PICS: Aishwarya Rai Bachchan looks stunning at the Vogue Beauty Awards

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan is clicked here at the Vogue Beauty Awards 2017.
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Aishwarya Rai Bachchan is seen here at the Vogue Beauty Awards 2017. The gorgeous actress of Bollywood donned a beautiful black gown by Nedret Taciroglu. Aishwarya was accompanied by good friend and celebrity make up artist Mickey Contractor.  

Aishwarya's in-laws Amitabh Bachchan, Jaya Bachchan and Shweta Bachchan also attended the event along with Shweta's daughter Navya Naveli Nandi. However, the senior Bachchans left early and therefore could not catch up with their lovely daughter-in-law. 

Aishwarya recently returned from a long and refreshing vacation in New York City and London. Hubby Abhishek kept us posted with pictures on his social networking handle. The Bachchans were also seen posing with fans and well-wishers during their trip abroad. However, they returned a few days back, as they were clicked at the airport along with Aishwarya's mom Vrinda Rai.

On the work front, Aishwarya will start shooting for her movie Fanney Khan.  "Aishwarya Rai Bachchan to start shooting from August. A T-Series, Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra Pictures and KriArj Entertainment presentation. April 2018 release," read a tweet posted by T-Series sometime back. The film will bring Aishwarya and Anil Kapoor together on the big screen after almost two decades. 

They had previously shared screen space in the 2000 film Hamara Dil Aapke Paas Hai and the 1999 hit musical Taal. Talking about the film, Anil had said, "It has a fantastic script. It's a musical. I am really thrilled to be part of the film. It's the first time that I am playing a character whose name is Khan."

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Love the way Aish rules over the hearts of fans and haters. Queen indeed.

Aishwarya stole the show. Gorgeous.

Ash captivates everyone with her astounding beauty and I am not even her fan.

Halloween costume! A broom and witch it would have completed the look!


she is looking so sad in the last pic...why? she got everything going for her..

She doesn't need to smile 24/7 for the cameras, like others do

Hairstyle maturing her even more. Dry make-up.

Ghastly hair and make-up! What happened here!!!

Queen of PV. Her post is No. 1 for two days. Thanks to her fans and trolls.:)

East or west, she will always be the most popular beauty. Love her or hate her, nobody can ignore her. That's superstardom.

Er Ok Aishwarya Ka PR


It's true. She is immensely popular because of her fans and trolls.

Ash is a beauty goddess.

A pointed hat & broomstick would have made the look complete.



Exactly my thoughts.

Yes, Ash looks bewitching and enchanting. Love her. She gives sleepless nights to trolls.

Try harder,Queen_Rani.

Get some Burnol

i feel, the foundation is looking grey on her, which is ageing her. ..she looks younger and fresher with less makeup

Aishwarya and Katrina are only in Bollywood because of their looks no talent whatsoever with annoying or to plug them for stupid things.

She is so blessed

Stands like a mannequin(same pose) with tons of make up. When she speaks, she rambles on. She goes to events only if she's given an award. International travel to film festivals happens only due some brand's benevolence. Steals the limelight from every actor she has worked with..... When will this nose up in the air snob realize she was never happening. Not before, not now & certainly not in the future.

Agree 100%

Troll is having a heart attack. Haha

Get burnol.ROFL

Queen_Rani is getting boring nowadays.

She hogs all the limelight that's your problem Queen_Rani. W

Get burnol.ROFL


Try harder,

Her fface sooo old

Hehehe Queen_Rani welcome back

She is the only one who deserves to be on Vogue. This looks of hers is quite mediocre by her standards yet she is who she is. Ash is a true star even when she is not shining as bright. She should stop accepting these token global icon awards now. They mean nothing. She is not doing anything much globally other than endorsements.

So true! Vogue should just be a one page mag, or even better-all pages with nothing but her pics. Ufff! RME

Our beautiful Ash

I like that she tried something new and different.

Rani is better than Aish anyday

Good joke.

i think Aish is the reason behind Ranbir Katrina breakup

Try harder,troll

She is damn hot and sensous.. No wonder Ranbir fell flat for her

she is trying too hard but can never be a fashionista like Sonam abd Katrina

Rani wud hav looked much better in this outfit

Ash gives jobs to many useless trolls.:)

She is a self made lady, I respect her for that!

Pv post

Age is showing on her face. Whitening works for her but the surgeries make her face look strange. She should dress more real and adult, princess only works for teenage girls.

Queen_Rani again

I want her life and opportunities

Trust me you dont, she knows the pain of living with mediocrities like her husband... that is why jaya is happy bcoz her hubby is successful than her. similarly another failed case of stardom will be the boring aarradhya.

We don't trust trolls.ROFL

Picking on a kid now??!! Shows how miserable are u.:)

Thx for making this No1

Her hair looks terrible. And she is fake as anything


Enchanting seductress.

After people went crazy over her sexy look in ADHM, she is showing her cleavage every single time she gets clicked. Interesting.

Sorry but she looks like a witch here

Yes, she looks bewitching and enchanting. Love her.

beauty and graceful

ASH looks amazing... i just wish she could have worn black pumps instead of red... it is distracting the whole look with the red pumps..

Face & gown are lovely , something's a bit off with the hairstyle .

looking tired

Ash face, aura and confidence saves her from any fashion disaster.

I like the way she let's her stylists do their job without any tantrums. She doesn't care what the world would say about her look, and still manages to outshine everyone.

She is looking old......trying too hard.

Try new strategy,Queen_Rani.


old lady


I feel sorry for her. She is trying to smile despite hving a jealous, insecure husband and a hitler mother in law

The poise,the elegance. This woman is something.

Posing like a Queen. So much attitude. A true Diva.

I was thinking she looks 50+ here why? she looks like Sridevi and madhuri's Age group.

She is in her own league

These days she is experimenting so much. I am loving it.

She can look good in anything

Looks witchy

She looks bewitching. Yes. Love her.


her face is one colour paint and her BODY another!!! Did she not loook at herself before stepping outttt...
outta question: IS SHE PREGNANT :) She loooks tired probably early trimester nauseea ??? just thoughts..

Dissapointed with her look though.

She has the same complexion from head to toes and she proudly flaunts it.

I luvvvv Aishwarya .. but her face foundation aint the same to the body oneeee... definitely ...

Yes..she is.. got it done in some lab in New York.

Troll replying to its own comments.ROFL

This is the least gorgeous she has ever looked. But she still is..beautiful!

This woman has no competition. She is in a league of her own, much ahead of others.

Don't like her, but can't deny she is one of the most beautiful woman in Bollywood today still. The new generation actresses are so forgettable.

I agree with many here.. Ash shines, no matter what.. At 43, she looks more beautiful than most younger actresses..

Somebody get some burnout for Queen_Rani please

Love you Aishu ma

Has she put on more weight?

She is the same size, as she looked during her recent NYC vacation.

old age is getting to her

So what's wrong in that? She's human and she proudly flaunts her age. Ageist much?

Suddenly age is catching up. She looks 50+

make up is too light.


She looks horrible in the snaps. The senior bacchans and granddaughter looked classic and grand...

She looks lovely in the snaps, get new glasses,troll:)

I've seen her look better

Ouch! Received award with that hair?

Yes and everyone loved it.

Her behavior was very awkward at the event

As if .u attended the

Is it just me or did she just shave her face ?? Man she looks bad in closeups. That micky mouse guy not doing a good job.

haha @Mickey mouse guy

Queen_Rani is so easily identified nowadays.:)

Try harder,Queen_Rani

She is looking like she is in her fifties

Try harder,Queen_Rani.


I think she looks really good! It's a beauty awards first of all so she has done something different with hair and makeup! I appreciate that she always varies her look and I know it's not necessarily because of her choices but because she kind of...doesn't care so she lets the artist do whatever they want with the look. Anyway she looks stunning, still one of the top beauties in the world.

Okay this is what I think: Aishwarya's dress is lovely. If she had a straight sleek pony tail, soft smokey eyes, and nude lipstick then her overall look would have come across much better. I do not think that most Indian women look good in red lipstick, it's too jarring and harsh. The best features of Indian women are their hair and eyes. I don't blame Aishwarya Rai for trying some new looks here because she is always criticized for being boring in her looks. She should just ignore the haters and keep up her signature look of straight hair, well defined eyes, and soft lip colours. All the same Aishwarya is Aishwarya and she brings an umistakable charm and elegance to everything she wears. Love you Aishwarya!

reminds me of her mom*in*law's comment: "shee sharam nahi aati hai kya" LOL

Her mom in law is proud of her,worry about urs:)

I can't believe that this stars who have an army to style them can look this bad...if aish was wearing a nice sari and without make up she would look so nice and fresh...

Goddess of Beauty!

Aish looks like a Greek Goddess.

U mean old Greek goddesss

Young or old, she still looks gorgeous and sexy.

Thanks for the age-neutral response. I don't understand why some people are so obsessed with age.

Young or old, she's still gorgeous and sexy.!

Young or old, she's still gorgeous and sexy.

So proud of you Aish! I Stan such an enigmatic woman.

wife or stripper?

She is channelling Saba from ADHM. Seductress. Loving it.

Rani is more beautiful than Ash, Madhuri, Sridevi.

GONE under knife again, makeup way too light even though she whitened her skin, lipstick too bright and she curled the wig for a ages her even more. Aishwarya is obsessed with dressing like a princess.

.u r mistaking her for .ur plastic queen. Don't be some obsessed with Ash. :)

Try harder,TROLL

yes, obsessed to the point she has begun to dress like disney cindrella everywhere... she has passing from real to reel ... maybe old-age.

Troll replying to its own comments.ROFL

No, that not her... sorry!

Aishwarya's beauty shines in whatever she wears.

When I saw the thumbnail I thought its Dolly Bindra

u don't have to show ur mangos aunty

Just checked the video on youtube. Beautiful!

Jab Bahu Bani Babe

She should be proud of her original skin color

Try harder,Queen_Rani.

She is and she proudly flaunts it. Look at the recent Ash's throwback pics with Sushmita after they won the International pageants.

She is and she flaunts it. Look at the recent Ash's throwback pics with Sushmita after they won the International pageants.

Wannabe Firangi

Queen_Rani is getting boring.

Dressing up in a gown is firangi??#Troll

HOT Babe!!

Aishwarya on Fire

Get water then instead of wasting time posting silly fire comments...she looks old

Get burnol...troll.. If she looks old, millions would die to look old like her.

Aish and Mickey have been friends for so long. Since 2-3 decades. He brings out the best of her beauty.


Put her in a rag, she will still stun everyone with her beauty and aura.

I like Ash because she is fearless like my badass queen Kangana.

No matter how she dresses, her beauty never fails.

Aish would look good even in sack of potatoes. All credit goes to her pretty face. That's all.

I am Sonam fan and I think Ash has nailed this look. She usually dresses bad at Indian events.

hi sonam.. you'll never be nearly as good as aish

From that gown, hair, make up to heels everything is bad here but she manages to look gorgeous even in that mess.


She is giving me cleopatra vibe . I am impressed.

There's constant sadness on her face she can't smile even for cameras!!

If she smiles, she will be crucified. If she doesn't smile, she will be crucified.

Damned if she does, damned if she doesn't.

When I first saw the pictures in thumbnail, I thought it was some new generation actress. Aishwarya looks sexy.

Rani would have looked better in that dress.

Not good.

She looks etheral, but bad choice of heels


She has done something to her face again


For a pretty lady she really should make better fashion choices

Age is finally catching up with her

Actually, she looks younger than most younger actresses.

So what? She's still gorgeous and sexy.

Try harder,Queen_Rani.

She always uses foundation 5 shades lighter than her skin tone

Try harder,Queen_Rani.

So much confidence. I just love her.

She is just confidant when she wear tons of makeup. If she were really confidant, she would step out for once without foundation, red lipstick, black eyeliner!

She has stepped out without makeup on some occasions like when her father passed away. She knows how to present herself according to the occasion.

i think she would have chosen some other footwear but overall the look is good and she is looking breathtaking❤

I dislike her but Man she is gorgeous!! That face is perfection!


Queen_Rani is in action as anon. Hahaha

Ash gives jobs to many useless trolls.:)

Someone is got to pay the

Her makeup is really bad, other than that she is so pretty, still very beautiful, classy woman.

Ash in her real hair sans photoshop!

And it's absolutely gorgeous.

And it's gorgeous.

Someone forgot to photoshop her.


Did she lost her wig or hair straightener?


are you being paid in every negative comment you keep posting

are you paid to post negative comments against Ash?

She is an old lady now like Madhuri juhi, I don't know how Kajol Karisma are still gorgeous.

Ageist much?

Very harsh make up and foundation is too light

She finally looks an old lady, Too much make up and curly hair red lipstick making her like an old lady. She looks 52-53 all of a sudden how ?

What is wrong in looking like a old lady? Are old ladies not beautiful? Ageist much?

Too much makeup

Something odd about this pic

No photoshop and real hair after decades looks odd to u?

Talking to urself,Queen_Rani??

It's funny how the troll thinks that we can't identify it's games.

Talking to urself,Queen_Rani??

Talking to urself,Queen_Rani??


I envy her


She needs to give up. Trying what too hard with showing off her cleavage.

Look at her attitude! She is owning her look like a Queen!


She got something done to her face


Lipstick color is very bad. She wears this particular red lipstick all the time. Looks very tacky.


Looks drained and exhausted

love it