance.

He looks so hot

Love them!

So she cut her bengulru trip short to be with RANVEER. How sweet.

These pictures are proof that Dp has move on and happy with life and Rs. So kat PR , fans and kat stop linking Dp to Rk and bash her for him. Move on guys.

Happy? ... of course the happiness face of deepika can be seen in kilometers .. lol

Dp once again proves her haters wrong. Love deepu.

This is cute, tho not too keen on being papped.Who would be? Bf got a new car and of course he's going to take her on a spin and out on a date.

Aston martin, can i see a close up of that car please

They seem so happy...just look at the pics guys...

she always looks pissed and looks like dominating ranveer when with him. but when with ranbir, shes always giggly like a teenager glued to him. is this her tactic?

She looks unhappy and trying sooo hard

Not so happy are you

Deepika looking beautiful. She always does when she don't try hard.

... is that a joke?

You are a joke. GO check with your mother and she will confirm.

They really make a cute and adorable pair. Love.

Aww to sweet.

Two guys on a spin

No jealous kat. Today Rk went alone :p

She's looking so serious cus she's thinking eff my life. No woman in love would look so miserable. She's tired of faking it.

oh no ranveer broke my heart

Why she looks tired and unhappy

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