PHOTOS: Sunny Deol and Dimple Kapadia snapped at the airport

Sunny Deol and Dimple Kapadia spotted at the airport.
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It's an indeed a busy day as a lot of B-Town celebs were spotted in the city doing the daily chores. But, what caught our attention the most was the fact that Sunny Deol and Dimple Kapadia were spotted at the airport on the same day which is a rare sight. 

While Sunny Deol chose a white shirt and paired it with white trousers; Dimple looked pretty stylish in her ripped denim, a dark grey top and a duster. She completed her look with pairing it with accessories and white sneakers.
Sunny and Dimple's chemistry has been appreciated as they have gives us films like Manzil Manzil, Gunaah, Aag Ka Gola, Arjun and Narasimha. But more than their film, they made headlines for their rumoured relationship. It's after ages that two were spotted at one place. 
There was a time when these two talented actors were on the verge of getting married or according to a few reports they were already married. Some reports even went on to claim that Sunny was the reason of Dimple's separation with late actor Rajesh Khanna. 
While the two were dating, there were reports that Dimple's daughters, Twinkle and Rinkle, started addressing Sunny as their 'chote papa'. Reportedly, in the 80s, Dimple, Sunny, Twinkle and Rinkle, were spotted together at an ice cream centre and it made headlines back then. 
Meanwhile, check out the pictures:

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old lovers

Is Sunny still married?

Like father like son he went around with her all the while he was married she dint care neither did he

That is why Twinkle got a break with Bobby Deol as his heroine in his debut movie!

So Sunny could be Akshay Kumar's father in law? LOL!!!

And Bobby Deol would be Twinkle Khanna's UNCLE!

Dimple is love. Sunny paji 's still got it. your welcome.

dimple's clothes OMG...wished grand parents dressed like this...hahahha

So are they still together or not? Why don't gossip sites report real news, instead of PR linkups .

They are still together, they are making it official by appearing at the airport together. They are arriving back from Manali. Dimple has been in Manali with Sunny while he has been shooting his son Karan debut movie. Sunny and his wife Pooja are divorced, so he is free to marry Dimple.

Nope! Sunny and Pooja aren't divorced.

Please Sunny marry Dimple asap!
You both are meant to be (official) together. God bless you both.

Sunny and Dimple just made their 35 years affair official today by being photograph at the airport together. They were coming back from Manali were he was shooting for his son debut movie.

i never knew sunny and dimple were a thing! really? huh

They have had an off and on relationship for almost 30 years.

Sunny and Dimple came from Manali together. Dimple was with him during the shooting of his son Karan movie in Manali.

Sunny is divorced from Pooja and will now marry Dimple.

Really is this true? But would they marry or make it official now when they haven't felt the need to in almost 3 decades? Just wondering...

Sunny wife Pooja left him and moved back to England with her sons. She will never take him back!

Good that she didnt stay with him.

Dimple is swag.. Its almost unbelievable that she has a teenage grandson.. Grannygoals..

Well she married young and had kids... so she is a young grandmom.. and not all grandmoms are traditional..

She should dress her age! This ripped pair of jeans are for teenagers so plzz

She looks prettier and more stylish than most teenagers nowadays! PV please post. People should know the truth!

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